Mania Madness Round Of 8 – Paul Bearer Region

Ab Stanley

Welcome back for Round Two of Mania Madness! The Paul Bearer Region is mysterious…some think it was conceived somewhere in the lands between Death Valley and Parts Unknown. With so much mystique surrounding it, even we don’t know what will happen.


#1. The Undertaker vs. #9. Kane

(Falls Count Anywhere)

The Brothers of Destruction are once again pitted against each other in a battle of two juggernauts. Kane wastes no time delivering a series of uppercuts and ultimately sending The Undertaker over the ropes.

A series of back and forth punches ensues, sending both competitors up the runway and back into the locker room area. Undertaker sends Kane into a solid brick wall and then hits him with a series of body shots. After a failed pin attempt, Undertaker picks Kane up and once again a series of left and right punches ensues.

The two make their way out to the parking garage and Kane is slamming the Undertaker’s head off the hood of a car. Undertaker (seemingly unharmed by the head shots) then takes Kane and sends him off the grill of a semi truck.

Undertaker takes Kane and sets him up for a Last Ride on the concrete, but Kane reverses with a back body drop. Kane picks up Undertaker (with malicious intent) and hits him with Tombstone on the cold, hard pavement. Kane goes for the pin, one, two, no, Undertaker kicks out and sits up.

With a look of disbelief, Kane gets up and tries to grab the Undertaker, but Taker reverses and gives Kane a choke slam to the concrete.

Undertaker pins Kane and walks away beaten and battered.

Match Time: 15:21

Winner: The Undertaker


#12. Seth Rollins versus. #4. Mick Foley

(Hardcore Match)

As Foley was walking down to the ring before the match, he’s ambushed by Rollins. Wielding a Kendo stick, Rollins continues to beat Foley down the runway and towards the ring. As they get to the foot of the ring, Rollins attempts to throw Foley into the stairs, but Foley reverses and sends him into the barricade wall.

Foley starts to search under the ring for weapons and emerges with a garbage can. After shoving Rollins back into the ring, Foley catches him with a series of headshots with the can. Setting Rollins up in the corner with the can in front of him, Foley dives into the corner, smashing the can and Rollins into the ring post.

Mankind then pulls out Mr. Socko and applies the Manable Claw to Rollins. 1,2,3  Mankind takes the victory.

Match Time:10:42

Winner: Mick Foley


#11. Diamond Dallas Page vs. #3. Andre The Giant

(Strap Match, No Disqualification)

After a series of heavy trash talking promos cut by DDP, Andre couldn’t wait to get a hold of him.  Page, with virtually nowhere to run, uses the length of the rope to stay as far away from Andre as possible. The Giant wraps a part of the rope over his massive arms and pulls DDP towards him with a massive jolt.

A series of body chops, followed by two body slams from Andre has page down and out. It looks like a foregone conclusion as Andre sits on Page’s back in an attempt to make him tap out from the pressure of 600 plus pounds of dead weight.

With Page crying out in agony from the pain,  the crowd roars as a huge figure knocks Andre off of Page. The Ugandan Giant Kamala is giving Andre a series of stomps with page now joining in. Page watches in delight as Kamala flies off the top rope with a massive body splash.

Page once again weasels his way to victory as he and Kamala are now joined in the ring by Poppa Shango and Harvey Wippleman.

Match Time: 5:22

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page



#10. Booker T. vs. #2. Shawn Michaels

This classic match of two athletic wrestlers starts off with a natural stare down and then an exchange of left and rights by both competitors. Booker would get the upper hand early with a kick to the mid section followed by a series of stomps. After chastising the crowd a bit, Booker gets right back to work on Micheals in the corner.

It’s all Booker T for awhile until he rushes at Michaels in the corner and misses, flying into the ring post. Michaels gives Booker a DDT followed by a kick up. HBK now sets Booker up for Sweet Chin Music, but misses and is quickly caught by a Book End.

Booker dives for the cover, but Michaels kicks out. Still down and out, Michaels is getting stomped out by Booker. Booker can’t help himself and is in motion to do his famous Spinarooni. While Booker T is on the mat showing off, HBK jumps up.

After a swift Super Kick and pin, Booker T was eliminated.

Match Time: 15:34

Winner: Shawn Michaels

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