NFL Power Rankings Week Fourteen-Playoff Rush

Ab Stanley

Its only a matter of time before we start seeing the single elimination games known as the playoffs. Almost every game will have playoff implications and teams will start to look desperate trying to sneak in. The window is closing and there’s no time for failure for most teams.


1. Los Angeles Rams 11-1 (Last week #2)
The Rams have been consistently good all season, including the one game they’ve lost. They have already wrapped up the NFC West and are looking good for a first round playoff bye week.


2. Kansas City Chiefs 10-2 (Last week #3)
The Chiefs have scored the most offensive touchdowns in the NFL and it doesn’t look like there’s a team that can stop that trend.


3. New Orleans Saints 10-2 (Last week #1)
Was it an aberration or a real concern? The Saints have shown there is a formula to beat them after all.


4. New England Patriots (Last week #4)
I’m going to channel my inner Bill Belichick and say “The Patriots have played well this season.”  They also have the luxury of a cup cake schedule ahead of them.


5. Houston Texans 9-3 (Last week #5)
Now that the Texans have won nine straight games, they have put themselves in the driver’s seat in the AFC North. They can also look towards sneaking into the number two seed slot in the AFC.


6. Los Angeles Chargers 9-3 (Last week #7)
The Chargers have now become the team nobody wants to face. Imagine hosting a playoff game and then “bam”, it’s Philip Rivers and company coming to town.


7. Chicago Bears 8-4 (Last week #6)
It sounds funny when saying it out loud but boy do the Bears need Mitchell Trubisky back right about now.


8. Dallas Cowboys 7-5 (last week #11)
The Cowboys pulled off a Buster Douglas type victory over the Saints. To keep the analogy going, they did it by punching New Orleans right in the mouth.


9. Seattle Seahawks 7-5 (Last week #10)
Seattle is now locked into a playoff berth and they are the type of team that will hold on to it.


10. Pittsburgh Steelers 7-4-1 (Last week #8)
Pittsburgh might need the Heinz corporation to sponsor more ketchup for the team going forward. Every time they get a full plate this season they choke.


11. Baltimore Ravens 7-5 (Last week #14)
The Ravens have simplified the offense for Lamar Jackson, allowing him to make plays. The defense is nowhere near simple, stifling opponents at every chance.


12. Denver Broncos 6-6 (last week #21)
Denver has gotten hot at the right time. They’ve used a great rushing attack led by Phillip Lindsay to keep defenses from honing in on the passing games.


13. Minnesota Vikings 6-5-1 (Last week #9)
The Vikings are currently in a  playoff spot but would you really count on them in a big game?


14. Miami Dolphins 6-6 (Last week #16)
The Dolphins are having their usual weird season of “maybe they can do something.” Yeah, maybe they can but it probably won’t be for too long.


15. Tennessee Titans 6-6 (Last week #18)
The Titans find ways to win one week and can play the exact same way the week after and lose.


16. Philadelphia Eagles 6-6 (Last week #19)
Two straight wins versus two division opponents have put the Eagles right in the middle of the playoff race. If they tack on another win this week they could make a push for the division title.


17. Carolina Panthers 6-6 (Last week #12)
The Panthers are taking a real nosedive on their season, losing four games in a row. The offense has been turning it over lately.


18. Indianapolis Colts 6-6 (last week #13)
The Colts were very much on a roll until they forgot how to play football versus Jacksonville.


19. Washington Redskins 6-6 (Last week #15)
Washington might have the most unfortunate set of circumstances going right now in the NFL. That plus they have some over rated players who aren’t producing.


20. Cincinnati Bengals 5-7 (Last week #17)
The Bengals have lost top players on their team at key positions. Their losing might lead to Marvin Lewis losing his key position.


21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-7 (Last week #24)
The Buccaneers will be looking for a new quarterback next year and they might be looking for a new coach, too.


22. Cleveland Browns 4-7-1 (Last week #20)
The Baker Mayfield bandwagon gas been shaky since the young man has taken over starting duties. I don’t see anyone jumping off it, however.


23. Buffalo Bills 4-8 (Last week #22)
The Bills play tough defense and have a good future on offense going forward. They’ve allowed less than 200 yards of total offense three out of their last four games.


24. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-8  (Last week #27)
Jacksonville just won a game that would make a 12-9 field goal fest look like a shootout.


25. Atlanta Falcons 4-8 (Last week #23)
Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are two of the highest paid players in the NFL at their positions. Both are at the top of league in production but that hasn’t translated to wins.


26. New York Giants 4-8 (Last week #28)
The Giants fans can’t be happy knowing their team could have two or three more wins this season if not for some late game disasters. The team shows flashes of being good here and there.


27. Green Bay Packers 4-7-1 (Last week #25)
Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy should have had a better relationship between the two of them. It will be interesting to see who fares better after that break up.


28. Detroit Lions 4-8 (Last week #26)
Detroit has lost five of six games and have no real chance at making the playoffs at this point. The good news is they have found two offensive weapons in Kenny Golladay and Kerryon Johnson.


29. Arizona Cardinals 3-9 (Last week #32)
Arizona’s offense has a long way to go to being good. They have reached 300 yards of total offense in only two games this season.


30. New York Jets 3-9 (Last week #29)
The Jets could really get the number one draft pick the way they have played this season. No need to sully that chance with a silly win or two.


31. San Francisco 49ers 2-10 (Last week #30)
The 49ers were supposed to be much better when the season started but lost their quarterback early to injury. I’m not sure Jimmy Garoppolo was good enough to make this team look good.


32. Oakland Raiders 2-10 (Last week #31)
Jon Gruden will get his chance to mold this team next year by most likely picking within the top two draft selections to start.

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