Mania Madness II – Round Of 4: Paul Bearer Region

Ab Stanley

It’s been a wild week in Mania Madness, but it’s about to get weirder since the Paul Bearer Region is back! Round one displayed the acrobatics of the Usos, the treachery of the Outsiders, the savvy of the New Age Outlaws and the…transactions of Money Inc.

Four teams with a knack for finding a way to get it done, but only two can advance. Let’s see how it plays out.


#1. The Usos vs #5. The Outsiders

No Disqualification Match

The trio of Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso and younger brother Solo Sikoa head to the ring with the Uso’s theme music playing in the background. Then the lights turn black and white and the heavy guitar strings of the NWO”s music starts to boom in the arena. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall head to the ring flanked by Lex Luger.

Nash and Jimmy start off the action – the scene has the looks of a giant wrestling a school child. Jimmy is trying to move around the ring avoiding the big man’s grasp, but it was only a matter of time before Nash grabs him and delivered a power slam. Nash sends Jimmy into the corner and begins a series of shoulder rams against his abdomen. He gives Hall the tag and the duo gives Jimmy a double Powerbomb.

Hall is giving Jimmy all he can handle, when Sikoa approaches that side of the ring. He’s quickly met by Luger and Nash who’s jumped off of the apron onto the foor. While those three are occupied, Jey slips into the ring and delivers a Superkick to Hall and then gets back outside the ropes to get a legal tag in. Jey gets the tag from a still dazed Jimmy and climbs the ropes to attempt what seems to be an Uso Splash.

Without warning, Jey does a cross body splash to Luger and Nash who are still arguing with Sikoa outside the ring. Hall is still down inside the ring, but Jey is the legal man and he’s on top of a pile outside of it. Solo Sikoa tries to get Jey up and into the ring and at the same time Hall has made it to his feet. Jey and Hall lock up and the bigger Hall quickly overpowers him.

A power slam, followed by a suplex, followed by a back breaker and Hall is in business. Everybody else has reset to their respective corners, but Luger is still yelling at Sikoa from a distance. Hall sets Jey up for a Razor’s Edge, but Jey slithers out of it by sliding down Hall’s back.

Jey bounces off of the ropes a delivers a wicked spear to Hall, knocking the stuffing out of him. Nash has had enough and he enters the ring and quickly delivers a Chokeslam to Jey. Jimmy enters the ring and he too receives a Chokeslam for his troubles. Nash grabs Hall and puts him in position for the pin, but Jey kicks out.

Sikoa tries to enter ring, but Luger pulls him back down to the outside and gives him a Powerslam. Now Jey and Jimmy are down inside the ring and Sikoa is down outside of the ring. Hall tags in Nash and he quickly covers Jey. One, two, and Jey kicks out again, making Nash angry.

He sets Jey up for a Jackknife, but Jimmy comes into the ring and hits Hall in the back of the head. Nash, Hall, Jimmy and Jey are all in the ring now and Luger is climbing into the ring.
Jimmy kicks Luger and he falls to the outside. Hall grabs Jimmy and tosses him over the ropes. Jey gives Nash a Superkick and he falls to the outside of the ring.

Now it’s Jey and Nash in the ring, sizing each other up. The two lock horns and Nash gives Jey a kick to the abdominal area and then delivers a chokeslam. Nash is about to set Jey up for another attempt at a Jackknife, when out of nowhere Sikoa is in the ring. Sikoa delivers a Samoan-Spike to Nash and Jey falls on top of him. The referee counts to three and the Usos survive a grueling match.

Winner: The Usos

Match Time- 20:12


#2. New Age Outlaws vs #6. Money Inc.

Tornado Tag Match, No Disqualification

Billy Gunn and Road Dogg are in the ring riling up the crowd, when the camera shifts to Money Inc. coming out of an unknown dressing room. Ted Dibiase walks out last with some last words for whoever was in the room. He looks at IRS and Jimmy Hart and says, “they’ll be ready. ”

They make their way down the aisle, with Dibiase joyfully tossing federal notes towards the crowd and IRS looking extra serious. Road Dogg and Gunn are not in a waiting mood and they rush Money Inc. outside of the ring. Road Dogg attacks Dibiase and tosses him against the barricades in front of the fans. IRS and Billy Gunn have made it into the ring and they’re going back and forth with left and rights.

Dibiase has now recovered outside of the ring and is pummeling Road Dogg with right hands. Joyfully taunting Road Dogg with every blow, Dibiase is beside himself with happiness as he addresses the crowd with hands extended way out in triumph. All of sudden, IRS comes crashing out of the ring smack dab into Dibiase.

Both members of Money Inc. are on the floor and Gunn is now helping Road Dogg to his feet. The Outlaws simultaneously start kicking Dibiase and IRS while they’re still down, when Farooq and Bradshaw come running out towards the ring.

Bradshaw grabs Road Dogg and Farooq starts to hit Gunn with some strong right hands. The Acolytes onslaught continues as Money Inc. gets up and starts to marvel at their plan. Bradshaw rolls Road Dogg into the ring and delivers a Clothesline from Hell signaling Dibiase to come into the ring for the pin.

The referee counts One, two, but Road Dogg kicks out. Both Bradshaw and Farooq (who has since joined his partner in the ring) start to argue with Dibiase, while IRS is still hammering Gunn by the announce table. Bradshaw is clearly saying ” we got you your pin”, signaling towards the floor in disgust. Dibiase is really getting in Bradshaw’s face now and quickly realizes what a mistake that was.

Billy Gunn has now gotten the upper hand he delivers a Fame-ass-er to IRS on top of the announce table. Inside of the ring, Bradshaw delivers his second Clothesline from Hell, this time to Dibiase. The Acolytes walk away as Billy Gunn slides into the ring to grab the pin. One, two, three , and the Outlaws are moving on to the region finals.

Winner: New Age Outlaws

Match Time- 14:43

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