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Ab Stanley

Well we have seen some pretty amazing stuff through seven weeks of football. Teams that we thought were going to be great have not lived up to expectations. This has left the door open for some unexpected squads to bully their way into the top tier of the NFL.

Certain teams know they are running out of time to build some type of momentum. These next few games will help sort out all this madness.


1. Philadelphia Eagles (6-0)
The Eagles took a week off and they still have the most rushing touchdowns (13) in the league.


2. Buffalo Bills (5-1)
The Bills come off their bye week to face Green Bay and then the New York Jets. The expectations for these games have probably rearranged themselves at this point.


3. Minnesota Vikings (5-1)
Minnesota has won four games in a row heading into their bye week. They’ll face Arizona, followed by two road games in Washington and Buffalo.


4. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)
Patrick Mahomes leads the NFL in passing yards (2,159) and touchdowns (20). Oddly enough, he has no fourth quarter comebacks or game winning drives this season.


5. New York Giants (6-1)
The Giants have moved up to second in rushing after their 236 yard day on Sunday. Daniel Jones is third amongst quarterbacks in rushing yards.


6. Los Angeles Chargers (4-3)
The Chargers snapped a three game winning streak with their loss to Seattle. They are 0-2 when they turn the ball over multiple times.


7. Dallas Cowboys (5-2)
Dallas has given up 20 or more points one time this season. They’ve given up 20 or less points three times this season.


8. New York Jets (5-2)
The Jets are ranked tenth in total points allowed and total yards allowed.


9. Baltimore Ravens (4-3)
Baltimore’s last four games have been decided by four points or less. They have forced six turnovers and given the ball away six times during that same stretch.


10. Cincinnati Bengals (4-3)
The Bengals have scored a total of 65 points on their current two game winning streak. They average 29.7 points per game in their four victories this season.


11. Seattle Seahawks (4-3)
Geno Smith has thrown eleven touchdowns and only three interceptions. He’s averaging 10.8 yards per completion.


12. Miami Dolphins (4-3)
The reason for Miami’s latest win was a tale of interceptions. Pittsburgh dropped multiple interceptions, while the dolphins caught three.


13. Tennessee Titans (4-2)
Tennessee has won four games in a row, forcing eight turnovers during that stretch.


14. Los Angeles Rams (3-3)
Cooper Kupp has 72 targets this season, putting him third in the NFL. The two guys in front of him have played one more game.


15. Green Bay Packers (3-4)
The Packers have lost three games in a row, averaging 17.6 points per game. They rank 23rd in points per game this season.


16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-4)
The Buccaneers have lost four out of their last five games. They’ve been very pedestrian on the ground this season.


17. San Francisco 49ers (3-4)
The 49ers had their fourth best rushing performance of the season in Christian McCaffrey’s first game there. Unfortunately they also had three turnovers for the second week in a row to go along with their second consecutive loss.


18. New England Patriots (3-4)
The Patriots have a total of 15 turnovers this season. They have at least one turnover in all seven of their games.


19. Atlanta Falcons (3-4)
Teams are starting to load up front against Atlanta and basically daring them to beat them through the air.


20. Arizona Cardinals (3-4)
The Cardinals snapped a two game losing streak, scoring more points this week than the last two weeks combined.


21. Washington Commanders (3-4)
The Commanders are on a two game winning streak, outscoring their opponents 35-28.


22. Chicago Bears (3-4)
The Bears have rushed for 200 yards or more three times this year. They lead the league in rushing yards.


23. Indianapolis Colts (3-3-1)
The Colts will start Sam Ehlinger this week because Matt Ryan is injured, or ineffective, or one of those things.


24. Cleveland Browns (2-5)
The Browns have lost four in a row and they could’ve easily won three of those games. They play Cincinnati before their bye week.


25. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5)
Pittsburgh is undefeated when they don’t turn the ball over. They have multiple turnovers in four out of their five losses this season.


26. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5)
Jacksonville has not won a game since their 38 point performance in week three. They’ve averaged 17.7 points per game since that game.


27. New Orleans Saints (2-5)
The Saints have given up 72 points on their current two game losing streak. They are ranked 31st in total points allowed.


28. Las Vegas Raiders (2-4)
Oakland has won two out of their last three games, scoring a total of 99 points during that stretch.


29. Denver Broncos (2-5)
Denver has a top three or four defense (easily), but their offense has scored 100 points in seven games. They’ve scored four touchdowns in 17 red zone attempts.


30. Carolina Panthers (2-5)
Interim head coach Steve Wilks looks to leaning towards starting P.J. Walker again this week versus Atlanta. Carolina is 2-1 when they score 20 or more points this season.


31. Detroit Lions (1-5)
Detroit has scored six points in their last two games after scoring 140 in their first four games. They rank last in the NFL in total  points allowed and total yards allowed.


32. Houston Texans (1-4-1)
The Texans have been outscored 44-33 in the previous two games. They rank 20th total points allowed.

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