NFL Power Rankings Week Four: Murky Waters

Ab Stanley

NFL teams are starting to find an identity rolling into Week Four. Some will have some kinks to work out but they can eventually pull through the struggles. Some teams feel like they’re on top of the world but their schedule might bring them crashing down to earth.

A few might feel like all hope is lost and it most likely is. Still, there’s a few weeks to play before we really know what we’re actually watching. Right now it’s all a feeling out stage.


1. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)
The Chiefs’ offense is a bigger match than most defenses can handle. All the defense has to do is make some situational stops and it’s lights out.

2. Green Bay Packers (3-0)
The Packers pulled out a prime time win despite missing Davante Adams. The Packers have not recorded a turnover on offense this season.

3. Seattle Seahawks (3-0)
Seattle continues to put up points and give up points just as easily. Russell Wilson’s touchdown count has reached 14 in three games.

4. Buffalo Bills (3-0)
The Bills pulled out an improbable win after blowing a huge lead on Sunday. Josh Allen leads the AFC in passing yards (1,038) and has thrown ten touchdowns passes and only one interception.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0)
Is Pittsburgh the only team in the NFL that can play defense? Oh, I’m sorry, I meant to say Pittsburgh seems to be the only team that can play defense in the NFL. Ranked number one against the run and well you can try and pass on them at your own risk.

6. Tennessee Titans (3-0)
Amidst Covid-19 concerns surrounding the team, Tennessee will face their biggest test in week four versus the Steelers.

7. Chicago Bears (3-0)
Mitch Trubisky has been ineffective for a couple of games after a pretty good opening week. Nick Foles returned to his starring role as “THE back up” to engineer three touchdown drives and pull out the dramatic win.

8. Baltimore Ravens (2-1)
Baltimore had a slight hiccup versus the defending champions on Monday night. They shouldn’t worry too much: their next three opponents have a combined one win.

9. New England Patriots (2-1)
The Patriots ran roughshod over the Raiders Sunday, totally ignoring their defense to the tune of 250 yards on the ground. New England leads the NFL with 534 rushing yards in three games.

10. Los Angeles Rams (2-1)
Despite suffering their first loss of the season, the Rams scored over 30 points for the second consecutive week. They still remain one of the best offensive teams in the league.

11. Arizona Cardinals (2-1)
It was the first week Arizona failed to reach 400 yards of total offense. It was the first week the offense had multiple turnovers. All that led to the first loss for Arizona this season.

12. San Francisco 49ers (2-1)
The 49ers beat the Giants on Sunday with backups at key positions. How many weeks they can continue this tight rope act remains to be seen.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)
Tom Brady is putting up familiar numbers to years’ past. He’s completing over 65% of his passes and has six touchdowns through the air through three games.

14. Las Vegas Raiders (2-1)
The Raiders first loss came on the same day they failed to reach the 30 point mark. They also had multiple turnovers in a game for the first time this season.

15. Indianapolis Colts (2-1)
The numbers say the Colts have the number one defense in the entire NFL. They’ve allowed only five touchdowns on defense and they have forced six turnovers.

16. Cleveland Browns (2-1)
The Browns have won back to back games, outscoring their opponents 69-50. Their next three opponents have a combined 6-3 record.

17. New Orleans Saints (1-2)
The Saints are off to a (surprisingly) slow start and that could be due to the fact they aren’t getting those big time explosive plays. Alvin Kamara seems to be their only weapon, with 438 yards from scrimmage and six touchdowns.

18. Dallas Cowboys (1-2)
Dallas has given up 97 points this season, showing little to no resistance in three games. The offense is doing a good enough job scoring but they have six turnovers.

19.  Los Angeles Chargers (1-2)
The Chargers play good enough defense, but they’re not scoring nearly enough points. Turning the ball over four times on Sunday didn’t help their bid for a second win.

20. Miami Dolphins (1-2)
The Dolphins crack their way into the win column and not a moment too soon. Their next two opponents have a combined record of 5-1.

21. Carolina Panthers (1-2)
Teddy Bridgewater is averaging 290.3 passing yards per game, providing steady play at the quarterback position. Carolina snagged their first win of the season to put them right in the middle of the division race.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)
The Jaguars have allowed ten touchdowns and only recorded nine touchdowns on offense. They seem to not be able to dig out of the hole when they are trailing in games.

23. Washington Football Team (1-2)
Washington has turned the ball over seven times over the past two weeks. They have forced only one turnover during that same stretch.

24. Detroit Lions (1-2)
Detroit recorded its first win of the season by forcing three turnovers on Sunday.  It’s the only game this season where they have recorded a turnover on defense.

25. Houston Texans (0-3)
The Texans have one of the worst rushing attacks in the league with only 198 yards on the ground in three games. They’ve also allowed a league high 565 rushing yards. Not a great recipe for winning games.

26. Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1)
The Bengals recorded their first non-loss of the season with a tie on Sunday. Joe Burrow has now thrown for over 300 yards in two consecutive games.

27. Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1)
Philadelphia didn’t lose their third straight game…but they didn’t win either. They have recorded six offensive touchdowns and eight turnovers overall.

28. Minnesota Vikings (0-3)
Despite a strong performance from rookie Justin Jefferson (seven catches, 175 yards, one touchdown), the Vikings dropped their third straight game. Kirk Cousins has thrown six interceptions this season and only five touchdown passes.

29. Atlanta Falcons (0-3)
Something that happens once or twice could be considered an aberration. When you lose a double digit lead twice in as many weeks that would be considered a trend.

30. Denver Broncos (0-3)
Denver is near the bottom of the league in rushing, amassing only 253 yards in three games. They have recorded only one rushing touchdown and a mere five touchdowns total.

31. New York Giants (0-3)
Daniel Jones has been sacked nine times and has thrown four interceptions on the season. The Giants as a team have scored three total touchdowns on offense behind some putrid offensive line play.

32. New York Jets (0-3)
The Jets’ fans are ready to jump ship and join another team’s bandwagon. One fan told me, “it’s one thing to lose, but it’s another thing to show very little effort during games.” Their average drive goes for about five plays and just over 24 yards.

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