Mania Madness II – Round Of 8: The Heenan-Monsoon Region

Oh you didn’t know?

We’re baaaaaack…

Last year The 3 Point Conversion proudly presented to you…Mania Madness. The concept is simple: March Madness + Wrestlemania = serendipity. Last year we compiled the 64 greatest wrestlers of all time and had them square off in a winner take all tournament to decide the ultimate champion. We found the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so.

As fun as that all was, we started thinking…isn’t it better to share with a friend?

So welcome to Mania Madness II – The Tag Team Edition. Over the coming weeks we’ll give you a tournament of the 32 greatest tag teams of all time. So utilize flash photography if you have the benefit of it, grab a snack and a drink and most importantly, GET THE TABLES!

The madness continues in the Heenan-Monsoon region.


#1. Road Warriors v. #8. Rated RKO

The Road Warriors’ music hits and the crowd lights up the arena with cheers. Well, those cheers turned into boos quickly once they realized it wasn’t Hawk and Animal…it was actually Randy Orton and Edge with face paint and spiked shoulder pads. The crowd showered them with boos all the way to the ring. The music hits again and this time, it’s the real Road Warriors rolling down the ring in their choppers.

The Rated-R Superstar Edge starts off the match against Hawk and he shows arrogance early by mocking him. “What a ru—,” before Edge could finish, Hawk headbutts him. Animal sees Orton taunting as well and he knocks him off the apron. Orton attempts to get in the ring, but he distracts the referee, causing the Road Warriors to double team Edge and deliver the infamous Doomsday Device. Hawk pins Edge, but Orton is able to break up the pin just in time and Edge rolls out of ring.

Orton is handling himself pretty well without Edge with his backbreakers and scoop bodyslams. However, it was still two-on-one at the time and Orton was outnumbered. He attempted a RKO on Animal, but Animal throws him to the mat. Animal goes to tag in Hawk and they are about to set up another Doomsday Device for the win. Hawk is on the top ropes and Animal has Orton on his shoulders, however, the Road Warriors didn’t notice Edge make it back to the ring. Edge bounces off the ropes, which made Hawk fall and get stuck on the top rope, and spears Animal. After the spear from Edge, Orton lands on his feet, jumps to grab Hawk on the turnbuckle and gives him a RKO out of nowhere. Edge covers Animal for the upset win.

Winners: Rated RKO

Match time — 17:56


#2. The New Day vs. #7. The Soul Patrol

The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) takes on the Soul Patrol (Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas). The match starts off with Big E and Tony Atlas, who were both powerlifters, having a flex-off to see who has the biggest muscles. The two began going at one another and both giving each other loud chops to the chest the entire world could hear. Atlas throws Big E into the turnbuckle and tags in Rocky Johnson, throwing a couple of quick jabs. Johnson had his number until Big E reversed one of his moves and turns the reversal into a body slam. Big E tags in Kofi and yells out to Atlas “I’m the real Black Superman!”

Kofi had Johnson down for a while, but it doesn’t last long due to Johnson’s strength over him. Johnson threw multiple punches while shuffling his feet just like in his boxing days. Atlas joins the party and they took turns tagging each other in and Kofi looked like a ragdoll out there. Altas, who is the legal man in, throws Kofi into the turnbuckle to attempt a suplex off the top ropes. He tries to lift his opponent but gets kicked off the ropes. Still on the top ropes, Kofi waits for Atlas to get up and delivers a diving crossbody. Kofi is able to tag Big E and Atlas tags Johnson.

Big E hits Johnson with a couple of clotheslines and bodyslams as the momentum was starting to rise for the New Day. Atlas interferes with the match, but here comes Kofi with a Trouble in Paradise to Atlas! Big E tags in Kofi, puts Johnson and his shoulder and finishes off the match with a Midnight Hour.

Winners: The New Day

Match Time — 11:23


#4. The Mega Powers vs. #5. The Brothers of Destruction

Being accompanied to the ring by Miss Elizabeth, the Mega Powers engage with fans on their way down to the ring. Waiting for their opponents, the lights go out and a constant bell sound is heard throughout the arena. After the last bell, the lights are back on with Hogan and Savage confused about the situation. Miss Elizabeth is terrified and tells them, “Turn around!” They turn around and realize it was Kane and Undertaker: The Brothers of Destruction.

The Brothers of Destruction both reached out and grabbed the Mega Powers by the throat. They break out of the chokehold and the pairs are striking each other. Once the teams settled down, the match begins with Randy Savage and The Undertaker starting it off. Taker throws Savage into the turnbuckle to tag in Kane. Undertaker gives Savage an “Old School” that sets Kane up for a clothesline. One, two, Savage kicks out in time. While Savage is still on the ground, Kane goes to the tops ropes to prepare a flying clothesline. However, Savage rolls out of the way and rises up for a dropkick to Kane. Hulk Hogan is desperate for a tag as he gets the crowd going by stomping on the steel steps.

As Kane tags in Undertaker, Savage crawls over and is able to tag in Hulk Hogan, who is fired up and ready to go. Undertaker gives Hogan blow after blow, but this is only fueling the fire even more causing Hogan to “hulk up.” Undertaker thinks his big boot will do the trick but Hogan barely moves. Hogan points at Taker, who is in disbelief and doesn’t know what else to do and receives a bodyslam from Hogan. Miss Elizabeth is on her toes cheering on Hogan and loves what she sees, but the “Macho Man” Randy Savage isn’t too pleased about her reaction.

Hogan attempts the Atomic Leg Drop, but he gets tagged by Savage. The Mega Powers begin arguing and Miss Elizabeth is on the apron trying to break the two up so they could finish the match. Hogan is heading to apron as well, but Kane goes in to attack. He charges at Savage, but he knocks Miss Elizabeth off the apron. The Mega Powers are both shocked and Hogan comes to her aid. Savage tries to help too, but Undertaker rises up and delivers a double chokeslam with Kane for the win.

Winners: The Brothers of Destruction

Match Time — 15:43


#3. The Rockers vs. #6. The Rock-n-Sock Connection

Before the match starts The Rock-n-Sock connection cut another “This Is Your Life!” promo. The Rock flips the script and makes it about Mankind’s early life. The promo was cut short after the Rockers came to the ring looking to put down the former World Champions. The Rockers looked ready, but something seemed a bit off by the look of Marty Jannetty’s face.

Shawn Michaels goes one-on-one with Mankind, with Michaels showing off his flamboyant style in the ring. Mankind tries to return the favor, mimicking HBK’s moves, but it leaves Michaels in disgust. The Rock thinks it’s hilarious, so Michaels throws a running elbow that knocks him down. Mankind gets rolled up for the pin, but gets kicked out early. He gets drop kicked and Michaels makes the tag to Marty Jannetty.

Jannetty has his hand out for the tag, however he drops from the apron and heads toward backstage with a smirk on his face. Michaels is screaming at Jannetty, “What are you doing?! Are you serious?!” Mankind reaches in his pants and puts on Mr. Socko. He shoves the sock up his throat, rendering Michaels unconscious, and goes to tag in the Rock. The Rock and Mankind end the match with a double People’s Elbow.

Winner: Rock-n-Sock Connection

Match Time — 5:38

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