A Windup Rant: LaVar Ball, Daddy Dearest

Ab Stanley

I’m sorry this has to be said, a lot of people are missing the point when it comes to LaVar Ball. Yeah I said it, missing the point. So let me get this straight, he’s the one doing something wrong by his kids and his family? I hear all the time, this arrogant, pompous, son of a.., because of his actions. You’re wrong I’m telling you. I also hear the “on the fence” people say, “Well there’s a right way to do things”. For real?

Ok sure, he makes outrageous comments like he could take Michael Jordan in a pickup game (that was my favorite). So what, you listened didn’t you?

This guy pretty much made a spectacle of himself to provide a future for his family. Ball is not a professional athlete, his son (Lonzo Ball) is. Despite that fact however, he’s managed to be on sports debates shows, events and interviews. He built an athletic shoe and apparel brand (again he plays nothing) with an NBA prospect as his main spokesperson.

What is the “right way” to do that? Tell me how to get publicity (at a level you would probably have to pay an NBA player to get) for free? Yeah how would you do that? If you think Ball is going about it the “wrong” way, then you would fail. It’s entertainment and he figured that out going in.

Let me tell you a secret, the plan was to be a spectacle. The plan was to spew idiotic notions and outreageous delusions of grandeur. The plan was for half of you to hate him and talk trash about him. Hate is an emotion as strong as love and he got you to feel something about him either way.

Like realistically, who was LaVar Ball last year this time other than a father and husband the world didn’t know? Now he’s a CEO of a shoe company and the star of a reality show on the internet.

For somebody doing it the wrong way, it sure looks right. For a guy who just “talks trash” and is a bad “example” for his children, he sure looks like a good dad. He’s done what he had to so he could cement his family’s future.

The fact that you hate him means he got you hooked. His name is in your mouth, its free promotion. The man has bullied his way into our consciousness. The proof? I just wrote a flippin rant about LaVar Ball (lol) and I’m not the first person to do so.

Ab Stanley

Atlanta, GA

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