Mania Madness II – Round Of 8: Mae Young Region

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Oh you didn’t know?

We’re baaaaaack…

Last year The 3 Point Conversion proudly presented to you…Mania Madness. The concept is simple: March Madness + Wrestlemania = serendipity. Last year we compiled the 64 greatest wrestlers of all time and had them square off in a winner take all tournament to decide the ultimate champion. We found the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so.

As fun as that all was, we started thinking…isn’t it better to share with a friend?

So welcome to Mania Madness II – The Tag Team Edition. Over the coming weeks we’ll give you a tournament of the 32 greatest tag teams of all time. So utilize flash photography if you have the benefit of it, grab a snack and a drink and most importantly, GET THE TABLES!

The road starts now with the Mae Young Region:


#1. Dudley Boyz vs. #8. John Morrison And The Miz

We start tonight’s action with a battle of the best tag team of the original ECW taking on the best tag team of WWE’s version of ECW. Who will win this battle of old versus new?

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley walk down to the ring, and immediately set up a table outside of it. As they pose on the turnbuckles, John Morrison’s music plays and he walks out with The Miz in slow motion. As they wrap up their antics on the stage, the Dudley Boyz run up and start attacking them. Bubba Ray sets The Miz up for a Bubba Bomb off the stage and hits it.

D-Von and Morrison meanwhile brawl towards the ring and both roll in, officially starting the match.

Morrison, essentially by himself starts using his speed to try and keep D-Von guessing. His plan starts working, until he sees Bubba Ray crawl to the ring and make it into the corner. After he gets D-Von onto the ground and hits him with a knee to the face, he drop kicks Bubba Ray off of the apron. The Miz meanwhile is trying to crawl to the ring slowly, but is struggling after taking the Bubba Bomb off the stage.

Morrison goes for a standing moonsault but misses after D-Von rolls out of the way. D-Von starts to recover and looks for Bubba Ray who’s still on the ground. While D-Von looks for his partner, Morrison tags Miz in, who finally got to the ring. He jogs to the corner that D-Von is in and hits him with a corner clothesline.

He sets D-Von up for the Skullcrushing Finale, only to be pushed back to his corner where Bubba Ray finally tags in. They set Miz up for the 3D. One, Two, Three!

Winner: Dudley Boyz

Match Time: 15:24


#4. Los Guerreros vs. #5. Harlem Heat

This one is all about family, as Eddie and Chavo Guerrero meet in the middle of the ring with Booker T and Stevie Ray. The two exchange handshakes before Eddie pulls Stevie Ray in and hits him with a low blow as the referee signals for the match to start with his back to the men. Eddie goes for the pin but it’s broken up Booker.

Stevie Ray struggles to recover as Eddie quickly tags in Chavo who immediately dropkicks Booker T off the apron and sets Stevie up for a Gory Bomb. Chavo backs up to his corner and has Eddie tag his back before ascending the turnbuckle.

Chavo hits the Gory Bomb, then Eddie hits the Frog Splash. 1. 2. 3.

Winner: Los Guerreros

Time: 3:24


#3. Steiner Brothers vs. #6. Hollywood Blondes

As the Steiner Brothers and Hollywood Blondes prepare to lock up, Too Cool come out dancing before setting up chairs on the stage, with Rikishi sitting in between his two boys, staring at “Stunning” Steve Austin. The bell rings and Rick Steiner locks up with Brian Pillman. Pillman is overpowered and Steiner gets to work.

After a couple minutes of mat based takedowns, he tags in his brother Scott. Scott continues to work Pillman over on the mat, even hitting a couple of suplexes.

With the match seemingly in hand for the Steiners, Rikishi eases up and relaxes. This lasts until Scott overthrows Pillman to the point he lands near his corner, allowing Austin to tag in. Enraged, Rikishi gets up and barrels down to the ring with Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay trying to hold him back and failing.

Scott Steiner meets Austin in the corner and starts an all out assault into the ring post. While the referee deals with the chaos outside of the ring, Rikishi enters it. Rick tries his best to stop him but is thrown over the top rope, clipping the referee. Rikishi stands in the corner opposite of the action and yells out, “I’m Doing This For The Rock!” before charging in.

Hearing this, Austin looks past Scott and sees Rikishi running towards them. He ducks one of the corner stomps and gets Scott to slip. As he recovers in the corner, Scott turns around and takes a Stink Face. Rikishi turns around and sees that he hit the wrong guy, as he freezes in confusion.

Austin throws Rikishi out of the ring, before picking up Scott Steiner and hitting him with a stun gun. 1. 2. 3.

Winner: Hollywood Blondes

Time: 10:24


#2. Edge and Christian vs. #7. Too Cool

Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay are arguing in the ring with Rikishi about what just happened. Rikishi has had enough and attacks both of his teammates in Too Cool as the referees try to get Rikishi out of the ring. Edge and Christian sneak through the audience to the other side of the ring with chairs in hand. Both men slide chairs under Scotty and Sexay and hit Con-Chair-Tos in stereo. Edge props Scotty up in the corner and poses him to give the thumbs up, while Christian balances his partner in the corner.

The referee for the match turns around, oblivious to what just happened and sees Edge and Christian ready to go while Too Cool look ready. The referee calls for the bell to start the match. Scotty wanders out to the middle of the ring, where Edge hits an Edgecution. He walks over to Christian and tags him in, before hitting Scotty with a spear. Christian follows up with a Frog Splash. 1. 2. 3.

Winner: Edge And Christian

Match Time: 1:23

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