NBA Power 10 (3/22-3/28)

Ab Stanley

With the NBA season rapidly winding down, teams are desperate to stay out of the play-in tournament. Certain seeds are falling and a few teams are heating up.

The pressure is going to weed out all the suspect teams. Nobody has a huge lead at this point.


1. Milwaukee Bucks (51-20)

The Bucks keep hold of the league’s best record with 11 games left to play. Currently they’ll have only one opponent that’s not in the playoff picture during that stretch.


2. Philadelphia 76ers (48-23)

Even after a double overtime loss to Chicago snapped their winning streak, the 76ers are probably still the hottest team in basketball.


3. Denver Nuggets (48-24)

Denver still leads the conference, but 3.5 games is not as wide a margin as it would seem. They can’t afford too many hiccups going forward.


4. Boston Celtics (49-23)

The Celtics are in a tough position, trying to regain the number one seed in the East, while simultaneously holding off Philadelphia for that second seed.


5. Cleveland Cavaliers (45-28) 

An upcoming two game set versus the Brooklyn Nets could determine a bunch of things for Cleveland and the entire Eastern Conference.


6. Memphis Grizzlies (44-27)

Memphis is continuing to keep pace with everybody out west. It looks like they’ll have Ja Morant back and in time for their playoff push.


7. Sacramento Kings 43-28)

The Kings have quietly been the most consistent team in the NBA. They have three losses since the All-star break


8. New York Knicks (42-31)

They’re getting healthy at the right time and seem to have a lock on the fifth seed in the East. Can they catch Cleveland for the fourth seed?


9. Los Angeles Clippers (38-34)

The Clippers have reeled off five victories in their last six games and they are hot on Phoenix’s tail for that fourth seed.


10. Miami Heat (39-34)

Miami is now one game behind Brooklyn for the sixth seed. They currently have three players averaging over 20 points per game.


Player Of The Week: Julius Randle- New York Knicks

Not only is Randle having a career year in points per game, but he had a career high 57 points versus the Minnesota Timberwolves. The 57 points tied the third highest scoring game in Knicks’ history.

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