NFL Power Rankings- Early Climb

Ab Stanley

The NFL season is approaching us and why we expect this to change, this should be exciting to see who will remain at the top and what teams will fall or rise.


1.  Philadelphia Eagles
The defending champs actually added talent and didn’t lose much.


2.  Minnesota Vikings
The Kirk Cousins upgrade has Minnesota thinking about February.


3.  Los Angeles Rams
The Rams are stacked on both sides and have players trying to live up to big deals.


4.   Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags have maybe the best defense in football and Leonard Fournette can’t be tackled.


5.  New England Patriots
Tom Brady plus Bill Belichick equals AFC East championship.


6.  New Orleans Saints
Drew Brees is like 87-years old but he can still throw. Their defense is vastly under rated as well.


7.  Pittsburgh Steelers
The LeVeon Bell situation loons large but the Steelers seem to find running backs on trees.


8.  Atlanta Falcons
Top ten defense and what should be a top ten offense. Still waiting to see Julio Jones on the field.


9.  Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers got paid in full. Now let’s see how healthy the team can be.


10.  Kansas City Chiefs
Chiefs have been a great regular season team like every year of their franchise. The last season is a different story.


11.  Houston Texans
If everybody is healthy, they will be hard to stop on either side of the ball.


12.  Los Angeles Chargers
The sexiest pick to improve amongst pundits this off season. Can they cut down the mental errors?


13.  San Francisco 49ers
The hottest team down the stretch last season gets Jimmy Garoppolo for a full year.


14.  Carolina Panthers
Carolina will rack up the rushing yards this season. Will Cam be able to do it through the air as well?


15.  Tennessee Titans
Marcus Mariotta should be much better this year and their run game should give defenses fits.


16.  Chicago Bears
They’ve added Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith to Leonard Floyd and Akiem Hicks. If you throw in Danny Trevathon’s path who will opposing teams block.


17.  New York Giants
Eli Manning will get back some much needed arsenal this season. They should have a better season by default if everyone is healthy.


18.  Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson is the NFL’s version of the “One Man Gang”, scoring 37 of the teams 38 offensive touchdowns last season. Seattle hopes they have found a viable run game.


19.  Baltimore Ravens
Is Baltimore rebuilding, re-tooling or just stuck in limbo. The defense should be good to win but you actually have to move the ball to win games nowadays.


20.  Cleveland Browns
You can expect several more wins than the zero they had last season. They’ve upgraded all over the field including both starting and backup quarterback.


21.  Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys had an underrated defense last season and an underwhelming passing attack. Look for Ezekiel Elliot to be fed more than ever.


22.  Detroit Lions
Will Detroit’s defense improve under new head coach Matt Patricia? Better yet, will the offense score early instead of in bunches to try and comeback in games?


23.  Cincinnati Bengals
Is it “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” or “Insanity is repeating the same thing, but expecting a different result.” ?


24.  Denver Broncos
Denver is hoping Case Keenum will bring his magic to the “Mile High City”. The defense is stout and will not give up many yards but the offense will have to cut down on the turnovers.


25.  Washington Redskins
The Redskins will have several players on injured reserves to start the season. Alex Smith will be an upgrade at the quarterback position


26.  Arizona Cardinals
David Johnson looks fully healthy after last seasons injury. If Sam Bradford can stay healthy, Arizona could surprise some teams.


27.  Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck is back from injury with new head coach Frank Reich. Unfortunately, they haven’t made huge upgrades anywhere else.


28.  New York Jets
The Sam Darnold era begins in New York and the Jets should expect some growing pains.


29.  Oakland Raiders
New head coach Jon Gruden will need to find more production in his teams’ rushing attack. The defense will have a tough time stopping the opposition.


30.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tampa Bay has all the tools and no direction.


31.  Miami Dolphins
Dolphins fans should be happy Ryan Tannehill is back and Jay Cutler is gone. The team has to prove it has playmakers around him.


32.  Buffalo Bills
The Bills will open the season with Nathan Peterman as their starting quarterback. In two career starts, he has two touchdowns and five interceptions.

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