The 3 Point Conversion Presents: Fantasy Football’s “Aww’s” and “Naw’s” for Week 2

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Aww Quarterbacks

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints (home vs. Tampa Bay Bucs) – If Marcus Mariota can throw for four touchdowns against Tampa Bay, just imagine what Drew will do at home!

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers (home vs. San Francisco 49ers) – Big Ben is playing a so so defense in the 49ers at home (where he dominates) so expect huge fantasy numbers.

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals (away vs. Chicaggo Bears) – The Bears gave up the second-most fantasy points to quarterbacks in 2014. Week 1, Aaron Rodgers surrendered over 22 fantasy points. My guess is Palmer will do the same.



Naw Quarterbacks

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions (away vs. Minnesota Vikings) – He’s going against a Vikings defense that has held him to an average of 185 passing yards and only 3 touchdowns, in their last three meetings.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans (away vs. Cleveland Browns) – Let’s not get carried away from his Week 1 performance. Marcus will have a far tougher matchup against Cleveland, who only gave up 11 touchdown passes and forced 10 interceptions at home.


Aww Running Backs

Justin Forsett, Baltimore Ravens (away vs. Oakland Raiders) – Forsett had a rough Week 1, but this should be his bounce back week against the Raiders, who gave up 17 rushing touchdowns last season. Jeremy Hill had 2 touchdowns last week so I’m expecting Forsett to shine Sunday.

Ameer Abdullah, Detroit Lions (away vs. Minnesota Vikings) – Look what Carlos Hyde did against the Vikings defense last week!! This is self-explanatory.

Chris Ivory, New York Jets (away vs. Indianapolis Colts) – Ivory had a big day against the Browns poor rushing defense, and he will get another good matchup against the Colts.


Naw Running Backs

Frank Gore, Indianoplis Colts (home vs. New York Jets) – The Jets have one of top run defenses in the league so I think Gore will not be an impact in the stat sheets this week.

Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers (away vs. Cincinnati Bengals ) – Gordon showed signs last week that he can be a lead back, but at the moment, the Chargers prefer Danny Woodhead to be the running back in the red zone, which puts Gordon on the back burner.


Aww Wide Receivers

Steve Smith Sr., Baltimore Ravens (away vs. Oakland Raiders) – The Raiders secondary are all banged up, so Smith should take full advantage of it.

Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints (home vs. Tampa Bay Bucs) – Cooks did not put up monster stats last week, but he did lead all Saints wide receivers with eight targets. This week, he is a must start against Tampa Bay.

Jordan Matthews, Philadelphia Eagles (home vs. Dallas Cowboys) – Matthews led the Eagles last week with 10 catches and 102 yards on 13 targets. This week, he faces a Cowboys defense that’s dealing with some injuries. He’s another must start.


Naw Wide Receivers

Andre Johnson, Indianpolis Colts (home vs. New York Jets) – Should be guarded by Revis Island this week, which is not a great matchup for Johnson.

Torrey Smith, San Francisco 49ers (away vs. Pittsburgh Steelers) – See Vernon Davis (below). Needs to have a good connection with Colin K. and we haven’t seen it in Week 1.


Aww Tight Ends

Martellus Bennett, Chicago Bears (home vs. Arizona Cardinals) – Bennett led all tight ends last year in receptions and Jay Cutler loves throwing him the ball. He has another favorable matchup at home. Start him.

Jordan Cameron, Miami Dolphins (away vs. Jacksonville Jaguars) – Cameron is facing a young, but tough defense in Jacksonville, but they can be less formidable against opposing tight ends. I loved how he looked last week so expect good numbers again.


Naw Tight Ends

Vernon Davis, San Francisco 49ers (away vs. Pittsburgh Steelers) – Even though Rob Gronkowski scored three times against the Steelers, I would still not start Davis. Like I said last week, until we see Vernon build a better rapport with Colin Kaepernick, continue to sit him.

Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams (away vs. Washington Redskins) – Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. That’s how I feel about Cook, who at times, looks like a top five tight end, but can’t put together a consistent season in fantasy.


Aww Team Defense

Miami Dolphins (away vs. Jacksonville Jaguars) – Miami is playing the young, but turnover prone  Jags. Do I need to explain further???

Tennessee Titans (away vs. Cleveland Browns) – The Browns are a depleted team right now. Plus Johnny Manziel is starting this Sunday. This is my sleeper defense this week.


Naw Team Defense

Seattle Seahawks (away vs. Green Bay Packers) – They just gave up 34 points away against St. Louis. Now they are playing away in tough Lambeau Field, without Cam Chancellor again.


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