The NBA’s Just For Fun Awards (Offense)

Ab Stanley

Awards are given for almost any accomplishment. Parent of the year, best player in the league, there’s even awards for best lawn on the block (that’s one that has eluded me for years).

Sometimes the award can bring financial gain, but most times awards are given out for bragging rights. For no reason whatsoever I have made a set of awards for the NBA that you probably (most likely) won’t see anywhere else.


The “One man gang” Award:

Whatever critics might say (I might be one of them), Russell Westbrook is having an historical career. He will now have not one but three seasons where he finished averaging a triple-double. For a player to average 22.9 points, 11.1 rebounds and 10.7 assists is nothing short of remarkable.

The three triple-double seasons coincide with the departure of Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City. Not only has Westbrook raised his assist total to the highest of his career, he’s also taken the least amount of shots since the 2015-2016 season.

No matter what anybody says, Westbrook plays hard every game and seems to go after everything every time he steps on the court. That kind of motor alone separates him from your everyday superstar.


The “Take a look at me now” Award:

Jettisoned from a storied franchise to a perennial no man’s land, D’Angelo Russell could’ve been the type of person that quit on himself and his career. Lucky for the Brooklyn Nets, he wasn’t and he didn’t. The former No. 2 overall pick is averaging 21.1 points and seven assists per game in his fourth season.

Not only has Russell reached those career highs but he has propelled his team to a playoff berth for the first time since the 2014-2015 season. Imagine a team that was mired in mediocrity for years being saved by a player that was an afterthought for nothing more than a childish prank.

Russell has shown that the Los Angeles Lakers made a mistake when they traded him for Brook Lopez (expiring contract ) and a draft pick that ended up being Kyle Kuzma. I’m sure L.A. could’ve used a point guard this season, surely another all-star.


The “Late, but right on time” Award

Hey, everybody remember Buddy Hield? No seriously, the three-point assassin from Oklahoma who captivated the fans during the 2016 NCAA Tournament. He’s been in Sacramento the past few years slowly coming along as a NBA player.

Heild had a great season finishing with averages of 20.7 points and five rebounds per game. He shot over 45% from the field and over 42% from three-point range. Heild has made a team record 278 threes this season breaking Peja Stojakovic’s record of 240.

Hes always been a great shooter but now he’s finding ways to get loose to knock that shot down. His ball handling skills has improved to where he can create his own shot and not rely on screens and picks to get open. Now he’s progressing into an all-star type of player that still has more room for improvement.


These guys have excelled at their game this season and there’s a chance they could win a real NBA award when the time comes.These players won’t be getting a trophy or a check for an insane amount of money but they definitely deserve the kudos. Congratulations!

Ab Stanley

Atlanta, GA

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