Jameis Winston-No Sympathy Necessary

Let me start by saying I am a huge Florida State Seminole football fan and thus a fan and supporter of one Jameis Winston. However, I can no longer support him due to his most recent transgression. I wish him well but enough is enough.

Jameis Winston lost his biggest, most lucrative endorsement deal when Nike decided not to renew his contract. At a recent press conference, Winston “apologized” to the alleged victim for something he didn’t do. How exactly does that work? Especially, when he initially denied the allegation.

What is telling about this press conference is that he never denied the incident happened. He did offer a lame excuse that alcohol was at fault and he has eliminated that from his life. Like that will somehow make all his issues go away. Was alcohol involved with his other questionable decisions while at Florida State University?

The first step to fixing any problem is to first admit there is a problem. Winston doesn’t seem to get that. He talked about being a leader, his community work and being a role model. That’s laughable after an incident like this he called “uncharacteristic” of him. He is one more transgression away from throwing away his football career.

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