Mania Madness – Von Erich Region Semifinals

We’re on to Round Three of Mania Madness in the Von Erich Region, aka the Sweet 16. This has been a battle of the big men through the first two r0unds but some smaller competitors have made it this far. As we reach matches with more brutal stipulations, will that further level the playing field?


#5. Goldberg vs. #9 Mr. Perfect

(No disqualification match)

Mr. Perfect and the Genius come down the ramp gloating and gesturing after an upset victory over the #1 seed Hulk Hogan as the crowd jeers. As Perfect enters the ring and Genius parades around the squared circle, the pyrotechnics go off and “Invasion” starts to play. From behind a shroud of golden sparks emerges a menacing and ever focused Goldberg. He stops and stares at the ring and his opponent as makes way to to the squared circle. As he makes it to ring-side, Genius is standing there and Goldberg looks at him with a cold stare. Genius fumbles and runs away from the towering Goldberg. 

As Goldberg enters the ring, Perfect goes on the attack, immediately delivering a kick to the abdomen and landing a DDT. Perfect methodically moves around the downed Goldberg with a series of stomps and kicks. Perfect picks Goldberg up and whips him into the turnbuckle where he tunes up chest chop after chest chop. Perfect then motions Genius to expose the opposite turnbuckle, and whips Goldberg into it. As Perfect picks up Goldberg, Goldberg delivers a shot to the gut of Perfect and begins to fight back. 

Goldberg delivers a series of punches and then a thunderous uppercut that lays Perfect out. Goldberg then picks Perfect up and runs him into the exposed turnbuckle, turning the tide. Goldberg, now feeling the momentum, screams and gets the crowd pumped. He picks Perfect up and whips him into the ropes and executes a powerful spinebuster.

Just as Goldberg lines up a spear, Genius comes from behind and hits Goldberg with his poetry board, knocking the superstar out. Perfect takes advantage of this and lands a beautiful Perfect-plex into a pin. Just as it seems like the match is over, Scott Hall comes in and breaks Perfect’s pin attempt. Genius tries to interfere but is snatched out of the ring and thrown into the steel stairs by Kevin Nash.

With Goldberg incapacitated, Scott Hall and The Diesel hold Perfect up as Hulk Hogan makes his way to the ring from the crowd. Hogan motions for mic and says, “you screwed me brother, and no one screws Hollywood.” He then steps back as Hall hits Perfect with the Razor’s Edge, which Nash then follows with a Jackknife Powerbomb. As Perfect lays lifeless in the ring, Hogan lands his patented leg drop, crippling Perfect. Nash then drags Goldberg over and covers Perfect. The ref starts the count, 1..2..3..and Goldberg is declared the winner as NWO walks up the ramp.

Winner: Goldberg

Match Time – 29:44


#2. Bret Hart vs. #6. Macho Man Randy Savage

(Special Referee, I Quit Match)

Bret Hart and Randy Savage both stand at opposite turnbuckles as they are set to begin their match. Out of nowhere the arena is filled with the sound of “No Chance In Hell” as Vince McMahon strolls out onto the ramp. McMahon then goes on to say, “You know, this match needs a little flavor. And nothing says flavor like a little……Heartbreaaaaaaaak.”The “Sexy Boy” theme song begins to play, but unexpectedly it’s Marty Jannetty in a referee shirt.

Hart, visibly disappointed, shakes his head. 

Jannetty signals the bell and the match is underway. Savage immediately starts the match with reckless abandon, running and catching the Hitman with a flying crossbody. Macho Man delivers a series of suplexes and then goes to work on the lower body of Hart. Savage locks in a Boston Crab and wrenches it back as Hart screams in agony. Hart digs down and kicks out of the hold. He then goes on a tear. 

Hart delivers a chop block to Savage, then begins working on every limb of the Macho Man. Stomp after stomp, Hart is seemingly dismantling Savage. Hart picks up Savage and whips him into the ropes and attempts to deliver a hip toss that Savage rolls out of. Savage then delivers a drop kick to the chest of Hart and both men lay out on the mat visibly taxed.

Jannetty looks on as the two men lay motionless. Jannetty picks up Savage’s arm and Savage rolls over towards the ropes. He then goes to check on Hart, who snatches his arm away and gives a menacing stare. 

Savage makes his way to his feet as does Hart: Savage charges Hart with a lariat but Hart reverses it and locks in a Chicken Wing Crossface. Savage is writhing in pain as the hold is torqued more and more by Hart. Savage pumps his fist showing fight as Jannetty is surveying the action. Savage delivers sharp elbows to the Hart’s midsection and breaks the hold as he drops and rolls out of the ring. Hart whips a glare at Jannetty again and as he turns around Savage delivers a chair shot to his head.

Savage goes to work with the chair as steel rings off the back of Hart. Savage screams “SAY IT!” as he continuously batters Hart. Savage then climbs to the top rope with the chair and jumps. Hart, mustering up just enough strength, delivers a kick that ricochets the chair off the face of the Macho Man.

Both men lay again bloodied and beaten on the mat. Hart propped up on the turnbuckle looks on as Savage pulls himself up. Savage picks up Hart and drags him to the middle of the ring and executes a suplex. He then locks in a headlock on the Hitman. Jannetty start asking, “Do you give up?” Hart says “no,” as Savage leans into the hold. Hart manages to break the hold but is taxed, laying limp in the ground.

Savage goes to the top rope again. He attempts his flying elbow but Hart rolls out of harms way, leaving Savage in heap. Hart then locks in another chicken wing crossface on Macho Man. Using all his remaining strength he wrenches the hold. Jannetty looks on, and Hart screams “don’t you screw me.” Jannetty asks Savage can he continue but the Macho Man is unresponsive. Jannetty rings the bell and declares Hart the winner.

McMahon comes out and stands on the ramp, Hart flips him a bird.

Winner: Bret Hart

Match Time – 31:15

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