Mania Madness II – Heenan-Monsoon Region Finals

The Heenan-Monsoon Region comes to an end in Mania Madness, and we couldn’t have two teams that represent such different things.

On one side we have the faces of a more modern era, the jovial New Day. On the other, we have two behemoths who represent darkness and fear.

And the big guys have home field advantage.


#2. The New Day vs. #5. The Brothers of Destruction 

Tornado Inferno Match

Remember, in the inferno match, the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire!

Moments before the match, Kofi Kingston and Big E were in their locker room preparing and coming up with a plan for their opponents. Big E seemed to have left his boots in his car, so he goes the parking garage. Once Big E approaches his car, he is attacked by two men…Rocky Johnson and his son, The Rock! Both were both eliminated on separate teams by the New Day.

The son and father did not take the New Day’s comments lightly from their previous matches They doubled teamed Big E with Rocky Johnson striking him with a steel pipe. The Rock gives Big E the Rock Bottom on the hood of his car, leaving him unconscious. The Rock thanks his father for the help and Johnson responds with, “That’s what family is for. It’s in our blood!”

The news breaks out that Big E is not medically cleared to compete in the inferno match and that he will be replaced with Xavier Woods. Kofi tries to get Woods hyped up for the match, but Woods doesn’t seem as excited as Kofi.

The Brothers of Destruction are first to head to the ring that is now surrounded by flames. Kane and Undertaker both look at each other as they reminisce about the times they’ve destroyed each other in this match, but this time they would have to stick together.

The New Day is up next as Kofi gets the crowd going while Woods is playing a tune on his trombone. They enter the ring and the last part of the ring is finally covered in fire so that no could escape. The two teams stare each other down until Woods starts to play his trombone once more. He attempts to play the “New Day Rocks!” tune, but Kane snatches the trombone and puts in the fire. Kane holds the flaming trombone in the air as he lets out a menacing laugh and throws it out of the ring.

As the bell rang, this struck a nerve in Woods. He bounces off the ropes and charges at Kane, but he gets hit with a big boot. Undertaker flips Kofi over his head and slams him on the mat, causing the flames to rise. Undertaker drags Kofi by his hair and tries to burn his face, but Woods interferes and breaks it up.

Kane and Undertaker both throw Kofi and Woods into opposite turnbuckles and give them multiple chops and uppercuts to the chin. They would then attempt to go their opposite corners, but the New Day would fight them off with kicks leaving them both on the ground. They would go on the top ropes and landed double cross bodies on the big men, causing the flames to get bigger.

Things were getting heated in this 500 degree inferno match. The New Day tried their best to keep the Brothers of Destruction off of their feet, but they kept rising up. Kane and Undertaker double chokeslammed Kofi and Woods and the flames rose to almost six feet in the air. Kane and Undertaker decided to both get on top of the turnbuckle to deliver flying clotheslines. However, Woods got up in time to knock Kane off the turnbuckle and he landed outside the ring. Woods follows up with an elbow drop to Kane.

Undertaker notices Kane and Woods are outside of the flames so he attempts to make his way out, but he gets hit with an SOS from Kofi. Kofi makes his way to save Woods from being burned and losing the match so he breaks the brawl up by launching himself over the ropes. The New Day double teams Kane, until Undertaker rises up, bounces off the ropes, and dives over the flames.

The two finalists of the Heenan-Moonson region are giving everything they have to advance. Woods noticed that his melted trombone was still good use for a weapon, so he retrieves it. He aims it at Kane, but Kane goes for the throat to attempt a chokeslam. With the trombone still in in his hand, Woods gives Kane a low blow.

Woods goes after Undertaker next, but Undertaker counters and delivers a Last Ride. Undertaker tries to do the same to Kofi, but Kofi slid out of the Taker’s grasp and jumped into Trouble in Paradise towards the ring. Kofi’s kick was so powerful that Undertaker’s head rolled back into the flames, causing his long black hair to catch fire! Unphased, the Phenom walked to the back slowly with his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

The New Day are shocked that they were able to pull off the victory. Kofi and Xavier Woods  celebrated the win as Woods attempted to play his melted trombone.

Winner – The New Day

Match Time: 13:10


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