NBA Power 10 (4/5-4/11 )

Ab Stanley

One week left and don’t look now, but the action in every NBA game has heated up a notch. There will be a few top matchups left, but most teams will just be playing out their schedule. This playoffs could be the most widely open postseason we’ve seen in a long while and seeding will be a huge factor.


1. Milwaukee Bucks (56-22)
Boy someone in the NBA scheduling department should get a gold star for giving us Bucks versus Grizzlies on this Friday night.


2. Boston Celtics (54-24)
Boston will play Toronto twice and then Atlanta to finish out the season. Will they make another run to the Finals as a two seed?


3. Denver Nuggets (52-26)
Denver has lost two out of their last three, but it hasn’t stung as much since Memphis couldn’t capitalize.


4. Philadelphia 76ers (51-27)
The Sixers will need s healthy James Harden if they plan on making any noise in the playoffs. He leads the league in assists per game while teammate Joel Embiid leads the league in points per game.


5. Cleveland Cavaliers (49-30)
Cleveland will play Orlando twice and then Charlotte to finish off their season.


6. Memphis Grizzlies (49-29)
Two out of the Grizzlies‘ last four opponents won’t qualify for the playoffs. They need to get back to their winning ways after losing two out of their last three games.


7. Sacramento Kings (47-31)
The Kings have all but clinched the third seed in the West. Can they catch Memphis for the second seed?


8. New York Knicks (46-33)
The Knicks swept their opponents this last week. Jalen Brunson has stepped his game up with the absence of Julius Randle.


9. Phoenix Suns (43-35)
The Suns have pushed their win streak to five games. Kevin Durant has scored 30 or more points in his last two games.


10. Brooklyn Nets (43-35)
Brooklyn is riding a three game win streak and they’ve won three out of their last four games. They’ve put themselves in position to capture the sixth seed in the East.


Player Of The Week:  Anthony Davis – Los Angeles Lakers
Davis has been on a tear since returning from injury in late January, but this last week has been special. In his last three outings, He’s averaging 38.6 points and 11.6 rebounds per game. The Lakers have won all three of those games.

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