NFL Power Rankings Week 17 – Leaning Over The Edge

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The lines of separation in the NFL are non-existent at this point. Most of the league are sitting right around the same position, with similar records. We really can’t identify who’s the actual best in each conference or all the teams that have a lock on a playoff spot.

Week 17 should start to make this picture clearer, but could you imagine the craziness if it doesn’t?


1. Baltimore Ravens (12-3)

The Ravens flexed their muscle against San Francisco and have put themselves in a prime position in the AFC. They can wrap up the number one seed and home field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win over Miami.


2. Miami Dolphins (11-4)

For the first time in team history, the Dolphins have a 4,000 yard passer, 1,000 rusher and two 1,000 yard receivers in the same season. They still hold the top spot in total points scored.


3. Detroit Lions (11-4)

Detroit has clinched the NFC North title for the first time in franchise history. They’ll need help from the 49ers if they want to grab the NFC’s top seed.


4. San Francisco 49ers (11-4)

Both of the 49ers’ last two losses have been by a two touchdown margin. They still currently sit atop the NFC standings with two games left to play.


5. Philadelphia Eagles (11-4)

The Eagles snapped a three game losing streak, but their turnover problems has continued. They have turned the ball over ten times since their bye week.


6. Cleveland Browns (10-5)

Cleveland has won three in a row, averaging 29.0 points per game during that stretch. The easiest way for them to clinch a playoff spot is a win over the New York Jets on Thursday night.


7. Dallas Cowboys (10-5)

Dallas has now lost their last two games after a five game winning streak. They’ve been outscored 53-30 in those two games and they haven’t forced a turnover.


8. Kansas City Chiefs (9-6)

The Chiefs have lost three out of their last four games. They’ve scored 20 or more points in only one of those games and they’ve turned the ball over in every game during this four game stretch.


9. Buffalo Bills (9-6)

With a victory over the Patriots the Bills can clinch a playoff spot. If they win out and Miami goes winless, they’ll clinch the AFC East title.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars (8-7)

Despite their fourth loss in a row, the Jaguars remain at the top of the AFC South. Trevor Lawrence’s status for week 17 is still up in the air due to a shoulder injury.


11. Indianapolis Colts (8-7)

The Colts are currently the seventh seed in the AFC and they have a 56% chance of making the playoffs. They’ll have to win their games against Las Vegas and Houston to guarantee a spot.


12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-7)

Tampa Bay has won four in a row and they’re averaging 28.5 points per game during the streak. If they win one out of their last two games they’ll win their third straight NFC South title.


13. Houston Texans (8-7)

Houston would have to win  their last two games against Tennessee and Indianapolis to have a legitimate chance at a playoff berth. With a bit of help they could still win the AFC South.


14. Los Angeles Rams (8-7)

The Rams can clinch a playoff spot with a win against the New York Giants and loss by Seattle or a tie in the game between Green Bay and Minnesota.


15. Seattle Seahawks (8-7)

Seattle has won two in a row after snapping a four game losing streak. If they can defeat Pittsburgh and Arizona, it will assure them a playoff spot.


16. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7)

The Steelers scored the most points in a game this season against Cincinnati. They’ve kept their slim playoff hopes alive, but they’ll have a tough time winning against st Seattle and Baltimore.


17. Cincinnati Bengals (8-7)

With games against Kansas City and Cleveland, can the Bengals get to ten wins? They probably won’t have a chance at a playoff spot without reaching that win total.


18. Las Vegas Raiders (7-8)

The Raiders are 2-1 since their bye week and they’ve outscored their opponents 83-38 in those three games. They recorded their first win over Kansas City since October of the 2020 season.


19. Atlanta Falcons (7-8)

The Falcons have a 10% chance of making the playoffs. They’ll need a ton of help, but they still have a slim chance of winning the NFC South.


20. Green Bay Packers (7-8)

The Packers snapped their losing streak with the win over Carolina, but it might be too little, too late. They’ll need to win their last two games and get help from a few teams to get into the playoffs.


21. New Orleans Saints (7-8)

The Saints have a slim chance of securing a wild card playoff spot and a 12% chance of winning the NFC South. They have a huge game against Tampa Bay this Sunday.


22. Denver Broncos (7-8)

Denver’s two game losing streak has put them in a precarious spot when it comes to the postseason. There are four teams ahead of them for a playoff spot, but all four only have one more win than Denver.


23. Minnesota Vikings (7-8)

Minnesota has lost four out of five games and their shot at the playoffs is now slim. They would need to win out and they would need a few teams to lose their last two to make the playoffs.


24.  New York Jets (6-9)

Breece Hall had his best game since his week five performance against Denver. He’ll need to rush for 268 yards in his last two games to reach 1,000 yards in a season for the first time in his career.


25. Chicago Bears (6-9)

The Bears have won three out of four games and four out of their last six. They have forced 14 turnovers in their last six games.


26. Tennessee Titans (5-10)

Tennessee has lost three out of four games and their season is pretty much over with two weeks left to play. The Titans rank 27th in both total points scored and total yards from scrimmage.


27. New York Giants (5-10)

The Giants benched Tommy DeVito at halftime during their loss to Philadelphia. They haven’t figured out their quarterback situation all season. The Giants are 32nd in passing yards.


28. New England Patriots (4-11)

The Patriots have won two out of their last three games, accounting for their best three games stretch of the season. Their defense has forced five turnovers during this stretch.


29. s Los Angeles Chargers (5-10)

The Chargers gave a good fight on Saturday night against Buffalo, but they are just waiting for their season to wind down to the end.


30. Washington Commanders (4-11)

Washington has now given up 30 or more points in nine different games this season. They have scored 30 or more points in three games this year and they’re 1-2 in those games.


31. Arizona Cardinals (3-12)

Arizona will finish off their abysmal season with games against Philadelphia on the road and Seattle at home.


32. Carolina Panthers (2-13)

Carolina will have some tough decisions at seasons end and it will start with getting the right coach in place for quarterback Bryce Young. A couple of offensive upgrades wouldn’t hurt either.


Offensive Player Of The Week

Amari Cooper – Wide Receiver, Cleveland Browns: 11 receptions, 265 receiving yards, 2 touchdowns


Defensive Player Of The Week

Christian Barmore – Defensive Tackle, New England Patriots: 8 total tackles, 3.0 sacks, 1 forced fumble

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