Should They Trade For Manny?

Ab Stanley

When the MLB All-Star game break comes, a boatload of speculation for the rest of the season comes with it. Who’s gonna be healthy, who’s gonna try to move players and who’s buying? A name that can’t be overlooked in all that talk is Baltimore Orioles’ third baseman, Manny Machado.

Machado is one of MLB’ s most feared batsmen, hitting .313 with 23 home runs and 64 RBI. He is set to make $16 million this season and after that, he’ll hit free agency looking to almost double that figure.

He has expressed an interest in moving from third base to shortstop, which he feels is his natural position. Baltimore would be looking to flip him for some young prospects but some teams might be weary because of the impending free agency.

The 26-year old phenom has garnered a boatload of interest in recent weeks. The Orioles are sifting through the offers, wondering what the best move for them will be.

As other Major League teams gear up for what is usually a busy trade deadline, they are wondering if Machado is the right fit to bring in. Two teams vying for the same division title might also be competing head-to-head for his services.


Should the Philadelphia Phillies trade for Manny Machado ? – Yes

The Phillies have made no secret that they want Machado. The team has expressed interest in going after him during the free agency period and getting him now could help their teams chances tremendously.

They’re able to facilitate Machado’s desire to move to shortstop. The production there is less than desirable and original starter J.P. Crawford is currently on the disabled list (broken hand).

Philadelphia is in the middle of the pack in home runs and runs batted in. Their team batting average is terrible at .237 and only the New York Mets have less hits as a team. Somehow the Phillies hold a slight lead in the NL East and adding Machado helps them win now. This trade makes sense for a team in dire need of a bat right now.


Should the Atlanta Braves trade for Manny Machado? – No

The Braves have been smashing the leather off the ball all season and adding a guy like Machado would give them an almost nightmarish lineup. Atlanta is at or near the top of the National League in most offensive categories. They are only ninth however in home runs (100) and a bat like Machado’s can quickly change that.

The Braves are second in the National League East and most fans would probably like to see them trade for a pitcher. They might be better suited to wait out the season and throw big bucks at him in free agency. They won’t be able to grant his wish of moving from third base to shortstop, but maybe they can persuade him to stay at third.

I don’t think there’s a team out there that couldn’t use Machado’s services. They key for the Braves or the Phillies is to not overpay for a guy that you know will at least test the market. These teams have a long battle ahead in their division and they need to make the right deadline deal. Machado could swing the balance of power their way.

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