A New Dawn – New England Patriots 2024 Draft Profile

The New England Patriots have turned the final page on the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady era, and are now moving on to new horizons. Head coach Jerod Mayo will now embark on his journey entering his first draft as the lead man. This draft will hold the key to a successful launch or a catastrophic collapse.


Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

Michael Penix, QB, Washington

Walter Rouse, Tackle, Oklahoma


New England has been searching for a lead “X” receiver since the departure of Randy Moss. They have tried to do it through free agency to no avail. They now enter the draft with their choice of the crop at the top of the draft.

The Pats should look to take the best receiver in the draft with their first pick despite having a need at quarterback.

Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best prospect in the draft and being able to get him at three would be a dream come true. Harrison Jr. combines elite size, speed and football IQ in one body. He has the ability to make hard catches look easy, possessing generational body control and hand-eye coordination. Harrison Jr. would come in as the immediate wide receiver one in a less than stellar room.

After getting their generational top target, New England will need to snatch up their new signal caller. Michael Penix Jr. would be a first round draft pick in any draft, but could fall into the laps of the Patriots due to his injury history.

Penix Jr. is the best pure passer in the draft with the ability to throw with either hand while being a natural lefty. His ability to process the field and deliver passes at all three levels is tops in the class, and makes him a candidate to have an immediate impact. Having both Penix Jr. and Harrison Jr. would accelerate both of their development arcs, putting the Patriots on the fast track to compete.

What good is having weapons if you can’t use them? Trent Brown seems like he may be out the door and New England would need to protect their new investment.

Getting a tackle like Walter Rouse in the mid to late rounds would be a steal. Rouse is an athletic tackle with top tier run blocking skills. He easily gets out in space to clear lanes for backs, and plays with a mean streak at the point of attack. He excels in the phone booth, being able to stick speed rushers and power rushers when they are in his wheel house. Rouse will need some development time, but is an easy plug-and-play tackle that will have a long career at the next level.

The Patriots are in the chair, and have to ability to usher in a new dawn or cause doomsday. Their decisions in this draft will determine the fate that lies ahead.

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