Mania Madness II – Round Of 4: Von Erich Region

Mania Madness marches on in the Von Erich Region. Round one saw some fireworks, as the Shield conquered the Wyatt Family in a six man match, The Hardy Boyz flew high, and classic teams like the Hart Foundation and The British Bulldogs proved their pedigree.

What will happen next?


#1. The Hardy Boyz vs. #4. The Shield

Law & DisOrder Match

The Hardy Boyz come out entering the ring to the roar of the rowdy WWE fans. As the duo plays to the crowd, the lights drop and “Special Op” plays as Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose enter from the crowd. The Shield, menacing as ever, hop on the side of ring and enter, staring down the Hardys.

Matt and Jeff step to their corner, and Seth Rollins and Ambrose seem to be the combatants that will compete in the match.

However, Triple H emerges from the back and declares, “tonight will be a special night.” The crowd jeers, “WHAT?” Triple H continues, “this match will be a Law & Disorder Match! The Hardyz and all of The Shield will compete in a falls count anywhere match!” The crowd roars! Triple H adds, “there will be handcuffs, nightsticks and mag lights added as weapons for the superstars to use.”

The Hardys brace for a three on two handicap, and turn their attention to Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Matt starts the action off by attacking Ambrose, driving him back to the turnbuckle. Rollins and Reigns begin an onslaught on Jeff.

It’s complete pandemonium in the ring.

Matt has Ambrose crippled in the corner, and then delivers a clothesline to the throat of Ambrose, slumping him. Matt then turns to help his brother. Reigns and Rollins are taking turns delivering punches to Jeff’s head, ending in Reigns clotheslining Jeff over the ropes. Matt runs over, attacking Rollins with a DDT that dazes him. He then goes to Reigns with a flurry of punches. Matt then throws Reigns into the apron and sets up a shoulder block. Reigns reverses it and sends Matt to the canvas – he then rebounds off the ropes and delivers a leg drop that echoes through the arena.

Rollins and Reigns play to the crowd over Matt’s limp body, and Ambrose enters the ring with a nightstick. Ambrose motions for them to pick Matt up, he then taunts him before delivering a blow to the gut with the nightstick. Ambrose then signals for the coup de gras, and Rollins hits Matt with the Curb Stomp! Rollins then stands the limp up and Reigns delivers a devastating spear.

Things take a turn when Ambrose goes for the pin. The lights go out and The Fiend appears in the ring! The Fiend approaches Ambrose who is in shock. Rollins is frozen with fear, and Reigns cowers in the corner. The Fiend applies the Mandible Claw to Ambrose, laughing menacingly and leaving Ambrose seemingly unconscious.

While the chaos in the ring is happening, Jeff Hardy handcuffs Reigns to the ropes.

The Fiend then disappears after the lights go out again, leaving only Rollins, Ambrose and the Hardys in the ring.

The Hardys take full advantage of the now even matchup, and dismantle Rollins. Matt hits Rollins with a Twist of Fate that leaves him sprawled in the middle of the ring. Matt and Jeff then both head to the top ropes. Matt delivers a leg drop while Jeff connects simultaneously with a Swanton Bomb! They then turn their attention to the still unconscious Ambrose. Jeff goes for the pin but Matt stops him, picking up the nightstick. He then applies a choke with the weapon, Reigns watching helplessly. Ambrose taps and the Hardys emerge victorious.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz

Match Time – 37:22


#2. The Hart Foundation vs. #3. The British Bulldogs

Family Ties Match

The main event is about to commence, a battle of family!

Teddy Long announces that the match between The Hart Foundation and The British Bulldogs will be a Family Ties match. The combatants will be tied to each other the entire match, bound by more than blood. The stakes higher than ever. Before the bell rings each man is tied to his tag team partner. 

The British Bulldogs would get the upper hand early as their chemistry shined. A series of chop blocks and clotheslines ended in a double drop kick that sent the Hart Foundation tumbling.

The Bulldogs would continue the offensive barrage, using everything at their disposal. The Harts seemed outmatched, but ever resourceful they turned the tide. Brett would use the referee as a deterrent, shoving him into the Bulldogs. Neidhart would then pick up Brett, using him as a battering ram to bludgeon the Bulldogs.

The Harts would then go on an onslaught, delivering a double suplex that rocked the ring. The Bulldogs would try to rebound but the Harts delivered a double drop kick that would send Kid Dynamite over the ropes. Davey Boy would use his raw strength to help his teammate back into the ring with the rope, but the damage was already done, as Dynamite’s shoulder was severely damaged.

The Harts would then attack the handicap and deliver a double chop block to set up the Bulldogs for the end. Neidhart would lock in a triangle sleeper on Dynamite while Brett locks in a figure-four leg lock on Davey Boy.

The Bulldogs would submit, and The Harts would take the win.

After the match the two teams would all raise each other’s hands showing that their family bond was as strong as the performance they delivered!

Winner: The Hart Foundation

Match Time – 30:45

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