NFL Power Rankings Playoff Edition – The Course Of The Contenders

Ab Stanley

The road to Super Bowl LVI begins this weekend! 14 NFL teams will battle it out against each other for the right to be named world champions and hoist the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.

Who really has the best chance and who’s out there serving as a mere stepping stone for another team’s glory?


1. Green Bay Packers (13-4)
The Packers should be viewed as the favorite to win the Super Bowl. They’ve won 13 games the last two seasons and they’ve lost in the conference championship game both times.


2. Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)
Pat Mahomes’ career in the postseason goes as follows: AFC title game loss, Super Bowl win, Super Bowl loss. Going off that history, Kansas City should be playing for a few weeks.


3. Tennessee Titans (12-5)
They have a first round bye and can sit pretty while the other teams beat each other up. They also have a good chance of getting Derrick Henry back when they do step onto the field.


4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4)
The broken record that keeps skipping at the part where Tom Brady has won the division and has his team in the playoffs…hasn’t been fixed yet. The other part that keeps skipping where he wins the Super Bowl and eats avocado byproducts, might not get fixed either.


5. Los Angeles Rams (12-5)
The only way the Rams can prove they made the right trades and acquisitions is by winning the Super Bowl. They won’t have many assets to upgrade their team if they don’t.


6. Buffalo Bills (11-6)
The Bills have the number one ranked defense in the NFL and they won four in a row to grab the AFC East and their playoff spot. They’re trying to build on that AFC Championship appearance from last season and advance further.


7. Dallas Cowboys (12-5)
The Cowboys ride into the playoffs with the league’s top scoring offense. They haven’t gotten past the divisional round of the playoffs since their last Super Bowl appearance in 1995.


8. Cincinnati Bengals (10-7)
The Bengals haven’t made it to the Super Bowl in over 30 years (1988). Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase and company will definitely create fits for their opponent, but might not have the experience to pull it off.


9. New England Patriots (10-7)
Bill Belichick has a 30-11 record in the playoffs as Patriots’ head coach. His team will definitely be prepared to go, but does he have the overall talent to go far?


10. San Francisco 49ers (10-7)
San Francisco won four out of their last five to break into the playoffs. Their defense has turned up a notch in those last five weeks as well.


11. Arizona Cardinals (11-6)
Arizona once had control of their division lead and a home playoff game. Then they proceeded to lose four out five games and now they’ll be packing their bags for a road game in round one.


12. Las Vegas Raiders (10-7)
The Raiders have had one of the toughest roads getting into the playoffs this season. Can they continue their late season surge into the postseason?


13. Philadelphia Eagles (9-8)
Philadelphia’s resident Eagles use their legs to trample over defenses, leading the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns. Can a predominantly running team win in the playoffs?


14. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1)
Pittsburgh’s chances of adding another championship to Mike Tomlin’s trophy case are very slim. Then again, their chances of getting into the playoffs at all were very slim.

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