Ten players That Will Carry the NBA Into the Next Era

This list is based on players that can potentially be multiple year All-NBA and/or All-Stars within five years. These players should then then have All-NBA potential the following five seasons.

Neos: Elite players


Anthony Davis, 24 years old, 6’11”, PF, New Orleans Pelicans- Now healthy, Davis is a matchup nightmare. The Brow is in the top tier in scoring, rebounding and blocks. His talents are now realized and he’s walking the walk. He is one of the top five two way players in the NBA. He can guard multiple positions at a high level.

Kyrie Irving, 25 years old, 6’1”, PG, Boston Celtics– Kyrie is the best ball handler and top finisher in the NBA. In the early going this season, he’s proving to be a leader and catalyst for a winning team. The funny thing is his scoring is actually down, but he’s showing he can be a play maker. His effort on defense is noticeable.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, 22 years old, 6’9”, SF, Milwaukee Bucks- The Greek Freak has exploded in the early weeks of this season. He is leading the NBA in scoring and stuffing the stat sheet on a nightly basis. The last part of his maturation is a consistent jumper and expanding his range. His defense is disruptive and he can guard multiple positions.

Kawhi Leonard, 26 years old, 6’8”, SF, San Antonio Spurs– The Klaw has steadily improved his offensive game every season. His jumper is consistent and his handle is reliable. Those improvements have made him an alpha in the NBA. He does a lot of dirty work that makes him unique, like diving on the floor. His ability to absolutely lock down his opponent is his calling card.


Mr. Andersons: Skill set foundation is already there and on the cusp of stardom but can they be mentally consistent to bring it every game?


Karl Anthony-Towns, 21 years old, 7’0”, C, Minnesota Timberwolves– A true big with a post and face up game is rare, but KAT is not your old school big. Towns rebounds and block shots at a high rate. His shooting should improve and he is already a good free throw shooter. Being the face of a franchise is a heavy burden that not everyone can handle, but Towns has the shoulders for it.

Joel Embiid, 23 years old, 7’0”, C, Philadelphia 76ers- The Process is another big who can face up and has range. He would be more efficient if he shot less three pointers. No one ever doubted his talent, just his ability to stay healthy. Now healthy, he’s showing why the Sixers drafted him with the number one overall pick. He can score, rebound and defend. Staying on the court is the key to both his and the Sixers’ success.

Ben Simmons, 21 years old, 6’11”, Point Forward, Philadelphia 76ers- The ultra talented Simmons reminds people of Magic Johnson with his court vision and passing skills. His rebounding has surprised many. He’s also finding ways to score. His jumper needs work and he needs to add range. His defense has been solid but still needs improvement. Simmons is a triple-double waiting to happen.

Kristaps Porzingis, 22 years old, 7’3”, PF, New York Knicks- The Unicorn is a player who impacts both ends of the court. Porzingis is off to a great start this season, currently second in the NBA in scoring. He’s a really good shooter, strange for a guy his size. Already an elite shot blocker, his on ball defense needs to improve, as does his rebounding. He has embraced his role as the leader and face of the Knicks’ franchise.

Bradley Beal, 24 years old, 6’4”, SG, Washington Wizards- Beal was strictly known as a shooter but is now expanding his game. His passing and rebounding have improved. His defense is solid and will get better with time. Recently, he has taken a step towards being a vocal leader. He’s also trying to shed that “nice guy” persona. Now it’s time to put it all together and become a complete every game force.

Andrew Wiggins, 22 years old, 6’7”, G/F, Minnesota Timberwolves- Wiggins is the classic example of a player who is skilled, ultra athletic and multi-talented, but who lacks a killer instinct. There’s not much he can’t do and his two way potential is scary. T here is a fine line between talking the talk and walking the walk. Does he believe? Take the red pill young man.

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