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Ab Stanley

One more week down and another set of NFL teams have either punched their way to the playoffs or lost hope all together. These last two weeks should be mostly about playoff seeding, but there’s one or two division races still going on.

How many teams will have a clearer picture of the future after this week’s games?


1. Philadelphia Eagles (13-2)
The Eagles scored 34 points with backup quarterback Gardner Minshew. I’d say their championship chances are still pretty high.


2. Buffalo Bills (12-3)
Six wins in a row and counting. Buffalo could really put the AFC on notice if they could beat the Bengals on Monday night.


3. Kansas City Chiefs (12-3)
Their last two games are against Denver and Las Vegas. I’d start prepping the backups now if I was Andy Reid.


4. San Francisco 49ers (11-4)
Brock Purdy has thrown six touchdowns and one interception in three starts this season. The 49ers average 31.0 points per game in those starts.


5. Minnesota Vikings (12-3)
The Vikings have won close games all season and their game versus the Giants was no different. Can they knock off the extremely hot Packers on Sunday?


6. Cincinnati Bengals (11-4)
The Bengals have won seven games in a row and could pull away with the division lead with a win over Buffalo.


7. Dallas Cowboys (11-4)
The Cowboys have scored 40 or more points four times in their last eight games. They are currently ranked third in total points scored.


8. Baltimore Ravens (10-5)
Baltimore can still win their division, but they’ll need to win their final two games. Lamar Jackson’s availability is still a question mark.


9. Los Angeles Chargers (9-6)
The Chargers have won four out of five games to clinch a playoff spot. They finish off the season with the Rams and the Broncos.


10. New York Giants (8-6-1)
The Giants still hold a playoff spot, despite winning one game since week 11. They play Indianapolis and Philadelphia to finish off the season.


11. Miami Dolphins (8-7)
The Dolphins still control their own destiny when it comes to the playoffs. Question marks surrounding Tua Tagovailoa’s health and overall play have arisen.


12. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8)
The Jags were 3-7 at one point with almost no chance at a playoff spot. They now seemed poised to take the division title and host a playoff game.


13. Green Bay Packers (7-8)
Aaron Rodgers has recently reminded us that he’s won multiple MVP trophies and division titles.


14. Detroit Lions (7-8)
The loss to Carolina really hurt the Lions’ playoff chances. They still have an outside shot at getting in, but they’ll have to win out versus Chicago and Green Bay.


15. Washington Commanders (7-7-1)
Washington has been winless in their last three games, but still hold on to a playoff spot. They finish off the season with Cleveland and Dallas.


16. Tennessee Titans (7-8)
A five game losing streak has dropped Tennessee to second place in the division and out of the playoffs. They’ll have a huge test against Dallas Thursday night.


17. Seattle Seahawks (7-8)
Seattle’s three game losing streak has knocked them out of the playoff picture. They’ll need to win out and get a little help to make it in.


18. New York Jets (7-8)
Jets will need some help to make the playoffs, but they have to snap their four game losing streak.


19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8)
The Buccaneers have won two out of their last four games, but they haven’t looked good in any of those games.


20. New England Patriots (7-8)
New England’s slim playoff hopes are fading away after losing four out of their last five games.


21. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8)
The Steelers have shown the ultimate confidence in rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett. It hasn’t looked pretty all the time, but he’s shown flashes of being a good NFL quarterback.


22. Carolina Panthers (6-9)
Carolina can really take a  big step towards the playoff with a win over Tampa Bay. It would give them a season sweep and put them in prime position to snag the division title.


23. New Orleans Saints (6-9)
The Saints keep hanging around the playoff picture. They’ve won two in a row, but they have two big tests coming up to finish off the season.


24. Los Angeles Rams (5-10)
The Rams scored the most points they’ve scored this season. They have a lot of question marks next year, but they’ve been fun to watch lately.


25. Cleveland Browns (6-9)
The Browns have officially been eliminated from the playoffs with the loss to New Orleans. They can play spoiler in the next two weeks, playing against playoffs hopeful teams.


26. Las Vegas Raiders (6-9)
The Raiders turned the ball over more times than they scored over the weekend. They end the season against the 49ers and the Chiefs, in two games that probably won’t be pretty.


27. Atlanta Falcons (5-10)
The Falcons have lost four games in a row. They’ve had at least one turnover in every game since week eight.


28. Arizona Cardinals (4-11)
The Cardinals are reeling fast with no end in sight. They played Tampa Bay pretty tough, but couldn’t avoid their fifth loss in a row.


29. Indianapolis Colts (4-10)
Jeff Saturday is basically just winging it out there. His plan on Monday night was to inject Nick Foles into the lineup in an attempt to get more plays down the field. What a great plan!


30. Houston Texans (2-12-1)
Houston snapped a nine game losing streak with their win over division rivals Tennessee. They got the win and still kept their position as the first team to pick in the n ext NFL draft.


31. Chicago Bears (3-12)
The Bears haven’t won a game since week seven. That was also the last time they held a team to under 25 points.


32. Denver Broncos (4-11)
The Broncos have fired head coach Nathaniel Hackett after 15 games. The way they attack their problems surrounding quarterback Russell Wilson will be much more interesting.

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