Jags Participant In Diversity Coaching Program Applauds The Experience

Heading into training camp for the 2022 NFL season, there are plenty of storylines that are burning hotter than the Florida sun surrounding the Jacksonville Jaguars. Among them are the eight coaches that were invited to take part in the Bill Walsh Coaching Diversity Fellowship, including PeeJay Jack who is working with the Jaguars’ wide receivers, and their position coach, Chris Jackson.

The program is being run by Jacksonville’s assistant offensive line coach Todd Washington, with head coach Doug Pederson’s approval, to give candidates an opportunity to immerse themselves as members of the franchise’s staff.

Jack, who currently serves as a quarterbacks coach for Elite11 said of his experience: “They make you feel like you’re on the full-time staff. It’s not just sit there, keep your mouth quiet like you are a fly on the wall. They actually give you jobs to do”. Those tasks include necessary functions such as breaking down film, evaluating talent, and contributing to game planning and meetings constantly during 12-hour days with players and coaches during the preseason.

According to the former Western Connecticut University wide receiver turned quarterback in the Arena Football League and in France with the Elancourt Templiers, that’s merely where the benefits begin. “You work side-by-side with your position coaches. Just because you are part of the internship [doesn’t matter] you’re wearing the uniform, you’re going through the process, you are a coach”.

During Super Bowl Week, former Jaguar Maurice Jones-Drew referenced team ownership as having a key role in increasing diversity within the NFL coaching population, but Jack certainly sees the value in what Jaguars owner Shahid and the franchise have offered him in terms of opportunity. “You couldn’t tell me I’m not part of the staff, because that’s how they treat you.”

Jack also made particular note of the diversity within the Jaguars staff being on par with the staff under former Tampa Bay Super Bowl Champion head coach Bruce Arians just before his retirement thrust his former defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, in as his successor.

As for the wide receiver corps that he’s helping to rebuild, Jack boasted the utmost confidence. “Every practice they are getting better and [Wednesday] they put on a show.  Hopefully that will continue and maybe we can surprise the NFL”.

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