LA Starts Title Defense At The Podium – Los Angeles Rams Draft Profile


That was the last thing the reigning champs heard as they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI. Now they will hear “The Rams are now on the clock” as their new season starts.

The Rams have some holes but with acquisitions like Bobby Wagner, they are more than set. They have eight picks between days 2 and 3: the Rams will have to make the most of every trip to the podium. Here is how they can:


Day 1

No Day One Picks

Getting a player like Bobby Wagner trumps any first round pick you could possibly bring into the building. Outside of that, the Rams are loaded and a first round pick won’t make or break their roster.


Day 2

Round 3, Pick 40: Darrian Beavers, LB, Cincinnati

With no picks in the first or second rounds, the Rams will need to get players that have high value. They have a need at edge rusher and off ball linebacker with the departure of Von Miller, so getting a player that can develop into that role would be best.

Darrian Beavers is a player who is as versatile as any in the draft. His running mate Myjai Sanders will be off the board here and he is just as good if not better. Beavers can cover in space as well as get to the quarterback. In the Rams’ scheme his versatility will allow them to fool defenses with multiple alignments and put teams away quickly.


Day 3

Round 4, Pick 37: Colin Sewell, OL, Iowa State

Round 5, Pick 32: Mike Miranda, OL, Penn State

Round 6, Pick 32: Jordan Williams, DL, Virginia Tech

Round 6, Pick 33: Allie Green IV, CB, Missouri

Round 6, Pick 39: Raheem Blackshear, RB, Virginia Tech

Round 7, Pick 17: Kyle Phillips, WR, UCLA

Round 7, Pick 32: Peyton Hendershot, TE, Indiana

The theme of day three for LA will be “depth today, starter tomorrow.”

That is how they can keep the train going  and not miss a beat. Players like Green IV, Hendershot, Williams, Miranda and Sewell all fit that theme. Each has a skillset that fits Sean McVay’s philosophy and can be solid starters in a couple of years.

Blackshear and Jackson could fill some spots early on in their careers as well. Blackshear is a solid back with three down ability. He is a hybrid receiver/running back, similar to Washington Commanders’ back Antonio Gibson. If he develops into that kind of player, the Rams could have a lethal two headed monster in the backfield.

Phillips is a Hunter Renfrow clone. Need I say more? He has sneaky routes and can kill opposing defenders with his breaks. He won’t be the third receiver but he is a capable fourth in an offense that spreads the ball around.

The Rams can run it back with a strong draft and possibly build a dynasty run, too. We will have to see how it plays out but rest assured, a draft like this will see them be the cream of the crop for a long time.

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