NFL Power Rankings Week Seven- Musical Chairs On Fire

Ab Stanley

We are now getting into the nitty-gritty of the NFL season and everybody is watching their backs. At this point some division leaders have a stronghold on their divisions. Others have short-lived reigns that change from week to week, sort of like WWE competitors wrestling for the 24/7 title.

Everybody wants to be solid in their position but it will be almost impossible in dome divisions. We are a few weeks away from the dreaded “if the playoffs started today” talking starts so these teams need to clean up a few things.


1. New England Patriots (6-0)
The Patriots’ defense has forced six turnovers the past two weeks and they’ve given up a total of 436 yards in that span. The offense has scored over 30 points in five of their six games this season.


2. San Francisco 49ers (5-0)
The San Francisco defense has been very stingy this season. They allow an average of 12.8 points per game and they have outscored their opponents by 83 points on the season.


3. Seattle Seahawks (5-1)
Seattle has won three straight games averaging 29.6 points per game. They have rushed for over 100 yards in five out of their six games.


4. New Orleans Saints (5-1)
After their only loss of the season, the Saints have won four straight games. Their next four opponents are a combined 8-14-1.


5. Green Bay Packers (5-1)
The Packers’ offense has 14 touchdowns in 23 red zone attempts. They have allowed a total of 25 third down conversions in six games.


6. Buffalo Bills (4-1)
Buffalo would like to keep pace for a playoff spot coming off their bye week. They will have to keep their turnovers and penalties down on offense.


7. Houston Texans (4-2)
Deshaun Watson is having a great season, throwing for 1,644 yards and 12 touchdowns. The team averages 27.0 points per game and they have successfully forced a turnover in every game they’ve played.


8. Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)
The Chiefs have lost two straight games and they’ve only scored a combined 37 points in that span. They haven’t scored less than 28 points in their four victories.


9. Minnesota Vikings (4-2)
The Vikings’ theme on the season should be run the ball then run it some more. They have rushed for at least 100 yards in five of their six games and have eclipsed 200 rush yards twice on the season.


10. Baltimore Ravens (4-2)
Lamar Jackson has tallied 1,967 yards passing and rushing combined. He has 13 total touchdowns and he’s completing 65.1% of his passes.


11. Carolina Panthers (4-2)
The Carolina hot streak continues and they’ve been scoring in bunches. They’ve averaged 31.2 points per game during their four game winning streak.


12. Dallas Cowboys (3-3)
The Cowboys’ skid has reached three games now and they somehow are still in position to take the division lead. Their next game is versus the Philadelphia Eagles for first place in the NFC East.


13. Los Angeles Rams (3-3)
The Rams have lost three games in a row and they have seven turnovers in that stretch. Their loss versus the 49ers marks the first time they failed to score 20 points in any game this season.


14. Chicago Bears (3-2)
The Bears will have to find a way to improve their rushing attack coming off their bye week. They average 80.6 rushing yards per game and have rushed for 100 yards only once in five games.


15. Indianapolis Colts (3-2)
Coming off their bye week the Colts will look to put some separation between them and their opponents. They have a point differential of +2 on the season.


16. Oakland Raiders (3-2)
Coming off their bye week, the Raiders will face a four game stretch where the opponents have a combined 13-9 record.


17. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)
The Eagles had their two game winning streak snapped, turning the ball over three times. They haven’t turned the ball over at all in three wins this season.


18. Detroit Lions (2-2-1)
Detroit has forced a turnover in every game this season and have 11 total. They are having a real hard time at converting third downs and scoring on the ground.


19. Los Angeles Chargers (2-4)
What exactly are the Chargers good at when you look at their season? They have more turnovers than they have forced and they have allowed more touchdowns than they have scored.


20. Tennessee Titans (2-4)
Marcus Mariota was benched after his first two interceptions of the season, or so it would seem. Years of inaccurate throws and an inept offense that can’t score touchdowns have piled up to bury the Titans’ quarterback.


21. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-4)
The Steelers have won two out of their last three games and have forced eight turnovers in that span. They will go into the bye week feeling great, especially knowing their next opponent is the Miami Dolphins.


22. Arizona Cardinals (2-3-1)
The Cardinals are on a two game winning streak, averaging 30.0 points per game during that stretch. The team has zero turnovers and 368 rushing yards combined in those two games.


23. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-4)
The Jaguars have only two wins on the season and in both they have zero turnovers combined. The good news is their next two opponents have one win combined.


24. Denver Broncos (2-4)
Denver has allowed a total of 13 points during their two game winning streak. They have forced six turnovers combined in those games.


25. Cleveland Browns (2-4)
The Browns turnover problems continue with four more over the weekend. They have two turnovers combined in their two victories.


26. New York Gian’ts (2-4)
The Giants have lost two straight games, averaging 12.0 points per game in that span. They have five turnovers and they’ve failed to reach 100 yards rushing as a team during that stretch.


27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)
Bruce Arians has some serious problems to straighten out as the team heads into their bye week. There’s really no way to explain seven turnovers in one game.


28. New York Jets (1-4)
Sam Darnold returned to put on a performance the Jets’ fans can hang their hat on. Ironically the Jets have won the only game they didn’t force a turnover on defense.


29. Atlanta Falcons (1-5)
The Falcons have made it their business to allow opposing quarterbacks to throw freely against them. They’ve allowed 1,907 passing yards on the season. That’s the second most in the NFL.


30. Washington Redskins (1-5)
Washington finally broke through and got a win. They shouldn’t start busting out the champagne yet because their next three opponents have a combined 13-3 record.


31. Cincinnati Bengals (0-6)
With the struggles of other teams no one is talking about the Bengals’ futility. They have given up over 260 rush yards in each of the last two games.


32. Miami Dolphins (0-5)
Miami has found new ways to lose every week and are getting closer to that number one draft pick. Their defense has given up the most points and yards on the season.

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