Mania Madness – Paul Bearer Region Semifinals

Ab Stanley

Mania Madness marches on into the Sweet 16.

As darkness falls and the cold creeps in…there’s just no telling who will win. Will heartbreak come for Mr. Page? Or will Mr. Michaels feel his rage? A deadman may rise, or so some say…or will we be told to have a nice day?

Follow us to the Paul Bearer Region at your own peril.


#1. Undertaker vs. #4. Mick Foley

(Boneyard Match)

With two of the darkest wrestlers of all time squaring off, a ring was too small to contain the madness. Undertaker rolls into the yard on his chopper, kicking up dust in the process. Through the thick dust cloud he can see Mankind rapidly approaching him with what looks like a car rearview mirror.

Swinging left and right at Undertaker to no avail, Foley finally throws the mirror, catching Taker square in the face. Unfortunately for Taker it’s a direct hit, busting him open right above his left eye. Foley takes advantage of stifled Undertaker, slamming him up against the side of the barn, leaving blood stains everywhere.

After taking significant punishment, the Undertaker is enraged and starts giving Foley a series of left and rights. Taker then sets up Foley near a pile of scrap metal and delivers a chokeslam onto the cold hard steel. Foley seems to be injured.

The Undertaker was about to pin Mankind, when in the shadows he can see one or two figures heading his way. Paul Bearer is being escorted into the yard in a chokehold by none other than the Boogeyman. After throwing Bearer to the floor, the Boogeyman approaches the Undertaker, his mouth full of squirming worms.

The Boogeyman and Undertaker lock in battle, going back and forth with lefts and rights when the Boogeyman spits the worms into the Undertaker’s face. A suddenly stunned Undertaker stumbles backward into a pile of dirt. Now wielding a 2×4, the Boogeyman starts to unload on the Undertaker, leaving him incapacitated.

Now using a shovel, the Boogeyman starts to pile dirt on top of the Undertaker with a fiendish laugh. Having the time of his life burying the Undertaker, the Boogeyman forgets about Mankind who is now approaching with Mr. Socko in hand. Mankind applies the Manable Claw to the Boogeyman and then gives him a wicked DDT onto the concrete.

At that very moment the Undertaker sits up, busting through the Dirt on top of him.

A bloodied, dusty Undertaker and Mankind holding his side stare each other down. Back and forth with left and rights, it almost seems like the last guy to throw a punch will win. Not paying attention, Mankind trips over the laid out body of the Boogeyman. The Undertaker picks up mankind and gives him a chokeslam, once again on the concrete.

1,2,3, Undertaker survives the match, but didn’t forget his friend the Boogeyman. Taker picks up the Boogieman and delivers a tombstone in the dirt. He picks up Paul Bearer and they stumble away from the carnage.

Winner: The Undertaker

Match Time: 18:43


#2. Shawn Michaels vs. #11. Diamond Dallas Page

(Table Match)

Before the match begins, general manager Eric Bischoff comes out and announces that Papa Shango and Kamala are banned from ringside.

After throwing a hissy fit, DDP watches Shawn Michaels do his trot to the ring with his music blaring in the background. Page doesn’t wait for the bell to ring – he attacks HBk as he’s walking up the steps. Page gives Michaels a series of slams into the barricade wall and then one into the steel steps.

After jeering on the crowd a bit, Page goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He slides the table into the ring, but is quickly attacked by Michaels who regains the momentum. A few head shots off of the ring post to DDP leaves him on the floor sprawled out. Michaels finally makes his way into the ring and sets the table up in one of the corners.

As Page starts to come to, Michaels sends himself over the ropes with a flying body splash to knock DDP right back to the floor. Both men are on the floor now with the high risk maneuver maybe backfiring on Michaels. Page gets up, grabs a folding chair and starts to unload on Michaels. Shots to the back and then to the ribs, page is punishing HBK.

As he’s about to attempt another chair shot, Michaels slips under and strikes with a Super Kick into the chair which hits Page directly. HBK then finds another table and sets it up outside the ring. Michaels goes to pick up DDP, but Page with a quick burst of energy turns around, kicks Michaels and delivers a Diamond Cutter.

Both competitors are down and it seems like neither will be able to get the other through a table. Page gets up and grabs Michaels and sends him into the ring. He sets Michaels up near the table for a Powerbomb, but HBK reverses with a back body drop.

HBK, now feeling it, starts the band going, stomping his feet in anticipation of Sweet Chin Music. Right in the kisser and DDP is out cold. Michaels brings the table to the middle of the ring, puts Page on top and starts to climb to the top rope.

He’s about to attempt a flying elbow, when Page quickly gets up off the table and makes his way up the ropes. Now both competitors are on the top rope exchanging left and rights when Page slips off and is now standing on the apron outside of the ropes. Michaels jumps off the ropes and then gives Page a super kick, sending him through the table set up outside the ring.

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Match Time: 17:51

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