Unexpected Greatness, Adrian Beltre Reaches 3,000 Hits

Ab Stanley

In the early part of Adrian Beltre’s career, there were questions. The same questions you would give most players highly recruited.

Will he field his position? Can he add power to his hitting? Can he become patient at the plate? Can he last? A young boy full of potential with perennial All-Star written all over him, how many of those games will he make?

Well when you ask a question, all you’re waiting for is the answer.

In his first game ever playing the Anaheim Angels, Beltre smacked a Chuck Finley pitch for an RBI double. That would mark his first ever hit. That hit would join 2,999 more hits to make for a special career.

On Sunday Beltre becomes the 31st MLB player to reach 3,000 hits. Facing Baltimore Orioles pitcher Wade Miley, he crushed a double (just like his first hit) that sent him into the elite club. It would mark the first time a Dominican Republic born player has reached that plateau.

We expect an athlete of Beltre’s caliber to hit that number eventually. We expect a player of that caliber to be close to 500 hundred home runs when its over, Beltre has 454.

Way back in 1998, we expected a multiple time All-Star, it would take Adrian over a decade to make an All-Star game.

Career averages of .286 batting average and a .339 on base percentage, yeah we expected that. What you can’t expect is for any player in any sport to play twenty years.

What you can’t expect is a guy hitting in and around .300 in his late thirties. No people, greatness cannot be expected. It can be projected and then one day celebrated.

As a young little Los Angeles Dodger, we projected greatness from Adrian Beltre. Twenty seasons later its time to celebrate!

Congratulations to Adrian Beltre on 3,000 hits!

Ab Stanley

Atlanta, GA

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