Mania Madness II – Round Of 8: Paul Bearer Region

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Last year The 3 Point Conversion proudly presented to you…Mania Madness. The concept is simple: March Madness + Wrestlemania = serendipity. Last year we compiled the 64 greatest wrestlers of all time and had them square off in a winner take all tournament to decide the ultimate champion. We found the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so.

As fun as that all was, we started thinking…isn’t it better to share with a friend?

So welcome to Mania Madness II – The Tag Team Edition. Over the coming weeks we’ll give you a tournament of the 32 greatest tag teams of all time. So utilize flash photography if you have the benefit of it, grab a snack and a drink and most importantly, GET THE TABLES!

We finish out round one with the fabled Paul Bearer region.


#1.The Usos vs. #8.Paul London and Brian Kendrick

London and Kendrick come flying out to the ring accompanied by Ashley and pose for the crowd. A loud shout of “Usooo!” fills the arena as Jey and Jimmy Uso stroll down the aisle, talking smack towards the crowd.

Jey and Kendrick square off first and they lock up. Kendrick puts Jey into a side headlock and holds for a minute, then Jey breaks it by throwing Kendrick off of the ropes. As Kendrick comes running off of the ropes, Jey leap frogs him and they both men bounce off of the ropes into a cross body maneuver simultaneously. Both Jey and Kendrick are down and inching towards their partners for a tag.

After a bit of a struggle the tags are made one after another, first Jimmy and then London. London starts in with a step up enziguri and then sends Jimmy bouncing off of the ropes into a standing dropkick. London goes for a pin, but Jey jumps in to break it up. London attacks Jey and now all four men are brawling until both of the Usos get tossed out of the ring.

Kendrick flies through the ropes, taking out Jey with a suicide dive, while London flips out to the edge of the apron and then delivers a standing moonsault to Jimmy outside of the ring. London sends Jimmy back into the ring and again attempts a pin to no avail. As London is attempting to pick Jimmy up, he gets a few hits to the stomach and then one to the face.

Jimmy delivers a Super Kick to London and then tags Jey in. Jey climbs to the rope and delivers an Uso Splash. Jey pins London and the Usos advance to the next round.

Winner: The Usos

Match Time – 15:27


#4. Demolition vs. #5. The Outsiders

Ax and Smash (accompanied by Crush) are in the ring when the place goes black and white. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall make their way down the aisle to the NWO’s iconic theme music.

The action starts with Nash and Smash squaring off in the ring. A low kick and turn a double axe handle smash to the back brings Nash to the floor. A tag in to Ax leads to a double back body drop to Nash, who’s in trouble. Smash continues to work on Nash with left and rights in the corner.

Ax tags Smash back in while Hall and Crush are arguing back and forth with each other outside the ring. An argument breaks out between Hall and Crush, drawing Ax off of the apron. With the referee  distracted by the action outside the ring, he misses a pin attempt by Smash.

Now Nash has caught a second wind. The massive giant reverses Smash into the corner and begins with series of shoulder rams against the turnbuckle. A power slam, followed by a suplex, then a pin attempt by Nash fails again, while Hall and Crush are still going at it outside the ring.

Now Hollywood Hulk Hogan is making his way down to the ring. He quickly gets in Crush’s face.

Hall gets back on the apron looking to tag into the ring. A simultaneous tag gets Hall into the match for the first time and Ax back in. A nice back and forth of punches is ended with Hall kneeing Ax in the gut. Hall delivers a suplex and then a knee drop to Ax.

Ax gets on a bit of a roll with a series of punches, but Nash quickly ends it again with a ferocious knee smash to the gut. Hall puts Ax up for the Razors Edge and crashes him neck first into the mat. One, Two, Three, and that’s the end of Demolition. Hall, Nash and Hogan proceed to pummel the three demolition members just to make a statement.

Winner: The Outsiders

Match Time – 8:35


#3. APA vs. #6. Money Inc.

Ted Dibiase and IRS make their way to the ring, accompanied by Jimmy Hart holding a briefcase. As they parade around the ring, the heavy guitar strings of the APA’s music echoes over the loudspeaker. Bradshaw and Faarooq march down to the ring and get right down to business. Bradshaw and IRS going back and forth, while Simmons and Dibiase go at it as the bell sounds.

Farooq and Dibiase (legal men) are locked in the corner, with Farooq delivering blow after blow and then kick after after kick after Dibiase slumps to the mat. After a bit more punishment, the tag is  made to Bradshaw. The ravenous duo sends Dibiase off of the ropes then they deliver a double spinebuster, nearly splitting him in half.

Bradshaw continues the onslaught until Hart gets the refs attention and Dibiase delivers a low blow to Bradshaw. IRS tags in and begins a series of kicks and punches to Bradshaw. A suplex has Bradshaw almost finished and IRS follows with a pin try. IRS tags in Dibiase and they attempt a double team move that fails, giving Bradshaw a chance to tag in Farooq.

Now all four men (with Farooq and Dibiase being the legal men) are tangling in the ring and Bradshaw and IRS spill out towards the announce table. Dibiase applies the million dollar dream to Farooq who starts fading.

Farooq manages to escape and starts giving Dibiase some punches, followed by a series of power slams. Dibiase seems to have enough, pleading for Farooq to stop and quickly signals for Hart to come towards the apron.

Hart opens up the briefcase which is full of money and a pack of Cuban cigars. Farooq looks into the briefcase and signals for Bradshaw to come over. They close the briefcase and the two APA members walk out of the ring as the referee starts to count them out. A chorus of boos rain down from the stunned crowd as Money Inc. celebrate their round one victory.

Winner: Money Inc. (Disqualification)

Match Time – 9:47


#2. New Age Outlaws vs. #7. Bushwhackers

Luke and Butch make their way to the ring in their normal jovial style. Arms flailing up and down, with their heads simultaneously moving about in a wild manner. A loud chorus of ” Oh you didn’t know? Yo ass betta call somebody! ” echoes out from the loud speakers. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn walk down the aisle with the confident swagger of a pair of six time tag team champions.

Butch lowers his head to let Luke shine his bald spot before he starts the match against Road Dogg. Butch and Road Dogg lockup and Butch breaks it, giving a club to the back of Road Dogg’s head. Butch quickly send Road Dogg off towards the ropes where Luke’s knee is waiting for him. A tag to Luke and Butch grabs Road Dogg, setting him up for a double team.

Road Dogg ducks under the would be punch attempt, causing Luke to hit Butch by mistake. Billy Gunn gets the tag and quickly starts in on Luke, giving him rights and lefts. Gunn then sends Luke off the ropes and gives him a standing dropkick, catapulting Luke back into the ropes where Gunn then delivers a flying cross body splash.

Gunn is in full control, until Luke sends a piece of snot flying into Gunn’s face. Luke makes the tag to Butch as they get into position for the battering ram maneuver. Billy Gunn, still reeling backwards from the snot attack, backs into his corner and gets tagged on his back by Road Dogg. A still dazed Gunn bounces off of the ropes right into the battering ram, but he isn’t the legal man.

As Butch attempts the pin, a celebrating Luke gets thrown out of the ring by Road Dogg. While Butch is confused about the referee not attempting to count, Road Dogg turns him around a delivers a kick to the midsection and sets him up for a pump handle slam.

Road Dogg gives him the pin as the referee gives the Outlaws the three count and the victory.

Winner: New Age Outlaws

Match Time – 6:12

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