No Room For Error – Cleveland Browns 2023 Draft Profile

The Cleveland Browns entered last year hoping for a late surge. After trading a treasure trove of picks to Houston for Deshaun Watson, they don’t have a pick until day three of the draft. This means they have to hit on late round picks and have no room for errors.

Jonah Tavai, DL, San Diego State

Tyler Hudson, WR, Louisville

Aubrey Miller Jr., LB, Jackson State

The Browns will enter this draft behind the eight ball seeing as they don’t have any picks within the first two days. So this draft will be an attempt to find diamonds in the rough to develop.

The Browns defensive front needs bodies and one player that would fit in very well is SDSU product Jonah Tavai. Tavai has the size and strength to play inside and the flexibility to play outside. He would come in as a rotational body but can develop into a plus starter as his career progresses.

With a full year of Watson under center, Cleveland needs to stock up on weapons. One good option in the late rounds will be Tyler Hudson. Hudson was a very productive receiver during his college career. He has a good frame and is a legitimate downfield threat. He could come in and earn playing time as the season goes on.

Cleveland’s defense is built on versatility and throwing different looks at offenses. Aubrey Miller Jr. has made a career of his versatility and would be a god pickup in the late rounds. His speed, instincts and strength make him a scheme chameleon with huge upside. He may be relegated to a special teams role early but has the talent to develop into a plus starter.

Cleveland doesn’t have a lot to work with but this is a very deep draft. They have to do their due diligence and pickup the right players as the draft progresses. This year could yield some surprising starters that will be drafted in rounds 4, 5, 6 and 7.

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