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The league has now officially gotten through half of their schedule and now we start to see the match-ups that are legit playoff previews. Certain teams are already looking at a wild card spot while other teams still have a great chance at winning their division. The teams that are left are looking more towards future seasons or they could be fooling themselves into thinking they’ve still got a shot.


1. New Orleans Saints 7-1 (Last week #2)
The Saints have passed every big obstacle they have faced this season. Now they become the big obstacle other teams have on the schedule and they’ve added another weapon in Dez Bryant.  


2. Los Angeles Rams 8-1 (Last week #1)
The Rams lost their first  game of the season, still scoring 35 points and gaining 483 yards of total offense. They will be getting defensive back Aqib Talib back very soon to help out on the other side  of the ball.


3. New England Patriots 7-2 (Last week #3)
Tom Brady waxes poetic about how great Aaron Rodgers is, then the Patriots go out and smash the Packers. The big quarterback showdown had a big coaching mismatch everybody forgot about.


4. Kansas City Chiefs 8-1 (Last week #4)
We go from “Mahomes is having a breakout season” talks to “Can Mahomes break Peyton Manning’s touchdown record ?” talks.


5. Los Angeles Chargers 6-2 (Last week #5)
How can you be this good with almost no buzz around your team? The Chargers only two losses have come against the Chiefs and the Rams: two games where they had 953 yards of total offense.


6. Carolina Panthers 6-2 (Last week #6)
Carolina has forced six turnovers on their three game winning streak. They are averaging 151.3 rushing yards per game in that stretch.


7. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2-1 (Last week #7)
There was a point this season where we thought the end could be at hand for the Steelers. Since then they’ve won four straight, outscoring their opponents by a total of 53 points.


8. Cincinnati Bengals 5-3 (Last week #9)
The Bengals have lost two out of their last three games, allowing 35.6 points per game. They’ve allowed a staggering 145.3 rushing yards per game in that span.


9. Houston Texans 6-3 (Last week #10)
A six game winning streak has catapulted the Texans to first place in the AFC South. Deshaun Watson is averaging 265.4 passing yards per game with 17 throwing touchdowns on the season.


10. Chicago Bears 5-3 (Last week #11)
The Bears are now ranked fifth in points scored on the season. They’ve won two out of their last three games, averaging 32 points per.


11. Minnesota Vikings 5-3-1 (Last week #13)
The Vikings allowed 27.5 points per game in their first four games of the season. Since then the team has allowed only 18.8 points per game, winning four out of five games.


12. Washington Redskins 5-3 (Last week #8)
Even though they’ve won two out of their last three games, the Redskins average only 18 points per game in that stretch. They’re undefeated when they score 20 or more points.


13. Miami Dolphins 5-4 (Last week #16)
Nothing like playing a rookie quarterback to get your turnover numbers back up. The Dolphins have forced three or more turnovers in four games and at least two in six of their games.


14. Atlanta Falcons 4-4 (Last week #18)
Hot might not be a good enough word to describe how Atlanta’s offense is playing. Now they’ve added Bruce Irvin to a defense that’s getting healthier every week.


15. Seattle Seahawks 4-4 (Last week #12)
The Seahawks lost a big test game versus the Chargers and scored 17 points. They will probably need a bunch of more points versus their next opponents, the Rams.


16. Philadelphia Eagles 4-4 (Last week #15)
The Eagles are coming off their bye week with five divisional games left on their schedule. They will have plenty of opportunity to win the NFC East as they only are one game out.


17. Tennessee Titans 4-4  (last week #21)
How Tennessee keeps winning with mediocre play is baffling at this point. They snapped a three game losing streak but they have been outscored 68-59 in their last four games.


18. Baltimore Ravens 4-5 (last week #14)
The Ravens have lost three straight games, allowing 27.6 points per game. They only allow 17.7 points per game on the season.


19. Green Bay Packers 3-4-1 (Last week #17)
The Packers have done a terrible job of adding talent to the roster. Aaron Rodgers is like a world class surgeon working in a free clinic in Antarctica.


20. Dallas Cowboys 3-5 (Last week #19)
The Cowboys have more than 200 passing yards in only three games this season. They rank 29th in passing.


21. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-6 (Last week #20)
The Jaguars have scored a total 46 points in their last four games. They’ve been outscored by 68 points in that span.


22. New York Jets 3-6 (last week #22)
New York has been outscored by 33 points in their last three games, which were all losses. They’ve turned the ball over 20 times this season.


23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-5 (Last week #23)
The Buccaneers have held opponents to under 30 points only twice this season. They rank seventh in scoring but have been outscored 275-229 on the season.


24. Indianapolis Colts 3-5 (last week #24)
The Colts have outscored their last two opponents 79-33. They enter their bye week ranked sixth in overall points.


25. Denver Broncos 3-6 (last week #25)
Denver might be the most disappointing  team in the NFL. Case Keenum has 11 touchdowns and 10 interceptions on the season.


26. Detroit Lions 3-5 (Last week #26)
Detroit is riding a two game losing streak averaging 11.5 points per game. They’ve turned the ball over four times in that stretch.


27. Cleveland Browns 2-6-1  (last week #27)
The Browns have lost four straight, allowing 33.5 points per game in that stretch. They play high scoring Atlanta next before their bye week.


28. Arizona Cardinals 2-6 (Last week #28)
Arizona is coming off their bye week to face the Chiefs. Hopefully they’ve unlocked the 2015 version of the Cardinals, because this years version is averaging only 13.7 points per game.


29. San Francisco 49ers 2-7 (last week #30)
The 49ers had their biggest scoring effort of the season with third string quarterback Nick Mullens. They rank fourth overall in rushing on the season.


30. Buffalo Bills 2-7 (Last week #29)
Buffalo has lost four straight games averaging a terrible 8.2 points per game. They’ve failed to reach 100 points on the season and they’ve been outscored by 145 points overall.


31. New York Giants 1-7 (Last week #32)
The Giants are coming off their bye week and it seems they will be auditioning roster spots for the 2019 season.


32. Oakland Raiders 1-7 (Last week #31)
The Raiders have lost four straight since their only win of the season. They average only 11 points per game in that span.

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