Mania Madness II – Round Of 4: Heenan-Monsoon Region

Sometimes you need some new blood. So we’re proud to have our newest contributor handling the Heenan-Monsoon region, and he proved us right. In round one, we saw Rock-n-Sock hijinx, New Day theatrics, The Brothers of Destruction doing what they do best, and a spear/RKO out of nowhere that sent the Legion of Doom packing.

Let’s see what our new blood has cooked up in round two.

Some of it actually is blood.


#2. New Day vs. #6. Rock-n-Sock Connection

Hardcore Match

The Rock-n-Sock Connection shot another classic promo and talked about how they would continue to dominate the tournament. Their promo once again gets cut, but this time by the New Day as they walked down the arena with a grocery cart full of weapons. The pairs were jawing at each other until something was said that struck a nerve. Kofi confidently tells The Rock, “We’re going to send you home just like your weak ass daddy!” The Rock responds by slapping Kofi across the face and says, Talk (expletive) about my family again see what happens!”

Big E was against Mankind while Kofi and The Rock were going at it. It was so intense between The Rock and Kofi that they took the brawl into the crowd. The Rock steals a drink from a fan and throws it in Kofi’s face and delivered a DDT. Big E and Mankind were still in the ring until Big E bounced off the ropes and hits Mankind with an elbow that knocks him out of the ring.

Big E begins to showboat for a while and exits the ring. Big E goes into the grocery cart to grab a stop sign, but Mankind had already grabbed a kendo stick while Big E was showing off. Mankind starts to attack him with the kendo stick, aiming at his chest and legs.

The Rocks sees how much fun Mankind is having so why not join the party? Rock grabs his own kendo stick and the two took turns taking a crack at Big E. They even grabbed a trash can, put it over his head and were attacking him like a piñata. Kofi returns and Mankind takes a swing at him, but Kofi reverses the swing into a Russian leg sweep. Kofi then grabs a fire extinguisher to spray The Rock while also cracking him upside the head with it.

Kofi takes an unconscious Rock out of the ring and places him on top of the announcer’s table. He gives him a few shots to the head to make sure it was enough to keep him down. Kofi goes to the top ropes to perform a frog splash and when Kofi jumped, Rock was able to move out the way in time and Kofi came crashing down causing the table to collapse in half.

Rock rolls Kofi into the ring for the pin and the referee starts the count. “One, two,” Kofi barely kicks out! Frustrated, the Rock sets Kofi up for the People’s Elbow. He takes off his elbow pad and throws it into the crowd. He then bounces off the ropes, jumps over Kofi and “BAM!” Here comes Big E with a powerful clothesline to save his partner. Kofi rolls out of the ring.

Big E is fired up right now and gets the crowd going with “New Day Rocks” chants. Ready to seal the deal, Big E puts Rock on his shoulders until Mankind breaks the hold by shoving Mr. Socko down his throat. This leads to a Rock Bottom from The Rock. “One, two,—” Kofi breaks the count with a crutch. Mankind goes after him, but Kofi uses the crutch for a low blow maneuver. Rock takes the crutch from Kofi and swings but he misses. Kofi turns the reversal into Trouble in Paradise and picks up Big E to finish the match. The Rock is on Big E’s shoulders once again and they performed the Midnight Hour. “One, two, three!”

Winner – The New Day

Match Time: 20:32



#5. Brothers of Destruction vs. #8. Rated RKO

First Blood Match

After 15 years, the First Blood match has returned once again. Rated RKO are looking to make another upset as they take on the Brothers of Destruction. Edge and Orton both have history with the brothers so they huddled up to discuss a gameplan as Kane and Undertaker walked down the ramp slowly. Once they finally made it to the ring, Kane was getting ready for his pyro to go off, but Edge and Orton attacked right away.

The referee starts the match with Orton against Undertaker while Kane deals with Edge. Rated RKO started off pretty strong, knocking the big men down, until their arrogance got the best of them. The two showoffs stood above them until Kane and Undertaker rose up. The Brothers of Destruction clotheslined their opponents over the ropes and all hell broke loose with shots being thrown from each side.

Orton throws Undertaker into the steel steps while Kane is slamming Edge’s head against the announce table trying to make him bleed. Orton gives Undertaker a few stomps to the head and makes his way over to help Edge. Kane tries a double chokeslam on Rated RKO, but they reverse the counter and slam Kane into the announce table and roll hin back into the ring.

Rated RKO took charge and had a ton of momentum. With mischievous grins on their faces, they decide to grab chairs. Orton places his chair underneath Kane’s head so that Edge could use his for his famous chair headshot. Edge lifts his chair, but Undertaker comes in for the save and takes away the chair and aims at Edge’s ribs, and also gives Orton a hard chair shot to the head.

Orton checks to see if there was any blood; there was none to be found so he was in the clear. Undertaker goes back to Edge and gives him knuckles to the skull. Kane recovers and attacks Edge as well. Kane and Undertaker then performed a successful double chokeslam to Edge. Orton comes back with a chair and attempts to strike Kane, but Kane grabs the referee and Orton hits him instead. This left the referee bloody and unconscious.

With no referee to call the match and Orton in disbelief, Undertaker cracks Orton in the face with steel steps and sets him up for a Tombstone Piledriver onto the steps. Orton is gushing out blood and looks like a slaughtered pig, however, the match is still on since there wasn’t a replacement referee at the moment.

Kane goes back out to do the same thing to Edge. When he lifts him up, Edge punches Kane a few times in the head with what appears to be a pair of brass knuckles. Kane drops Edge, who spins around and spears the Undertaker.

Kane is pretty bruised up, but there still was no blood. Edge grabs a towel to clean up Orton the best he could so that the match could continue, but the gash in Orton’s face was so huge it couldn’t stop the bleeding. Orton is very frustrated about what happened to his face and uses the brass knuckles from earlier. In rage, he first goes at Undertaker and gets him to bleed from the shots. He then goes at Kane and as blood began to pour, a new referee came out and stopped the match. Rated RKO thought they had the match won, but the referee noticed Orton was the first opponent to bleed, giving the victory to the Brothers of Destruction.

Winner – Brothers of Destruction

Match Time: 24:12

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