The Genesis – Denver Broncos 2024 Draft Profile

The beginning of Sean Payton era of the Denver Broncos didn’t go like many felt it would. After an 8-9 record and multiple roster moves, the Broncos will look to start from scratch in 2024. This draft class will be the genesis of the next phase of Denver football, laying the foundation for the future.


Bo Nix, QB, USC

Ja’Lynn Polk, WR, Washington

Jonah Elliss, Edge, Utah


Sean Payton has been a very successful coach in the NFL throughout his career. His most successful stretch was when he had a quarterback that was an extension of himself, and he now has a chance to get a young signal caller to be just that.

Bo Nix is one of the most interesting prospects in the draft at the quarterback position. Nix’s production is undeniable during his time at Oregon, and his ability to run an offense was on full display.

His passing in the short to intermediate game is some of the best in the class, showing NFL level precision and anticipation. His only issue is on deep passes where the ball tends to drift inside, but that can be remedied with development.

Nix has an above average football IQ, evidenced by his ability to change calls on the fly at the line. This should be an attractive quality as Payton will get his field general for the foreseeable future.

You have to set up your new quarterback with a set of reliable targets to throw to. After trading Jerry Jeudy to the Cleveland Browns, Denver will have an open competition for the WR2 spot.

Getting a player like Ja’Lynn Polk on Day 2 would give the Broncos a well-rounded receiver room with a plethora of skillsets. Polk is a shifty route runner with sticky hands when attacking the ball. He shows the ability to run routes from inside or outside with a variety of releases. Polk rarely drops the ball and having an outside weapon with sure hands is a confidence booster for a young quarterback. Polk is also a player that is durable, so consistency won’t be an issue.

One of the positions that needs to be addressed is edge rusher. Since trading Bradley Chubb, the Broncos have lacked a presence that can consistently push the pocket on all three downs. This draft has some gems in the late rounds that can help remedy that for  them.

Jonah Elliss is one of the better, more polished pass rushers in the draft. His lightning quick first step and strong hands aid him in moving opposing blockers on route to the QB. He isn’t just a sack merchant which is rare for college ends – he identifies run plays and sets the edge as well as anyone. The only drawback for Elliss is his size, but the skills are there.

The Broncos have two options in this draft: ace it and begin the climb or miss and continue to descend. The former is their goal, and with a draft class like this they will succeed.

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