Potential Maximized – Buffalo Bills 2024 Draft Profile

Things started out rocky for the Buffalo Bills last season. Injuries and coaching inconsistencies plagued a team with great potential. They were able to turn it around and found themselves in the playoffs, coming up short against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills will now look to bolster their ranks with strong young talent, and get back to the playoffs in 2024.


Adonai Mitchell, WR, Texas

Cole Bishop, Safety, Utah

Khalid Duke, DL, Kansas State


The Bills lost wide receiver Gabe Davis to free agency and now have a vacancy next to top target Stefon Diggs. Getting a complimentary receiver with staying power in the NFL should be the priority with their first pick, and Adonai Mitchell is the poster child for that archetype.

Mitchell has been as consistent a receiver as any during tenure at Georgia and Texas. The 6’2″ receiver has above average size and high-end speed, giving him a rare combination of physical gifts. Mitchell can run every route on the route tree, and is a jump ball merchant in the red zone. Brandon Beane will be hard pressed to find another option like Mitchell to pair with Josh Allen in this draft.

The Bills had to cut ties with long-time safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde in an effort to get younger on the backend. They will now need to find a versatile safety to man the centerfield and reload this defense.

It’s rare that you find players like Cole Bishop, and the Bills could benefit from the depth of this year’s draft class. Bishop is an all-around defensive back who can play wherever you place him. He excels when facing the action, being able to read the quarterback and create turnovers with relative ease. The former Ute is good in man or zone coverage, allowing him to be scheme versatile at the next level.

Sean McDermott may have lost a legendary duo, but getting a young heir to their legacy isn’t a bad consolation prize.

Buffalo has fought the injury bug for a couple of seasons, and it has tested their depth in the front seven. They should look to remedy that in the late rounds and get a scheme versatile defensive lineman to add to their arsenal.

Khalid Duke jumps off the screen when you watch Kansas State play. His spin move is quick and leaves blockers grasping at air when he plays off the edge. He exhibits above average hand technique, and has good burst when rushing from the 3-tech spot. Given his frame, he can fit a multiple front scheme and develop into a starting caliber defensive end for the Bills.

The Bills window has looked like it was closing but with a strong draft they can re-open that window for at least the 2024 season. The front office should be aggressive in addressing their needs and maximize the potential of the roster.

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