“Where’s Melo”- Carmelo Anthony’s Disappearing Act

Ab Stanley

It’s NBA Draft night where dreams come true. That might be true for the teenagers and guys in their early twenties who will dawn an NBA uniform for the first time next season. Unfortunately for some aging veterans (and some young ones), this process is more like a nightmare. Learning that their diminishing skills are becoming more and more worthless is a tough thought to bear. How about if you become an afterthought all together?

Second Fiddle:

The New York Knicks are actively shopping it’s best commodity on the trade market. That statement would’ve almost automatically made you think of Carmelo Anthony. A month ago, that was all the talk from New York, Where is Melo going to end up?

Now as the draft approaches, Kristaps Porzingas is the Knicks asset everybody covers.

What happened to Melo?

To take it a step further, the Brooklyn Nets have pulled off a big deal trading away it’s best player Brook Lopez to the Lakers.

What happened to Melo?

As people pile into the Barclays Center, several trade scenarios will unfold.  There’s been no talk, not even a buzz about Melo.

Just a month ago, we were talking about Anthony as a guy who can upgrade another franchise to championship heights.

Today we are not even talking about him. What’s funny is he hasn’t taken a dribble or a shot in between that.

His skills are completely the same as they were in April. With every new name thrown into the “We’re fielding offers for him” pile, Melo’s name dips in the rankings. Either he’s too old or his contract is too big.

With Phil Jackson (team president) doing his best to alienate the fan base, it’s surprising of the lack of talk surrounding his best player.

Maybe they know something we don’t. In any event, the marriage between the Knicks and Melo is over but when is the divorce happening?

Everybody is getting traded, everybody is up for grabs and every team needs to clear cap space. Going down the list of potential moves and deals, all i can ask myself is (yup you guessed it) where’s Melo?

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