Week 1 Power Rankings – A Sneak Peek At The Title

Ab Stanley

The NFL season is here and there are too many things to talk about. The pre-season has given us our fill of new faces in new places and bold predictions. Now they have to go out and get it done on the field.

Here’s a look at all 32 teams before week one kicks off:


1. Buffalo Bills
The Bills are the favorites to win the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Title, WWE Universal Title and the Great British Bake Off all by seasons end.


2. Los Angeles Rams
The Rams have everything you need to repeat as Super Bowl champions. In fact, their rushing attack should be much better than the unit that ranked 25th in yards on the ground last season.


3. Kansas City Chiefs
The story all off-season was the Chiefs have to replace Tyreek Hill’s production. The truth is they still have Patrick Mahomes and a bunch of young targets at their disposal. The offense should have no trouble moving the ball through the air.


4. Green Bay Packers
The Packers have proven we can book them for a double digit win total, a division title and then a bad playoff loss. All of that will culminate with talk of whether or not Aaron Rodgers will come back to do it again next season.


5. San Francisco 49ers
Kyle Shanahan believes he’s groomed the ultimate quarterback in Trey Lance to run his offense. They should be in good hands.


6. Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals made the Super Bowl and then went out and then upgraded their terrible offensive line. Will that propel them to a second Super Bowl trip? It won’t, but I guess it’s something to talk about.


7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Buccaneers have Tom Brady, so they’re definitely contenders. They also have an improved defensive front seven under new head coach Todd Bowles, which also makes them contenders.


8. Baltimore Ravens
Lamar Jackson has yet to sign a long term deal, but who should really be flinching first here? If they ended up placing the franchise tag on him after this season it would cost the team around $31 million. That might be considered a discount.


9. Los Angeles Chargers
Justin Herbert is amongst the top candidates for MVP. Imagine winning an MVP before ever winning a playoff game.


10. Denver Broncos
The Broncos trade for Russell Wilson and gave him all that money, just to finish third in their division.


11. Indianapolis Colts
Matt Ryan joins the list of starting quarterbacks for the Colts since Andrew Luck retired. We should actually start this list from the time Peyton Manning went to Denver, because that’s the last time they really won anything.


12. Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders added Davante Adams and everybody is assuming Derek Carr will have this great season. My advice is to ease up on this way of thinking.


13. Dallas Cowboys
Dallas had the top ranked offense last season, finishing with the division title. All that happened and Mike McCarthy still starts week one on the hot seat.


14. Tennessee Titans
Can the Titans replace A. J. Brown with the wide receivers they have? Will they need a reason to replace Ryan Tannehill with Malik Willis? Does the answer to any of these questions put them in Super Bowl contention?


15. New Orleans Saints
I’m expecting Jameis Winston to halt all the talk of him throwing interceptions and finally put a great season together. The Saints also have a top notch defense in case all that Jameis stuff don’t pan out.


16. Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have given Jalen Hurts everything he needs to be a successful quarterback, however the fans shouldn’t be expecting the next coming of Steve Young.


17. Arizona Cardinals
If Kyler Murray (really, really) studies his play book, then Arizona could be the third best team in their division. That could still potentially be a playoff spot, but they’ve got a tough road ahead, outside the games versus Seattle.


18. Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins have a slew of upgrades at multiple positions. This season will determine whether or not they need to make an upgrade at the most important position on the field.


19. New England Patriots
The Patriots had a rare, but comical offensive coordinator controversy during the preseason. The winner is Matt Patricia who is a former head coach (a plus) and defensive coordinator (Red flag! Red flag!).


20. Cleveland Browns
Just a reminder, if Jacoby Brissett gets hurt, Joshua Dobbs is listed as the backup quarterback. The Browns have 11 games to sit in the corner and reflect upon their behavior this offseason.


21. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers (uncharacteristically) didn’t do well in any category during the 2021 season. They drafted two great prospects on offense with their first two picks and one of those guys (George Pickens) will be a starter week one.


22. Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota is a team everybody expects to be good, every year. Then they end up kind of alright, or just downright disappointing.


23. Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta will definitely sneak up on some teams this season. Their offense could actually be effective despite their quarterback options being a journeyman and a rookie.


24. Carolina Panthers
Carolina had given the keys to the offense to Baker Mayfield. Let’s face it, the alternative was to let Sam Darnold take another crack at it.


25. New York Jets
The Jets added a bunch of young talent through the draft. This bodes well for their future, because they currently don’t have any established NFL talent on their roster.


26. Houston Texans
Houston has hired Lovie Smith to coach a bunch of guys that couldn’t really do anything in 2021. Well adding Smith and a few rookies should change very little actually, but hey it’s still a good hire.


27. New York Giants
The Giants expect Daniel Jones to take a step towards being a Pro Bowl signal caller this season. They’ll need a bunch of other things to go right to improve on the 31st ranked scoring offense.


28. Detroit Lions
Detroit is a team that everyone is expecting to have a good season, at least better than last season. Hopefully they won’t wake up one day, realize they’re the Lions and resort back to their foolishness.


29. Washington Commanders
Washington enters the season under a new name for the third season in a row. The Commanders should be an improved team this season, but the name is nowhere near an upgrade.


30. Seattle Seahawks
Geno Smith has won the starting quarterback job over Drew Lock. This pretty much means Seattle had no real options at quarterback to begin with.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville came into last season with a new head coach and a rookie quarterback. Jacksonville comes into this season with a new head coach and a sophomore quarterback coming off a bad rookie season.


32. Chicago Bears
Justin Fields goes into year two feeling very optimistic about his improvement as a quarterback. If he has optimism about the Bears improvement of the roster that should be curved immediately.

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