NFL Power Rankings Week Five- A Trend To Defend

Ab Stanley

We are a quarter of the way through the season and not much has been made clear. Some teams left for dead has risen up and drugged themselves out of the dirt. Others are finding it difficult to live up to the hype. No matter which kind of team, one things for sure, defense is at a minimum and offense is taking over the reigns. The teams that should be good the rest of the way are starting to flex some muscle.



1.  Los Angeles Rams 4-0 (last week #1)

The Rams are running away with their division already and maybe the conference too.


2.  Kansas City Chiefs 4-0 (last week #2)

Well now Kansas City has shown they can come from behind and win versus a good defense. Could this be Andy Reid’s best offensive team.


3.  Jacksonville Jaguars 3-1 (last week #3)

Jacksonville has the number one defense in the league. They haven’t allowed more than 20 points in any game this season.


4.  New Orleans Saints 3-1 (last week #5)

Drew Brees continues his climb up the ladder of quarterback supremacy. In his way are defenses that can’t handle the onslaught.


5.  Baltimore Ravens 3-1 (last week #7)

Baltimore has a top three defense and a top 10 offense. Joe Flacco is averaging 313.0 passing yards per game with eight touchdowns and two interceptions.


6.  Cincinnati Bengals 3-1 (last week #8)

The Bengals have scored at an 84.6% clip in the red zone. They’ve scored at least 34 points in all of their wins and lost the one time they didn’t reach 30.


7.  Chicago Bears 3-1 (last week #10)

Khalil Mack has five sacks, four forced fumbles, and one interception that he returned for a touchdown. The Bears have not allowed a rushing touchdown this season and it doesn’t look like many are on the way.


8.  Carolina Panthers 2-1 (last week #11)

The Panthers added safety Eric Reid to a defense giving up 20 points per game. Chances are they won’t be giving up that many points on a weekly basis anymore.


9.  Miami Dolphins 3-1 (last week #6)

Miami took one on the chin over the weekend but they still lead the league interceptions after racking up two more versus the Patriots.


10.  Tennessee Titans 3-1 (last week #15)

The enigma of the 2018 season, Tennessee gives up plenty of yards but hardly any points. The epitome of a “bend but don’t break” defense.


11.  Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 (last week #4)

The Eagles are finding out how hard it is to repeat as Super Bowl champions. It becomes even more difficult when you have scored only one more point than you’ve given up on the season.


12.  Washington Redskins 2-1 (last week #14)

The Redskins bye week may have came at the perfect time. Several of their players needed the extra week to rehab injuries, including Adrian Peterson.


13.  Green Bay Packers 2-1-1 (last week #19)

A hobbled Aaron Rodgers is still managing 282.5 passing yards per game with seven touchdowns and one interception on the season.


14.  New England Patriots 2-2 (last week 20)

The mighty Tom Brady and his home field advantage powers prevailed once again! You can see the fans running down to the bandwagon to jump back on it.


15.  Denver Broncos 2-2 (last week #13)

Denver has given up more passing yards than they’ve thrown for. Case Keenum is not playing like a starting quarterback, well one that can win anything at least.


16.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2 (last week #9)

In the next edition of the Bucs soap opera, the role of quarterback will be played by Jameis Winston.


17.  Los Angeles Chargers 2-2 (last week #21)

Their offense is worth the price of admission. Melvin Gordon has 475 yards from scrimmage and five touchdowns.


18.  Dallas Cowboys 2-2 (last week #22)

The Cowboys defense has 14 sacks, allowing only 208.5 passing yards per game. Ezekiel Elliot averages 106.5 rushing yards per game and leads the NFL with a 5.8 yards per carry average. That’s the Cowboys offense in a nutshell.


19.  Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (last week #26)

The Seahawks are on a two-game winning streak, outscoring their opponents 44-30 in that span. The Earl Thomas injury is just as bad as the send off he gave the sidelines when he was carted off.


20.  Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2-1 (last week #12)

The Steelers as a team have rushed for over 100 yards only once this season. LeVeon Bell is rumored to be returning to the team during their week seven bye. Will that be just in time or too late?


21.  Minnesota Vikings 1-2-1 (last week #16)

The Vikings average 22.5 points per game, while allowing 27.5. Giving up more points than you score is usually a potion for disaster.


22.  Cleveland Browns 1-2-1 (last week #17)

Imagine young Baker Mayfield takes over and in a game and a half (64 pass attempts), yet he leads the team in passing yards. The Browns lead the NFL in rushing touchdowns with eight and are second in yards with 611. Cleveland fans only need patience, it’s coming together.


23.  Atlanta Falcons 1-3 (last week #18)

The Falcons woes will continue unless head coach Dan Quinn is hiding a Pro Bowl defender on the practice squad.


24.  Indianapolis Colts 1-3 (last week #24)

Andrew Luck has been sacked nine times, which is as many times as he’s thrown a touchdown pass. Pretty much every time something good happens, something bad happens to them.


25.  Houston Texans 1-3 (last week #30)

The Texans have had at least 400 yards of offense in their last three games and finally broke through and won one of them last week.


26.  New York Jets 1-3 (last week #23)

Could you imagine Todd Bowles telling Sam Darnold before the season, “Sam your not going to get any protection from the offensive line or hardly any help from our run game.” At least he would’ve been honest.


27.  San Francisco 49ers1-3 (last week #25)

The 49ers are allowing 276.2 passing yards per game with 11 touchdowns and only one interception.


28.  Oakland Raiders 1-3 (last week #31)

Jon Gruden won his first game in the NFL since October 2008. Here’s to all the Raiders fan wondering if his next win will be ten years after this.


29.  New York Giants 1-3 (last week #27)

Eli Manning has been sacked 15 times already this season. The defense is allowing 126 rushing yards per game, a clear indication that the Giants will keep losing.


30.  Detroit Lions 1-3 (last week #28)

Matt Patricia’s vaunted defense is allowing over 28 points per game and has forced only three turnovers. He’s doing a great job of bringing his philosophy to the team.


31.  Buffalo Bills 1-3 (last week #29)

The Bills have the 31st ranked offense in the NFL. Their quarterbacks have combined to throw two touchdowns and four interceptions.


32.  Arizona Cardinals 0-4 (last week #32)

The leagues worst offense has yet to score 20 points in a game this season. They’ve already switched quarterbacks and there’s not many moves they can make.

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