Mania Madness – McMahon Region Semifinals

The McMahon region rounds out the Sweet 16. On the line is a chance to advance to the Elite 8, and ultimately represent the region in the Final Four. Each competitor has their eyes on the prize. But do they have the right attitude?


#1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. # 12. Kenny Omega

Omega is accompanied by his sidekicks “The Elite” and Don Callis as they enter the ring. After Omega stands in the middle of the ring and begins his famous trigger pose, the glass breaks and Austin comes down to the ring. The Texas rattlesnake surveys the scene with four men looking directly at him, walks over to the announce table and signals for a beer.

Austin proceeds to shotgun two cold ones and enters the ring, only to have his music stopped by the voice of Stephanie McMahon. A shocked crowd watches “The Princess” point above the ring as a cage is lowered down to ringside. But this wasn’t an ordinary cage, as Stephanie has pointed out to the crowd that the fans didn’t want “The Elite and Don Callis” to ruin this epic matchup, so she’s putting them in the cage, suspended above the ring.

If any of these men were to interfere in this match, then Kenny Omega would be disqualified. McMahon yells for “The Authority” to help escort Omega’s sidekicks to the cage. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury run down to the ring only to be stopped by a pair of superkicks from the Young Bucks. Then the Big Show comes down to the ring to help his fallen comrades. The Bucks load up to kick the seven-foot giant, only to be shoved into the cage by Show. Callis joins them and the cage is raised above the ring.

(Shark Cage Match)

The bell sounds and both men start to race to the middle of the ring and begin to tear into each other with matching left and right hand punches. Austin would get the upper hand and was able to get Omega in the corner and began to stop on “The Cleaner”. After escaping the stomping, Omega was able to get out of the ring and began to take back control of the match. After monkey flipping Austin onto the arena floor, Omega went to work.

Omega starts to wear down Austin with an assault of aerial moves and finally gets Austin down to the ground. After a series of submission holds and attacks on Austin’s knees, Omega finally starts to look like he was ready for his V-Trigger. As he pulls Stone Cold off the ground and puts him into position, Austin flashes up both middle fingers and begins to turn the tide. He reverses the V-Trigger into a piledriver as the crowd erupts.

Austin then hits a Lou Thesz press and an elbow off the top rope. As Austin is setting up Omega for “the Stunner, the music hits and Cody Rhodes comes down to the ring. A confused Austin looks on as Rhodes walks down to the ring and begins to stroll down to ringside. The distraction allows Omega time to get up and run to the rope to attempt his Kotaro Krusher. Austin sees Omega coming off the rope and side steps him and Omega lands the bulldog on the referee.

With a downed ref, Rhodes begins to grab the Lever and lowers “The Elite” and Callis cage into the center of the ring. Now all five men are surrounding Austin and begin to attack the Texas Rattlesnake. Kane and the Big Show come running down to the ring to help even the odds. As all of the men are fighting in the middle of the ring, Adam Cole comes from the crowd and proceeds to land a series of superkicks to slow down Show and Kane.

The word Blondes is shown on the video board and here comes Brian Pillman with a chair. Pillman lays out Cole and has his sights set on Omega. Austin finally starts to get up, as Pillman corners Omega. The crowd is going nuts and then Omega yells “Bang”. Pillman turns around and hits Austin with the chair dead in the center of his head, busting him wide open. The crowd is stunned and Pillman gets Austin off the mat and sets him up for the V-Trigger. As Omega runs toward Austin the lights go out. A coin drop sounds and the lights turn back on and it’s Kazuchika Okada standing in the middle of the ring.

Okada lands a rainmaker on Pillman and has his sights set on Omega, and the two men start trading right hands. This exchange allows Austin enough time to get up and Okada throws Omega into a Stone Cold Stunner. A new referee slides into the ring and counts to three and Austin is in the Elite Eight.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Match Time: 32:58


#3. Triple H vs. # 2. John Cena

(Best of Three Match)

Trips and Cena begin the match with an epic stare down and exchange of words that get the crowd on its feet. The King of Kings gets the upper hand and kicks Cena in the stomach and begins to take control of the match. HHH throws Cena in the corner and puts a knee to his chest and begins to climb the top rope on a stunned Cena. A series of ten punches puts John in a bad spot. Cena hits the ground and HHH starts to work Cena with an arm-trap crossface.

Cena gets to the rope to break the hold and HHH continues to keep it locked in to the point of disqualification. Helmsley breaks the hold and pulls Cena back into the center of the ring and puts the hold back on. Cena is in serious amounts of pain and HHH puts the hold on tighter. After a few minutes, Cena is finally able to get to the rope again and break the hold. Cena is finally able to get up and the wear and tear on his arms and shoulders are well apparent at this point. Helmsley hits Cena with a chop block and sets up Cena for the Pedigree. Helmsley hits the Pedigree and scores the first fall.

Triple H goes for another pin and Cena kicks out at two and a half. Cena gets out of the ring and attempts to clear his head as HHH follows him. Cena throws HHH into the ring post and finally Cena can mount some offense. After a series of punches and a throw through the ring steps, Cena is in control. A stunned Triple H gets hit with the top-rope bulldog and Cena goes for the pin. HHH kicks out at two and a half and Cena locks in the STFU on Triple H. Triple H gets to the ropes and Cena breaks the hold.

Cena gets up and lands a series of flying shoulder blocks and locks in the STFU for the second time. Big Match John wrenches on Triple H neck. Triple H is writhing in pain as he taps out.

Cena continues to keep the hold on as Stephanie McMahon’s music hits for the second time of the evening. Stephanie announces that for the final fall, Cena’s STFU has been outlawed and if he continues to use the hold he will be disqualified. She also makes the match no-holds barred and starts to walk down to the ring.

Cena lets the hold go and begins to work on Triple H. HHH hits Cena with a low blow and Stephanie goes under the ring to hand her husband his trusty sledgehammer. A stunned Cena moves out the way as HHH hits the referee with the sledgehammer. The referee is out cold and Stephanie low blows Cena. “Do You Smell What The Rock Is Cooking” hits and The People’s Champion races to the ring in a referee outfit. The Rock proceeds to hit Triple H with the Rock Bottom and lays out the King of Kings in the center of the ring. Rocky looks at the Crowd and pulls off his sleeve and throws it into the crowd. He starts the People’s Elbow. When gets to the second rope. Cena stops the Rock as he stands over Triple H. Cena yells “You Can’t See Me” and starts the five knuckle shuffle. As Cena comes off the second rope, The Rock yells “Fast and The Furious this, Jabroni” and hits Cena with a Rock Bottom. The crowd was stunned and as the Rock stood over Cena and yelled, “You thought I forgot about Miami”?

The Rock smiles, picks up Triple H and lays him over Cena and counts to three.

Winner: Triple H

Match Time: 34:45

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