NFL Power Rankings Week 4 – The Eager Spirit

Ab Stanley

Three weeks in the NFL books and now the anxieties felt by some bases are becoming truth. It’s still too early in the season to start writing teams off, but we are starting to see some trends develop.

The inevitable question of injuries has started to arise, and a few teams have lost major pieces to what they thought would be a successful season.

Week four should start the separation process, but what direction will they be headed in?


1. Los Angeles Rams (3-0)
The Matthew Stafford trade is starting to become one of the great trades in NFL history.


2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)
The lowest amount of points the Buccaneers have allowed in a game this season is 25. They (surprisingly) have turned the ball over five times in three games.


3. Arizona Cardinals (3-0)
Kyler Murray is averaging 335.0 passing yards per game. He has 10 total touchdowns, leading the Cardinals to the number one ranked scoring offense.


4. Buffalo Bills (2-1)
Josh Allen is averaging 10.2 yards per completion and 269.0 passing yards per game. He has seven touchdowns and one interception, leading a red hot Bills’ offense.


5. Las Vegas Raiders (3-0)
The Raiders have already pulled out two overtime victories in their three games this season. Las Vegas is averaging 30 points per game and are ranked number one with 1,413 total yards.


6. Los Angeles Chargers (2-1)
The Chargers might have the roughest six game stretch to open this season. Their next three opponents are a combined 7-2.


7. San Francisco 49ers (2-1)
The 49ers have eight touchdowns in eight red zone appearances. They rank seventh in the NFL on third down conversions.


8. Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
Lamar Jackson has 251 rushing yards and two touchdowns. He ranks fourth in rushing so far this season, but he already has four fumbles.


9. Green Bay Packers (2-1)
Week one, we wondered what happened to the Packers. Week two, we wondered if the Packers are back. Week three, we wondered why we wondered those other things in weeks one and two.


10. Tennessee Titans (2-1)
Tennessee has two wins despite being outscored by their opponents, 84-71. They have eight offensive touchdowns, but seven turnovers already this season.


11. Cleveland Browns (2-1)
Nick Chubb is averaging 87.3 rushing yards per game. The Browns rank second overall in rushing yards as a team.


12. Kansas City Chiefs (1-2)
At this point the Kansas City defense couldn’t stop a toy truck from running through them. They’ve allowed 95 points in three weeks, while their vaunted offense has only scored 92.


13. Carolina Panthers (3-0)
Carolina’s defense has allowed 30 points in three games. They’ve outscored their opponents by a total of 39 points.


14. Denver Broncos (3-0)
The Broncos have faced a winless opponent every week they’ve played this season. Their next three opponents have a combined six wins.


15. Dallas Cowboys (2-1)
Dallas made it look easy versus the Eagles and they’ve staked their claim to the division lead. They play undefeated Carolina this week, before a division tilt against the rival Giants.


16. New Orleans Saints (2-1)
The Saints’ offense remains a work in progress. The Saints’ defense however has allowed a total of 43 points so far this season. Sean Payton always finds a way to grab a win.


17. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1)
Ja’Marr chase might be the frontrunner for offensive rookie of the year. He has 220 receiving yards and four touchdowns in the early season.


18. Seattle Seahawks (1-2)
Seattle has been outscored 79-75 so far this season. They get two division opponents in their next two games with San Francisco and the Rams next up on the slate.


19. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2)
The Steelers are averaging 53.0 rushing yards per game. Pittsburgh is ranked dead last in the NFL in rushing and they’ve scored one lonely touchdown on the ground.


20. New England Patriots (1-2)
The Patriots have the fifth ranked defense, but the offense hasn’t come together yet. The Patriots have outscored their opponents by a total of three points.


21. Miami Dolphins (1-2)
The defense played well early and the offense played well late. There was some suspect plays and some terrible penalties that ultimately killed the Dolphins’ chances at pulling out the victory.


22. Washington Football Team (1-2)
Washington hasn’t shown the vaunted defense that finished top five in 2020. They’ve allowed 63 points in two losses this season.


23. Chicago Bears (1-2)
Justin Fields is just not ready to play yet. The Bears as a team under Fields and Andy Dalton have gained a total of 575 yards this season.


24. Houston Texans (1-2)
The Texans have dropped two in a row after an opening week victory. They’ve allowed 273 rushing yards during that stretch.


25. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)
Philadelphia has lost two in a row, scoring a total of 32 points. They scored 32 points in week one for their only victory.


26. Atlanta Falcons (1-2)
The Falcons broke into the win column with a close win over the Giants. Their next two opponents have a total of one win this season.


27. Minnesota Vikings (1-2)
Minnesota captured their first win behind a strong performance by Kirk Cousins. He has eight passing touchdowns on the season and zero interceptions.


28. Indianapolis Colts (0-3)
To say the Colts have struggled to score this season is an understatement. They have four touchdowns in 11 trips to the red zone.


29. New York Giants (0-3)
The Giants next four opponents all have winning records. It’s hard to see when this winless streak will end.


30. Detroit Lions (0-3)
Detroit is winless with a mix of a bad defense and a middle of the pack offense. Jared Goff has played well throughout the first three weeks despite their record.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3)
The Jaguars should be informed that getting the first overall pick in consecutive drafts is not a good thing.


32. New York Jets (0-3)
The Jets average a lowly 6.6 points per game so far this season. They have scored two offensive touchdowns, while turning the ball over seven times in three games.

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