More Than They Can Bear – Chicago Bears 2023 Draft Profile

Team Needs: Edge, DL, OL, WR

Not much was going on in the Windy City this football season. The Chicago Bears made moves that looked like season changers on paper, but didn’t pan out to much.

Now facing tough decisions on the future of the franchise, the Bears have two choices to make: build an offense around Justin Fields or build a juggernaut on defense. They can do both with the right picks.

Will Anderson, Edge, Alabama

Rashee Rice, WR, SMU

Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame

Chicago has the luxury of taking the best player available here in the draft. If the Jacksonville Jaguars showed anything, it’s taking a physical specimen isn’t a bad thing with the #1 pick. Will Anderson is just that: he has the speed and power to change games with his mere presence. The Bears have lacked that over the years.

Pairing another physical freak like Foskey with Anderson would make the Bears front seven a formidable force. The Notre Dame product is a hybrid 3-4 End/4-3 Tackle with elite edge setting ability. The Anderson/Foskey pairing could resemble that of Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers.

On the offensive side, they can’t keep depending on diamonds in the rough. Getting a polished receiver with a knack for getting open is paramount. Rashee Rice can be their answer. Unlike others in the draft he isn’t some Uber athlete, but he is a technician with great hands. This will bode well at the next level where his other draft mates will need time to adjust.

Chicago is in the catbird seat and can control not only their destiny but other teams as well. This draft will be one of extreme importance because it can be the draft that changes their franchise for the next decade.

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