Who’s to Blame Jay Gruden or Robert Griffin III

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The Robert Griffin III drama is well known from being the No. 2 overall pick and Rookie of the Year in 2012 to third-string QB in 2015. The depths of Griffin’s fall are staggering, especially considering he landed on the inactive list week 1. Yes, RG3 is working back from a concussion but he had been cleared by the medical staff, in essence making last week a healthy scratch.


Jay Gruden was hired after Mike Shanahan was fired and during his first year as head coach of the Washington Redskins. Gruden had some strong public criticism about RG3 that was uncommon from a NFL coach. Gruden even said his “quarterback has fundamental flaws and with a performance not even being closed to being good enough to expectations.” What a slap in the face coming from your head coach. Gruden could’ve at least pull Griffin to the side and had a man-to-man talk with him but instead he decided to humiliate a grown man to the the world.


Griffin is in a position as an employee so he has to choose his words wisely when speaking to the media by not talking bad about the coaching staff. Griffin might have used the wrong quarterbacks’ names like Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers when defending himself. Still at the end of the day, this is a team sport and once you’re the face of the organization and if the team does well or bad you have to take the blame for it. The team should part ways with RG3 so he can rebuild his career and get out of this toxic relationship with Gruden and the Redskins.


To be honest, before Griffin, Shanahan and Gruden, the Redskins were not a good team. The offensive line is horrible and Kirk Cousins will be a back up quarterback for most if not all his entire career. Gruden might have been a great quarterback in the AFL (Arena Football League) but never could make it in the NFL. The only reason Gruden is even a NFL coach is because he won a Super Bowl as an offensive coordinator working with his brother Jon Gruden (Jon Gruden is another story). Gruden has not done enough in the NFL to tell someone they do not have good fundamental skills? At the end of the day, Gruden does not like Griffin as his quarterback and is willing to sabotage his career.



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