Mania Madness II – Round Of 4: Mae Young Region

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Welcome back to Mania Madness! We’re on to the second round in the Mae Young Region. Round one saw Dudley dominance, Rikishi interference and of course, chicanery from the likes of Edge and Christian and Los Guerreros.

What will round two bring? Let’s find out.


#1 Dudley Boyz vs. #4 Los Guerreros 

Lumberjack Match

Following the pre-match brawl that took place prior to the Dudley Boyz previous match, the first semi-final bout will be contested in a Lumberjack Match, featuring 16 superstars surrounding the ring. Each team picked eight they wanted to watch their opponents side.

As the Dudley’s come out, their lumberjacks follow behind them. One-by-one, led by Spike Dudley: New Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam, Mike Awesome, Tazz, Sabu and The Sandman all take their position on Los Guerreros side of the ring.

As Los Guerreros ride out in Eddie Guerrero’s classic low rider, behind them come various members of the Latino World Order. Rey Mysterio, La Parka, El Dandy, Psychosis, Juventud Guerrera, Silver King, Hector Garza and Damian all come out in support of Eddie and Chavo, before taking their positions.

Once everyone is set to go, the referee rings the bell. Neither Eddie nor Bubba Ray move at first, choosing instead to trash each other. Eddie does his little shimmy which gets Bubba Ray to jump onto the turnbuckle and flash the Dudley Boyz hand sign. Unbeknownst to him, Eddie slips underneath him and drops him with a powerbomb right in front of D-Von.

Feeling cocky, Eddie jumps onto the top turnbuckle near D-Von and prepares for a frog splash, only to have his leg swept, crashing to the floor near the members of the LWO. They pick him up, help dust him off and check to make sure he’s ok. The ECW crowd starts to make its way over to confront the LWO but Eddie sneaks back into the ring and heads towards his corner.

As he tags in Chavo, Bubba Ray pushes Eddie into Chavo, launching him into the ECW crowd who immediately start attacking the Mexican Warrior. The LWO run over immediately and start fighting back against the ECW squad, leading to an all out brawl. As the fighting gets bloody, all four of the tag participants get into the ring and watch the carnage on the outside.

The action in the ring pauses as groups of lumberjacks push and punch each other. Weapons are broken, the luchadores are doing acrobatic moves. Sandman swings at Mysterio with a kendo stick while in midair and connects like a Barry Bonds home run. Various officials come out from the back to try and pull apart the fight.

Once the situation is cooled off, Chavo and Bubba Ray get back into the fight. Chavo starts punching, before launching himself off the ropes, only to be met with a big boot. Bubba tags in D-Von who starts punishing Chavo even more. D-Von hits a couple of shoulder tackles, before hitting a corkscrew elbow smash. He follows it up with a scoop slam, pinning Chavo. Eddie, tries to get free but Spike grabs his boot, 1.2.3!

Winner: Dudley Boyz

Time: 17:14


#2 Edge and Christian vs. #6 Hollywood Blondes 

Elimination Tuxedo Match

The Hollywood Blonde come out, dressed to the nines, like they just got off the red carpet. Meanwhile, Edge and Christian come out dressed like Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber. As Steve Austin scans the two, he quickly runs after them, only to be tripped up by Edge.

Christian, trying not to be outdone, runs towards Brian Pillman and hits a clothesline so powerful it sends both men over the top rope. As Pillman tries to collect himself, Christian reaches for Pillman’s pants to try and pull them off. As one leg is out, Pillman snaps back into it and starts kicking, but it’s too late, Christian gets the pants off. Pillman stands up and smacks him across the face, before saying “what? No dinner first?”

Back in the ring, Austin is fighting Edge who is trying to rip the suit jacket off. Instead of the whole jacket coming off, he rips off Austin’s sleeves to give him an impromptu vest. For his troubles, Edge gets a boot to the midsection and a stunner. Austin runs over and strips off Edge’s jacket and button down shirt. He goes for the pants, but gets kicked in the process.

Outside the ring, Christian and Pillman go back and forth before Pillman takes out a gun.  A police officer runs out from the crowd and restrains Pillman, who is struggling to get out of his grasp. The officer then takes Pillman and handcuffs him to the bottom rope, before he starts striping Pillman. The officer turns, and reveals its Gangrel in disguise!

Pillman, now down to his button down starts screaming “No!!!” Christian rips off his shirt, eliminating Pillman from the match. Pillman grabs Christian’s arm to prevent him from helping Edge.

Edge reaches out to pull off Austin’s jacket, but can only manage to reach the button down shirt and he yanks it quickly. Austin, confused by what happened goes for a clothes line, only for it to be ducked, and then Edge connects with a spear. Edge, taking advantage takes off Austin’s pants before stepping back and looking like he’s seen a ghost. Austin stands up in a pair of black briefs, boots and the remains of Austin’s sport coat with no sleeves. Austin hits another stunner, and before going for the finishing blow on Edge.

Out of nowhere, Christian sneaks up from behind and rips off Austin’s jacket. Steve Austin has been eliminated.

Winner: Edge and Christian

Time: 21:12

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