June MLB Power Rankings

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We’re officially past the halfway point of the Major League Baseball season and as things stand now, the wild card races look to be more competitive than the actual divisional races. Only one division leader has less than a three-game lead over the runner up, while a majority have over a five game lead over their rivals. Meanwhile, the wild card leaders are battling to hold onto leads of less than three games.

That said, the divisional spots are still not safe. Take for example last month when the New York Yankees were thriving: a series loss to the Boston Red Sox sent them spiraling a bit. All it takes is one series to make things go haywire.

So where do we stand now? Well, let’s check the latest power rankings.


30. Chicago White Sox (-)

“Let’s do a toss up, and the category is smells” – Pat Sajak

C_ _ca_o W_it_ S_x _ti_k

“I’d like so solve, Chicago White Sox Stink!”

Thank you Pat Sajak for 41-years of Wheel of Fortune…and White Sox fans, we are so sorry.


29. Colorado Rockies (-2)

Are the Colorado Rockies winning yet? That’s what they need to do according to their ownership, and yet they fell back to 29th again. Can their ownership please stop giving us sound bites that we can repeat when they fail to show improvement? Because we’ll keep doing it, y’all saw it last year.


28. Oakland Athletics (-2)

Well we kind of expected this, Oakland once again drops two spots and is now the subject of various trade rumors. Are Las Vegas and Sacramento sure they want the Athletics?


27. Miami Marlins (+2)

At least they’ve distance themselves from the bottom. Otherwise, some tough decisions are probably on the horizon. Let’s just hope if they go for a rebuild, it’s one that actually will set them up for a good future, not just for today.


26. Los Angeles Angels (+2)

The Angels bounced back to twenty-sixth after dropping to twenty-eighth last month. They had a very nice six-game winning streak, and they are showing they can play. They just need to get streaky at the right time.


25. Detroit Tigers (-11)

Detroit started the month with a loss and proceeded to lose seventeen games in June. On the plus side, they ended the month with a win. Maybe they can go win seventeen games in July…It can happen, right?


24. Texas Rangers (-5)

Someone might want to bring some Alka-Seltzer down to Arlington. This World Series hangover is killing the defending champions. It may be safe to say they won’t be defending the championship in October.


23. Toronto Blue Jays (-5)

What started off with so much promise with their second generation stars has crumbled in Toronto. Utility player Cavan Biggio is gone, first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is being talked about in trade rumors and shortstop Bo Bichette doesn’t really have a future in Toronto. It’s too bad but it’s hard to rely on a second generation player, never mind three.


22. Chicago Cubs (-6)

Back in 1974, there was a hit song by the band Paper Lace called “The Night Chicago Died.” With the way the White Sox have looked, the way the Cubs dropped off and the Bulls losing in their second play-in game, it’s up the Bears to make some magic happen. Otherwise, we may need a band to cover the Paper Lace hit.


21. Cincinnati Reds (+1)

Cincinnati is the only team in the bottom ten and one of two teams in the bottom half of the league who had a positive run differential. They’re putting up runs, they just do it by blow out wins rather than spread them out.


20. Washington Nationals (-)

The Nationals ran on ice this past month. Eventually you have to move forward or face falling down. There’s a chance that top prospects like Dylan Crews and Jackson Rutledge are on promotion watch. If that happens, some players may be losing their jobs.


19. Pittsburgh Pirates (+2)

While they stopped some of the bleeding from that series with the Red Sox in May, they’re still on shaky ground. They’re going need to keep making progress to climb these power rankings and to stake a claim in the wild card hunt.


18. San Francisco Giants (-5)

Maybe it’s a Bob Melvin thing because the Giants had a good month in May, only to flop in June. San Francisco, while still being in the wild card hunt, need to stabilize a bit. If not, Melvin could be onto another job.


17. Arizona Diamondbacks (+6)

Arizona has gotten back on the winning track and is looking to continue. They’ll need their big name-signing pitcher, Jordan Montgomery, to really turn it on if they’re going it make any kind of run.


16. New York Mets (+9)

The Mets are like a roller coaster: they started the season low, climbed the hill, rolled the down the slope and back up again. The only question is, where will they be when the car pulls back into the station. Keep your hands, arms, legs and feet in the ride at all times.


15. Tampa Bay Rays (+2)

Tampa Bay slides into the top half of the power rankings but there’s still some questions with them. After having teams that played well on limited budgets and youth movements, is it time to really look at the Rays and see if maybe this crop is out of gas?


14. Houston Astros (+10)

In May they were in neutral. Now Houston has put the car in drive and floored it. If they can keep this up, don’t be shocked if they overtake the division leaders and get back to where most people see Houston.


13. St. Louis Cardinals (+2)

Don’t count out the Cardinals right now. After finishing in last place last year, they’re looking to rebound and are doing so. If they make a wild card run they could get hot.


12. San Diego Padres (-)

San Diego is pushed this month, but that’s not a bad thing. If they can stay within range, they’ll be a playoff team.


11. Boston Red Sox (-)

Boston, like San Diego, pushed this month. Also like San Diego, they’re still within range of being a playoff team. While a portion of Red Sox fans won’t like this, given their thoughts on ownership, this is a big leap for a team with multiple current starters being under thirty.


10. Seattle Mariners (-)

Seattle needed to get some distance in their divisional race. They didn’t get it, and now the object in the rear view mirror is closer than it appears to be. They need to hang on, or else…


9. Kansas City Royals (-2)

Well they’re still in the top ten but they’re in danger of losing that distinction. They’re still a good team and they’re still holding onto a playoff spot but if they don’t rev the engine a little bit, they could stall.


8. Minnesota Twins (+1)

The Royals and Twins are vying for a wild card spot and are exchanging positions constantly. It wouldn’t be a shock to see Minnesota pull ahead in the near future, but obviously, nothing is set in stone.


7. Atlanta Braves (+1)

The Braves continue to be the Braves and stay in the green. While their division will be hard to win, especially with how the leader is playing, they just need to make the wild card and good things can happen.


6. Milwaukee Brewers (-)

Milwaukee is still playing good baseball and it shows. This team has stayed in the top 10 all year and is staying a model of consistency. Craig Counsell may be gone, but this team actually has looked better under Pat Murphy.


5. Los Angeles Dodgers (-)

The Dodgers still made no progress into the top five and while for most teams that would be a positive, with the money they spent it’s unacceptable. They should be a top three team. Instead they’re seemingly stuck in the mud. Oh well, they’re still playoff bound more than likely.


4. New York Yankees (-2)

Like the Pirates, the Yankees started struggling after dropping a series to the Red Sox. Unlike the Pirates though, the Yankees should be fine. As long as pitcher Gerrit Cole gets back up to speed and they stay healthy, this team should be in prime position to make a nice playoff run.


3. Baltimore Orioles (+1)

Baltimore and New York are the two teams that should be fighting for supremacy in the American League East. Both teams have been heavy hitters and have kept each other in range. Realistically, Baltimore has an edge pitching wise, but that can change in an instant.


2. Cleveland Guardians (+1)

They’re not the best team in baseball, but they may just be the hottest. After going on a massive run, the Guardians are positioned to be one of the hardest teams to stop. The way the Cavaliers and Browns have looked, it must be a Cleveland thing right now.


1. Philadelphia Phillies (-)

Despite some stumbles, the Phillies remain in the top spot of the power rankings. Unlike last month, it’s not as definitive. Three teams are right at their tail and you know they won’t relent in it. Philly may be on top for now but with how the Orioles and Guardians are looking, a third straight month in the number one spot will be extremely difficult.

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