Mania Madness II – Paul Bearer Region Finals

Ab Stanley

We’re down to one spot left in the Mania Madness Finals. In the Paul Bearer Region, we’re down to two teams from very different eras, but both with some similar DNA.

Only one can advance.

#1 .Usos vs #2. The New Age Outlaws

Mystery Stipulation, Falls count Anywhere

The tension between The Bloodline and DX has been mounting ever since the regional finals match was announced. The day of the match arrives and everything gets way out of hand when the two factions arrive at the arena. A huge brawl breaks out in the backstage area and significant damage was done to one of the dressing rooms. Ring announcer Howard Finkel was also injured as a result.

Raw general manager William Regal at this point is furious and he’s ready to make a major announcement for tonight’s match. He was ready to cancel the match all together, when Smackdown general manager Vickie Guerrero stops him in the hallway with a better plan. The screeching sound of Guerrero saying “excuse me!” echoes through the crowd as she and Regal come out to the ring.

Regal then speaks, “since you all want to interfere and cause damage to property that isn’t yours, tonight’s match will now be a classic survivor Series match. The DX team featuring the New Age Outlaws, X-Pac and Shawn Michaels will face the Bloodline team consisting of Jimmy and Jey Uso, Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn. The winning team will send their respective tag team to the Final Four. Oh and another little treat for everybody, falls will count anywhere! ”

Both factions, along with the crowd and viewers at home are stunned.

The blaring sound of heavy guitar strings and a voice screaming “D-generation X! ” flooded the arena. Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X -Pac and Michaels head down the aisle towards the ring. The loud chant of the Usos theme music follows as Zayn, Sikoa, Jimmy and Jey make their way into the ring.

The impromptu Survivor match gets under way with Sikoa and Road Dogg locking up. Sikoa shows off his power by pushing Road Dogg to the ground. He quickly attempts an elbow drop, but Road Dogg eludes it. Road Dogg catches Sikoa with a right, then another right, then a right /left combination,  then a  Shake, Rattle and Roll punch floors the big Samoan enforcer. Road Dogg goes for the pin and Sikoa kicks out.

Sikoa and Road Dogg once again square up and Sikoa gives him a knee to the gut. Then a series of chops puts Road Dogg down in the corner. Sikoa let’s out a scream and then gives Road Dogg a running hip attack. Sikoa picks up Road Dogg, gives him a Samoan Spike to the throat and pins him for the three count. Road Dogg is eliminated.

Right around the same time the referee counted to three, Shawn Michaels had already snuck into the ring and started setting up a Sweet Chin Music kick. Sikoa gets up after the three count, turns around and runs right into Michaels’ boot. Michaels pins Sikoa for the second elimination of the match.

Now Zayn enters to face Michaels and they quickly get face to face. Michaels hits Zayn with a series of chops and then a snap suplex. Michaels goes up to the top rope for a flying elbow, but Jimmy goes to interfere with the maneuver. X-Pac confronts Jimmy on the outside of the apron and the two start to brawl outside of the ring. After the failed elbow attempt, Michaels resets himself on the rope and delivers a missile dropkick to Zayn, who was just getting back on his feet.

Michaels goes for a pin and Jey comes diving in to break it up. The action outside of the ring is continuing with X-Pac giving Jimmy an X-Factor to the concrete floor. Zayn has now gained momentum and he gives Michaels a Blue Thunder Bomb. He goes for the pin, but Michaels kicks out and puts his hands out for a tag.

X-Pac has left Jimmy for dead on the outside floor and has now gotten back up to the apron to make the tag. X-Pac comes into the ring red hot, giving Zayn a series of karate chops and kicks. X-Pac had all the momentum until Zayn reversed him into an Exploder Suplex. Now Zayn is signaling for X-Pac to get up and delivers a Helluva Kick to the smallest DX member.

Zayn pins X-Pac and before Billy Gunn could break it up, the referee makes it to three. Gunn now starts in on Zayn with stomping kicks. He picks Zayn up and gives him a suplex and then a leg drop on the floor. Gunn picks up Zayn and then runs off of the ropes to deliver a Fame-Ass-er.

One, two, three…Zayn is eliminated.

Jimmy jumps into the ring and now its him against Billy Gunn. Before the two can lock up, Michaels and Jey also jump into the ring and a melee ensues. A series of punches flying everywhere ends with Jimmy and Gunn falling out of the ring, while Jey has Michaels in the middle of the ring. Jey throws Michaels off of the ropes and catches him for a Samoan Drop.

Jey now gets on the top rope to deliver an Uso Splash, but Michaels jumps up to his feet and delivers a Super Kick to the airborne Uso brother. Michaels turns his attention to Gunn and Jimmy outside going at. After a failed attempt by Gunn to throw Jimmy into the steel steps, Jimmy turns around right into a Super Kick by Michaels and he’s out cold.

Gunn pins Jimmy and eliminates him, leaving a two on one situation against a still dazed Jey Uso.

The last two DX members pull Jey out of the ring and start stomping him out. Gunn delivers a Fame-Ass-er and then goes for a pin, but Jey kicks out at two. Gunn picks Jey up and holds him for a Michaels Super Kick attempt. Jey ducks out of the way and Michaels knocks Billy Gunn out with the kick.

A stunned Michaels is even more surprised when out of nowhere Jimmy Uso kicks him and picks him up. He and Jey deliver a 1-D in front of the first row of fans and Jey quickly scrambles to pin Billy Gunn. The referee counts to three and Jey pops up and goes for the pin on Michaels. One, two…Michaels kicks out and Jey looks at bit frustrated.

He picks up Michaels and rolls him back into the ring. Jimmy is escorted from ringside by two WWE officials and the action picks up with Michaels and Jey Uso. Both guys have almost no energy left and the next pinfall or submission wins.

Jey and Michaels stand toe to toe exchanging blows, with every shot seeking like it could be they’re last. The crowd screaming out “Yeet”, when Jey lands punch and “Yay”, when Michaels lands one. Jey starts to gain momentum and throws Michaels off the ropes for a Samoan Drop. Jey goes up to the top ropes for an Uso Splash and this time nails it.

Jey goes for the cover and the referee counts one, two, three. The Bloodline wins and the Usos are going to the Final Four!

Winner: The Bloodline

Match Time – 45:22

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