Mania Madness Round Of 8 – Von Erich Region

Welcome to round two of Mania Madness! The Von Erich region is a lot like Texas. Everything is bigger and stronger, though not necessarily faster. We don’t know what will happen in round two, but we do know one thing: it will be burly.


#1. Hulk Hogan vs. #9. Mr. Perfect

(Lumberjack Match)

Mr. Perfect comes out as the aggressor, immediately trying to push Hogan into the turnbuckle but Hulk resists and uses his overwhelming strength to toss Perfect outside into the mosh pit of surrounding superstars. After a flurry of punches, Perfect is thrown back in and Hulk goes right back on the offensive. A series of lariats and slams leads into thunderous chest chops by the Hulkster.

Hogan starts to play to the crowd, and Perfect takes advantage. He shoves Hulk into the mosh pit and he gets immediately trounced by the group. Things get interesting when through the crowd comes the Genius, who hits Hogan with his poetry board. The mosh pit tosses Hulk back into the ring where Perfect goes to work with a flurry of punches that set up the Perfect-plex. Hulk kicks out and starts to get pumped, only to get distracted by Genius again who lures Hulk out of the ring again. Hulk is attacked by Brother Bruti, and is counted out.

Winner: Mr. Perfect

Match Time – 25:45


#4. Brock Lesnar vs. #5. Goldberg

(Backstage Brawl)

Lesnar seems to be gearing up for a match or event when Goldberg ambushes him. Goldberg leads with a series of punches, stomps and kicks that leave Lesnar crumbled in his locker. As Goldberg leads him out the locker room, Lesnar flips the script and shoves Goldberg into a ladder. Lesnar then begins his assault on Goldberg as the fight spills into the garage. Lesnar whips Goldberg into a SUV and then begins to stomp him. Lesnar then picks up Goldberg and delivers a belly to back suplex that cripples the superstar. As Brock begins to walk away assuming the brawl is done, Goldberg delivers a spear that splits the massive man in two. Goldberg leads Lesnar to the SUV and power bombs him through the windshield. Lesnar is incapacitated and the brawl is over.

Winner: Goldberg

Match Time – 12:34


#6. Macho Man Randy Savage vs. #14. Batista

(Hardcore Match)

Batista starts early with his methodical and powerful style. He easily outclasses Macho Man in strength. Batista takes Savage outside the ring early, hurling him into the steel stairs and barricades. Batista, feeling the momentum, begins to taunt Savage, who is visibly taxed. The Animal tunes up a spear but it’s dodged and he goes flying into the ring post. It’s at that moment Savage goes into destruction mode.

Savage finds a steel chair that he uses to pick apart Batista limb by limb. He picks Batista up and slams him onto the steel stairs. Savage then sandwiches the knee of Batista between the stairs and continues his attack on the knee. After a flurry of chair shots, Savage leads Batista to the announcer table and sprawls him out. Savage then climbs to the top rope and attempts a flying elbow. Batista rolls out the way as Macho Man goes crashing through the table.

The action enters the ring once again as Batista on one leg begins to gain some momentum back. Batista delivers a spine buster and shakes the rope of the ring. He then lines up another spear only to be hit from behind with a ring bell by Miss Elizabeth. With Batista laid out, Miss Elizabeth slides Savage the ring bell. Savage climbs to the top rope and dives, planting the bell right into the Animal’s chest. He covers and is victorious.

Winner: Randy Savage

Match Time – 17:48


#2. Bret Hart vs. #10. Roman Reigns

(Submission Match)

Brett Hart comes out and measures up the Tribal Chief, feinting at Reigns’ knees. Hart shoots for a takedown and gets Reigns in a vice grip of an ankle lock. Reigns, in a display of resolve, power drags his way to the ropes as Hart is forced to let the hold go. Hart goes right back to work on the ankle, stomping on it over and over again. Reigns manages to stop the assault but the damage is done as Reigns has a noticeable hobble.

Reigns musters up enough to go on the offensive, tossing Hart into the turnbuckle that leads into a thunderous power slam. He then goes to work with a headlock on the Hitman. Things seem grim as referee Dave Hebner checks to see if Hart is conscious. Hebner picks up Hart’s arm and Hart shows a fist as he begins to fight back. Hart works his way to his feet and breaks the hold, but Hebner is knocked down in the process. Hart throws Reigns into the apron and executes a textbook hip toss. Both men lay spent in the ring.

Out of the crowd come the Usos, who begin to assault the downed Hart. Jimmy lands a devastating super kick on Hart and Jay throws the Hitman into the ring post. As they tee up a “1D,” Davey Boy Smith and Jim Neidhart emerge. They clear the Usos out and re-level the playing field. Reigns, now given a chance to regain his composure, locks in a guillotine hold. Hart is almost out until Owen Hart comes screaming down the ramp and breaks the hold. He lands a reverse pile driver on the Tribal Chief and exits the ring. Bret then locks in his signature sharpshooter, making the Tribal Chief tap.

Winner: Bret Hart

Match Time – 27:12

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