Yankee Doodle Dandy – How The New York Yankees Are Dominating The MLB

The New York Yankees just recorded yet another walk-off victory against their A.L. rival, the Houston Astros. Not only was it a resounding victory but it was also a statement that the Yankees are legit.

One of the knocks on the Yankees this season has been lack of competition, but their opponents to this point have been far from fodder. They have won series against the Cleveland Guardians, Houston Astros and Minnesota Twins, all of whom are above .500. That’s not counting their in division opponents, whom are all above .500 except for the Baltimore Orioles.

This is highlighted by the success they have had on the road as well as at home. They have the best home record in the MLB at 30-7. They are the only team to not have double digit losses at home this season. Their social media hashtag is “RepBX” and they have done just that.

Their road record of 22-11 is just as impressive. It ranks as the second most road wins behind the L.A. Dodgers and Houston Astros, who both have 23. Just like their home losses, they have the least amount of road losses with just eleven. This means the Yankees are not only hard to beat in the Bronx, but also anywhere else they plant their cleats.

The Yankees have also been getting great production from their bullpen and batting rotation. The league average for on base + slugging is (.705) in 2022. The Yankees have six players with that or greater.

Aaron Judge (1.037), Anthony Rizzo (.838), Giancarlo Stanton (.829), Gleyber Torres (.813), DJ LeMahieu (.714) and Josh Donaldson (.713). Four of those players are above ten home runs and thirty RBIs:

Aaron Judge – 27 HR/53 RBI

Anthony Rizzo – 19 HR/49 RBI

Giancarlo Stanton – 15 HR/45 RBI

Gleyber Torres – 13 HR/32 RBI

The object of the game is to outscore opponents and that is easy when you have bats that are as lively as what the Yankees have.

The bullpen is equally impressive this year, and what has been a weakness for this team in the past has become a strength. The Yankees boast a group that is under the league average in WHIP, ERA and batting average against. The league average for WHIP in 2022 is (1.27). Nester Cortes (.96), Jordan Montgomery (1.02), Gerrit Cole (1.02) and Jameson Taillon (1.11) are all performing better than league average.

The league average for ERA is (4.01) and for BAA is (.288). The Bronx quadruplet is also crushing it in these categories as well.

Nestor Cortes – 2.31 ERA/.199 BAA

Jordan Montgomery – 2.97 ERA/.229 BAA

Gerrit Cole – 3.14 ERA/.203 BAA

Jameson Taillon – 3.19 ERA/.259 BAA

The Yankees pitchers aren’t giving up runs nor are they walking batters. That makes for a difficult game when you know what they have in their stable on offense.

New York is on a historic pace and could possibly break the All-Time wins record this year, held by the 1906 Chicago Cubs & 2001 Seattle Mariners. 116 wins is the mark to tie and 117 would make them the winningest team in MLB history. As of now they sit at 52 wins prior to the All-Star break.

This could be the greatest Yankees team of All-Time and one of the greatest teams we have ever seen in Major League Baseball.

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