Believable Or Bull: Will Matt Harvey Get Traded Again?

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The MLB season is heading into the final series before the All Star game. It’s around this time when the rumors really start to pick up. Some rumors will come to fruition, others will lure their fanbases into false hope. It’s time to find out if some rumors are believable or bull!


The Yankees Won’t Include Outfielder Clint Frazier In Any Trade Package For Orioles Shortstop Manny Machado:

The Yankees are in an interesting predicament; they have three outfielders who have produced so far this season. The only problem, one is a free agent at the end of the year(Brett Gardner) and one will follow suit the year after(Aaron Hicks). While the Yankees have a lot of outfielders in their top 30 prospects, Frazier has shown he has a real future. If the Yankees are going to make a major move, such as Machado, it’s going to need at least Frazier, pitching prospect Justus Sheffield or rookie third baseman Miguel Andujar. It’s just hard to see them moving any of them, along with other prospects for a two month rental, even if the Yankees are amongst the favorites to sign him during the offseason.

Verdict: Believable


The Red Sox Are Looking For A Catcher At The Deadline:

While it’s not been heavily discussed amongst various outlets, many people feel that Boston will need a catcher going forward. Christian Vasquez broke his pinky last weekend, so they’ll have to use Sandy Leon whose been hitting well as of late, as well as Blake Swihart whose been hot and cold. However, both are still hitting below .275, meaning an improvement is necessary. The only thing standing in the way could be the cost. A couple of names that have come up include the Oakland A’s Jonathan Lucroy and the Tampa Bay Rays’ Wilson Ramos. With that said, don’t be surprised if Boston inquires on the Miami Marlins’ J.T. Realmuto following the offseason they had and his desire to be traded. As mentioned, it could cost some prospects, but with the race for the American League east shaping up as it has been, it may be in their best interest.

Verdict: Believable


The Atlanta Braves Are Taking A Look At Rays’ Pitcher Nathan Eovaldi:

The Braves were amongst four teams to attend Eovaldi’s last start. While Eovaldi has had a better walk per inning ratio than the entire Braves’ pitching staff this season, there’s a really good chance he won’t be able sustain it. It also doesn’t help that his stint with Rays has been the first time he’s been pitching since 2016. If his history is any indication, there’s better pitchers that Atlanta can bring in. While he may be the cheapest, he’s likely not the best fit for them.

Verdict: Bull


Matt Harvey Will Be Traded Again:

The Cincinnati Reds have already made plans to increase their payroll next season. The names that may have been included in trades, like Adam Duvall and Scooter Gennett, won’t get moved. However, it brings up the idea of trading former All-Star Matt Harvey. While the Reds may get something for him, it’s a question of his personality. Before he was traded from New York Mets, there was some controversy about him partying over the past couple of seasons. The Reds may be better off trying to sign him to a one year deal and then trying to trade him next year. Or, if he impresses, sign him long term with that extra cap space.

Verdict: Bull


The Los Angeles Dodgers Will Make A Blockbuster Move:

The rumors are that the Dodgers are in on several infielders including Manny Machado. The problem is, other teams in on the same players have more to offer than Los Angeles. It may seem unlikely but it’s entirely possible that they miss out on that big blockbuster move to push them over the edge. This is one that’s hard to say now, so let’s put it as a toss-up.

Verdict: 50-50

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