NFL Power Rankings Week Six: A Small Tale Of A Tall Feat

Ab Stanley

The NFL is going through a little phase of uncertainty that they’ve never had to deal with before. Positive Covid-19 tests has put some games under scrutiny and has postponed some others.

The play on the field has been even more uncertain, with injuries and bad play dictating some major changes league wide. Teams are starting to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Some of those teams you penciled in there, while others are shocking you week in and week out.


1.  Seattle Seahawks (5-0)
D.K. Metcalf is averaging 99.2 receiving yards per game and has seven total touchdown catches this season. He is turning into a big time receiving threat for Russell Wilson.

2.  Green Bay Packers (4-0)
The Packers are coming off their bye week and they’ve scored 30 or more points in all four of the games they’ve played.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)
Breaking News: the Chiefs are not invincible. They can score with the best of them, but those timely defensive stops need to happen a bunch of more times during their games.

4.  Tennessee Titans (4-0)

The Titans have forced nine total turnovers while only having one turnover on offense this season. They’ve scored 40 or more points in their last three games.

5.  Baltimore Ravens (4-1)
To say Baltimore’s defense is good seems like an understatement. They’ve forced a turnover in every game they’ve played and they have held two of their opponents without a single touchdown.

6.  Pittsburgh Steelers (4-0)
The Steelers seemingly find wide receivers and linebackers under rocks. Rookie Chase Claypool scored four total touchdowns, while racking up seven catches for 110 receiving yards.

7.  Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Buffalo failed to reach the 20 point plateau for the first time this season during a rare Tuesday night tilt versus the Titans. The three turnovers are the most they’ve had in a game this season.

8.  Los Angeles Rams (4-1)
The Rams have won two games in a row, allowing a total of 19 points. Those two games were against NFC East teams but they still count nonetheless.

9.  Cleveland Browns (4-1)
The Browns are on a four game winning streak and scoring 30 or more points seems to be a recurring theme. They have forced eight turnovers during that stretch, while only giving it up three times.

10.  Chicago Bears (4-1)
The narrative will be Nick Foles owns Tom Brady or he beat Brady again in a head to head matchup. From where I sit, it was Khalil Mack and the defense that administering the beating.

11.  Indianapolis Colts (3-2)
The Colts gave up 32 points to the Browns on Sunday after coming into the game with the number one ranked defense. They allowed a total of 29 points in their three previous games.

12.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)
You would expect a joke about Tom Brady and his fourth down mishaps. Well, I don’t have a joke that could capture the essence of comedy in that moment. Sorry.

13.  Las Vegas Raiders (3-2)
The Raiders have maneuvered their way through a brutal five weeks with a winning record. Their next two opponents have a combined 7-3 record, so the tough task continues for a bit longer.

14.  New Orleans Saints (3-2)
The Saints are tied for first place in the NFC South, despite their lowly rank (26) allowing points. Drew Brees continues to defy an aging arm by completing 71.0% of his passes at 7.6 yards per catch.

15.  New England Patriots (2-2)
The Patriots are undefeated when they force multiple turnovers on defense. They are winless when they fail to pull that off.

16.  Arizona Cardinals (3-2)
The Cardinals snapped a two game losing streak by handing the Jets a proper thrashing on Sunday. DeAndre Hopkins leads the NFL with 528 receiving yards.

17.  Carolina Panthers (3-2)
The Panthers have now won three straight games, forcing six turnovers during that stretch. They have turned the ball over only once in their last three games.

18.  Miami Dolphins (2-3)
The Dolphins defeated the 49ers in blow out fashion on Sunday. That wasn’t a typing error: the Dolphins really did win a game in blow out fashion.

19.  San Francisco 49ers (2-3)
The 49ers have fallen to fourth in the NFC West and the injuries are starting to haunt them. They’ve lost two straight games, getting outscored 68-37 in that stretch.

20.  Dallas Cowboys (2-3)
Dallas collected their second win of the season but it came with a heavy loss. Starting quarterback Dak Prescott severely injured his ankle and will be sidelined for the remainder of the season. Andy Dalton is a capable backup…but not necessarily a spring chicken.

21.  Los Angeles Chargers (1-4)
The Chargers lost their second overtime game of the season after giving up a 17 point lead on Monday night. Justin Herbert continues to dazzle the naysayers with his arm, but maybe the Chargers might want to mix in some short passes with the big plays downfield.

22.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4)
The Jags have turned the ball over in four out of their five games this season. Can you guess which one of those games produced their only win?

23.  Washington Football Team (1-3-1)
The good news is Alex Smith made it back onto a football field after a plethora of surgeries to repair a broke leg. The bad news is the team could only muster up 108 yards of total offense on Sunday.

24.  Cincinnati Bengals (1-3-1)
Joe  Burrow was sacked seven times and threw an interception versus the Ravens on Sunday. Cincinnati suffered their worse loss of the season, only scoring a measly field goal.

25.  Philadelphia Eagles (1-3-1)
Philadelphia hasn’t shown a propensity to do anything well this season. I take that back: they’re very good at turning the ball over on offense.

26.  Detroit Lions (1-3)
Coming off their bye week, Detroit will play Jacksonville and Atlanta who have combined record of 1-9.

27.  Denver Broncos (1-3)
Denver has started three different quarterbacks this season and none of them has looked particularly good.

28.  Minnesota Vikings (1-4)
So the plan for the Vikings was to give Russell Wilson another chance to win the game. What an ingenuous plan to lose at the end.

29.  Houston Texans (1-4)
The Texans won their first game of the season and Romeo Crennel’s impact was immediate as interim head coach. Not only did Houston force two turnovers, but they also held their first opponent under 100 yards rushing on Sunday.

30.  Atlanta Falcons (0-5)
Head coach Dan Quinn has been fired after much speculation the team was going in that direction. During his tenure, the Falcons suffered through a five game losing streak in four different seasons.

31.  New York Giants (0-5)
The Giants rank 30th in total yards and 31st in points scored. They are at the bottom of the league in rushing yards and they have scored a total of five offensive touchdowns in five games.

32.  New York Jets (0-5)
The Jets have allowed a total of nine rushing touchdowns and only scored two on offense. I don’t even want to get into the passing numbers, it would seem like I’m piling on.

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