Mania Madness II – Von Erich Region Finals

Mania Madness marches on, and we’re down to the final round in each region, before deciding the ultimate tag team champions of all time.

The Von Erich Region has showcased high fliers and legacies, culminating in a final showdown between the Hardy Boyz and The Hart Foundation.

Nothing clever or witty to say here. Get ready for a slobberknocker.


#1. The Hardy Boyz vs. #2. The Hart Foundation

Hardcore Tornado Tag

Fireworks light up the titantron and in comes the Hardyz to “Loaded” sending the energy through the roof!

As the Hardyz posture to the crowd in the ring, pink lights descend upon the arena. “Road to Destruction” plays and the Harts walk to the ring clad in black.

Neither team wastes any time, as the action commences instantly. Matt and Neidhart lock up, Neidhart driving the smaller combatant into the turnbuckle. Neidhart delivers a flurry of punches and knees that ricochet off the body of Matt. Neidhart then takes a couple of steps back and then tries to deliver a shoulder charge but meets the turnbuckle as Matt moves out the way.

On the other side of the ring, Jeff has his hands full as well. Brett strategically picks apart Jeff’s limbs with low kicks and wrenching holds. Hart then whips Jeff into the ropes, catching him and planting him with a body drop that shakes the foundation of the ring. Hart gets up and slicks the jet black hair out of his face but is met by Matt who drop kicks him, sending him out the ring.

As Hart gets to his feet, Matt suicide dives through the ropes sending both superstars to the floor.

All four combatants are sprawled around the ring, showing signs of the physical conditions of the match.

As the combatants lay there, from the crowd comes Lita who picks up a ladder from under the ring! She slides it into the ring and exits up the ramp…things get more interesting.

Jeff gets to his feet first, and sees the slumped Neidhart in the corner. Jeff gets a running start, and launches into a broncobuster that further damages the neck and shoulders of Neidhart.

Jeff then sets the ladder up on the middle rope and uses it as a ramp to launch into a moonsault targeted at Brett. Jeff makes contact, dealing damage to himself and Hart. Jeff is slow to get up but the momentum is now clearly on the Hardyz side.

Matt slides into the ring to take advantage of the injured Neidhart. He  whips the injured superstar out the ring, then starts to drag him up the ramp. Neidhart tries to muster up a fight, throwing punches but to no avail. Matt delivers a devastating elbow to the head of Neidhart that dazes him. Jeff slowly makes him way up the ramp as Matt continues the assault Neidhart.

Matt gives up signal to Jeff who starts to ascend up the titantron. Matt then delivers a DDT that plants Neidhart into the ramp. Jeff then leaps in a swanton bomb from the titantron, descending twenty feet into the midsection of Neidhart.

Matt then makes his way to the ring, shifting his focus to Brett. Matt and Brett battle in the ring as both combatants deliver blows to each other. Matt gets the upper hand, whipping Brett into the ropes. Matt then sets up a hip toss, only to be countered and kicked by Brett in the chest. Brett then delivers spinebuster that flattens Matt. Hart then locks in the sharpshooter, wrenching Matt’s lower back in the middle of the ring.

Just as it looks like Matt will tap, Jeff out of nowhere gives Brett a boot to the jaw that breaks the hold. The three superstars are now on the ring, Jeff in the corner…Brett and Matt both struggling to get to their feet. Matt uses the ropes to get to his feet first and almost simultaneously Brett gets to his. Brett attempts to deliver a punch but Matt counters in with an elbow.

Matt then gives Brett a kick to the midsection, and sets up the twist of fate. Jeff then climbs the turnbuckle, and serves the coup de gras as he hits the swanton bomb. Matt gets the cover, 1…2…3! The Hardyz get the win!

Winner: The Hardy Boyz

Match Time – 42:32

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