Mania Madness Round Of 8 – McMahon Region

Round one of the Mcmahon region featured all sorts of hijinks, ranging from a NWO rock paper scissors match to a rapidly defeated Iron Sheik. What will round two hold? Let’s find out.


#1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. # 8. A.J Styles

Styles entered the ring with Omos by his side and it looks like Austin could be in for a long second-round match. After Austin surveys the ring area and enters through the ropes and begins to beat on Styles. A series of kicks and punches put Styles in the corner and Austin begins to start stomping a mudhole in A.J.

Omos climbs on the ring apron and attracts Austin to leave the ring to start to attack the seven-foot giant. Omos gets the upper hand and uses the Jackknife Choke Bomb to lay out Stone Cold, causing the referee to count out the Texas Rattlesnake. As Styles beings to celebrate victory, the “MacMilitant” hits, and here comes Teddy Long to a thunderous ovation.

Long informs Styles that “not only will the match restart, but it’s now a no-count out match.” Long begins to walk away and stops and says  “Oh yeah, Playa Omos has to leave the ring as well.” Long leaves the ring and a new set of refs come out to take the Nigerian giant away.

“No Count Out Match”

As Omos was being taken away, Styles began to work on the weakened Austin. After a series of submissions and two calf crushers later, Austin was finally able to get to the rope for the rope break.

Styles attempted the Pele Kick, missing Austin, who rolled out of the ring, and connected with the referee. A frustrated A.J. throws up the “Too Sweet” signal and here comes Gallows and Anderson. As all three men start to attack Austin, a loud guitar riff and the word Blondes comes across the stage, and here comes an unhinged Brian Pillman to the ring with a chair and hits all three Bullet Club members. A recovering Austin hits the Stone Cold Stunner on Styles as the ref finally gets his composure and makes the three count.

Austin and Pillman stand in the middle of the ring and drink a beer together as the crowd erupts.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Time: 23:50


#12. Kenny Omega vs. #4. Dusty Rhodes

Omega starts out the match using his quickness to keep the experienced Rhodes from taking control of the contest. One missile dropkick to the back of Rhodes’s head almost singled the end for the “son of a plumber”. With Sapphire screaming for Dusty to get back into the match, Rhodes began to take apart the AEW superstar. A series of bulldogs led to Dusty’s Flip Flop N Fly.

Rhodes’s attempt to connect with the Bionic Elbow was reversed and Omega landed the Rain Trigger. That led to Omega hitting the V-Trigger and the One-Winged Angel, allowing Omega to advance into the Sweet 16.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Time: 14:36


#3. Triple H vs. #6. Rob Van Dam

“Extreme Rules Match”

After an epic standoff to begin the match, HHH takes control with a series of punches and knee strikes, putting RVD on the mat. Trips begins to wear down RVD using the arm trap crossface and then the figure-four leglock. A visibly weakened RVD crawls out of the ring and grabs a kendo stick from under the apron. A few shots later, Van Dam started to get his rhythm.

Van Dam throws HHH over the ropes and hits him with the Air Van Dam, putting his opponent on his back. RVD went back under the ring and grabbed a chair, leading to the Van Daminator, putting HHH in front of the announce table. RVD proceeded to put the King of Kings on the table and quickly back into the ring and hopped on the turnbuckle.

The crowd chanted “R V D” as Van Dam vaulted off the top rope with a Five-Star Frog Splash, putting both men through the announce table. As both men attempted to crawl back into the ring, HHH hit RVD with a low blow. Somehow Triple H was able to muster enough strength to grab his trusty Sledgehammer from under the ring and nailed “Mr. Monday Night” in between the eyes.

HHH landed not one but two Pedigree’s, allowing him to survive to the next round.

Winner: Triple H

Time: 24:02


#2. John Cena vs. #10. Lex Luger

Both men used their assortment of power moves to attempt to gain an advantage in the early going. Cena attempted to go for a running clothesline, which was avoided by Luger and countered into a bearhug. The “Total Package” began to toss Cena around, using his hip toss and snap scoop power slam.

Luger began to signal for the torture rack and began to set Cena on his shoulders. Luger gets Cena in the air, who then reverses it into the Lou Thesz press. Cena hits Luger with the running one-handed bulldog and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Big Match John puts Luger in the STF and Luger is eliminated.

Winner: John Cena

Time: 10:48

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